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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Sam from Verona, WI 
Jan 4 2013 Rating: 4/5 Stars
NOFX -Self Entitled CD
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Self Entitled CD

This record is really good. It is not NoFX's best work. However they seem to be gaining momentum again and putting out faster, harder, more sharp songs. The album opens nicely with "72 Hookers", "I Believe in Goddess" and "Ronnie and Mags". The next few songs are a little reminiscent of "White Trash" and "Heavy Petting Zoo". However the record seems to get back to it's own identity with "Cell Out" and "My Sycophant Others". "I've Got One Jealous Again, Again" is quite heartfelt and reminds me of "My Orphan Year" or "Oop's I O.D.ed". All around this album is laced with political and social commentary and seems to have direction and will stand out in NoFX's catalog for a long time to come. Better than "Coaster" but not as good as "Wolves in Wolves' Clothing".

Sam from Verona, WI 
Jan 4 2013 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Star Fucking Hipsters/Jesus Fucking Christ -The Fucking Split (Blue Vinyl) 7

Star Fucking Hipsters/Jesus Fucking Christ
The Fucking Split (Blue Vinyl) 7"

This 7 inch is pretty much a nice little bonus to a music collection. The SFH side is good if you are into their harder stuff (think "Rapture, Rise, Repeat"). Of course there is some ska cover thrown in by SFH. The Jesus Fucking Christ side is decent, but leaves something to be desired. This record reminds me of the Crack Rock Steady Seven inch split with F-Minus. Pretty good, but nothing spectacular. If you are a big CRS7 fan, it is worth the purchase on vinyl.

Sam from Verona, WI 
Jan 4 2013 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Lawrence Arms -An Evening Of Extraordinary Circumstance DVD
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Lawrence Arms
An Evening Of Extraordinary Circumstance DVD

I was at this show. I was completely excited for this show for 3 months. So I am a little biased here. But this DVD really is great. The sound production is done very well and the camera work flows nicely with the music. Too bad it took 3 years to make. The Lawrence Arms performance itself is great. If you are used to Brendan falling on his face or having "technical" difficulties you will be in for a surprise. They plow through 35 or so songs without much rambling in between songs. The variety of songs is set-up well. However, I don't think they stuck to the e-mails votes as much as they said they would. The commentary is pretty good too if you are a big Larry Arms fan. 5 music videos are included as well. EASTER EGG: When Brendan mentions how the show is better than their first one in "Wisconsin" hit enter (on computer) or select (on remote) and it will start to play the very first ever Lawrence Arms show filmed somewhere in Wisconsin. Overall, an awesome live DVD from a Midwest punk cornerstone.

Sam from Verona, WI 
Sep 27 2012 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Morning Glory -Poets Were My Heroes CD
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Morning Glory
Poets Were My Heroes CD

Morning Glory is back with a damn good album. I have been listening to this album non-stop for a week now, and it has yet to get old. A funny intro starts out the album followed by Everything's a Song (To Me). Classic Morning Glory to help ease you into this layered and unconventional punk/ska album. Shelter from the Spoon is a deep and heart wrenching song, with piano added for complexity. Poets Were My Hero's has strings and piano added to the classic MG ensemble, with a little metal twist. Quemar Las Fronteras adds horns to the perfect ska song for anyone who vows for the destruction of the state. The newer version of Divide By is good. Orphan's Holiday follows in Quemar Las Fronteras and Life's Long Revenge's footsteps. Touch is not typical of MG or ska/punk, but is still awesome. Patiently and Born To December are tied for best songs on this album, even though they are quite different. The use of piano, strings, and horns throughout show the creativeness that Ezra has, and the time and energy put into this album shines. Poets Were My Hero's is not a departure from previous Morning Glory releases, but an evolution.

Sam from Verona, WI 
Sep 19 2012 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Fingers Cut Megamachine -Fingers Cut, MegaMachine EP 7

Fingers Cut Megamachine
Fingers Cut, MegaMachine EP 7"

I remember when Osker broke up and just waiting for ANYTHING from Devon. Then he posted "Testament" on his website, and I thought it was great. It was the complete opposite of what I expected. A year or so later, this EP came out, and it just blew my mind. Paint Your Shoes is great. I Have What You Want is very catchy. It's just awesome.

Sam from Madison, WI 
Feb 13 2010 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Lawrence Arms -Buttsweat And Tears 7

Lawrence Arms
Buttsweat And Tears 7"

Best Album of the Year. Best Album by the Lawrence Arms. Best Album of the Decade (excluding D4's Civil War). Yet it's only 4 songs!

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