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Customer Written Item Reviews
Displaying all 5 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Colin from Cedar Rapids, IA 
Oct 22 2011 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Antifreeze -Four Letter Words CD
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Four Letter Words CD

Antifreeze fell off the scene quite a long time ago, it's really sad to see a well accomplished Pop Punk group go missing. Currently listening to this album for a second time while eating a bag of Razzles, what do they have in common? They've both got great taste, they're colorful, and if you take the time to enjoy them (and don't swallow them too fast) They're an enjoyable group. Antifreeze: "Four letter words" is a great record, start to finish and covers.... well... just about every topic a heart broken loser in high school could possibly relate to. With that in mind let the record show I too was a heart broken loser in high school once, so.. I would know. And I can tell you that if you were like me and Antifreeze over here. This record is a must.

Colin from Cedar Rapids, IA 
Oct 22 2011 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Witch Hunt -Blood Red States (Import) CD
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Witch Hunt
Blood Red States (Import) CD

The first time I heard Witch Hunt when I 15-16 years old I thought they were amazing "War-Coma" and "Blood Red States" were my songs I kept on repeat. Finally 6 years later upon finally purchasing this record I think, "Wheres the music like this at today?" There is nothing this good out there anymore. Good hardcore riffs, a heavy bass, and a strong female lead. "War-Coma" still gives me goosebumps. Unfortunately, my thoughts on this record are that they should have stuck with the fast paced tempos and hardcore vocals rather then 3 fast good songs and 7 moderately "OK" songs. She's better at screaming then her actual singing. I give this record a sad but deserved 3 star rating, sorry Witch Hunt, things changed since I was 15. Recomended for fans of: The Devotchkas, & Aus Rotten.

Colin from Cedar Rapids, IA 
Oct 3 2011 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Menzingers -Chamberlain Waits CD
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Chamberlain Waits CD

People on youtube are raving that "They say punk rock is dead! It's bands like this that's keeping it alive!" and I couldnt agree more! "Chamberlain Waits" is what Pop Punk has been looking for for years. That Ramones sound but without the fame of The Ramones and without the whole media image of punk (ex Blink 182 even though they are one of my favorites) Red Scare Really knows how to pick'em. This albums high points are definately the opening tracks. "Who's your partner?" & "I was born" clash together and create a sort of opening sequence for the album. Letting you know "This is our sound ("Partner") and this is what makes the album ("I was born") If your not a huge Menzingers fanatic, I dare you to buy/listen to this album and when finished think differently. I loved this album, this is one of the most must own punk albums of this decade.

Colin from Cedar Rapids, IA 
Jun 3 2011 Rating: 5/5 Stars
No Change For Currency -Destruction/Creation CD
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No Change For Currency
Destruction/Creation CD

I was personal freinds with the group up until the departure of orriginal bassist and writer of the song "Load the chamber" Justin Wyatt. They were some of the nicest guys I had ever knew through myspace (Me only being 15-16) They actually almost considered two album covers I made for them for this album. But if I learned anything it's that these guys can make a great record. "Destruction/Creation" Could easily be as greatly compared to MDC's "Millions of dead cops LP" and Leftover Crack's "Fuck world trade" But I like it cos of it's easily flowing sound and catchy choruses. It's low budget but who cares? Pick this record up!

Colin from Cedar Rapids, IA 
May 24 2011 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Teenage Bottlerocket -Warning Device CD
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Teenage Bottlerocket
Warning Device CD

What can I say about Teenage Bottlerocket that hasnt already been said? They are probably one of todays hottest up and coming pop punk acts in the world next to Banner Pilot, & Chixdiggit (In my own opinion that is). This record has got to be a cornerstone chunk of Punk music to come, I love how it's all based on one specific sound rather then flip flopping around between fast and moderate paces of tempo. That and the words are catchy as hell! Especially in "Down In The Basement" when he said he was so scared he pee'd his underwear I was laughing for at least a minute. This record is definately a must for anyones collection. And checkout their video for "Bigger than Kiss" that songs funny as hell!

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