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Customer Written Item Reviews
Displaying all 6 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Jonathan from Troy, IL 
Aug 27 2010 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Black Rose Phantoms -Beyond The Wall Of Sleep CD
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Black Rose Phantoms
Beyond The Wall Of Sleep CD

Well first hearing this band I thought too alternative for me but I warmed up to it. The first 2 songs are my favorite great album starters. Their vocalist kinda has a Nick13 vibe. The slower songs are decent but not amazing. Overall the cd is well recorded and clean. This band has a good amount of speed for the punk/psycho in me. The band adds a speedy alternative twist to their music and is defiantly everything I expect out of modern day psychobilly. There is little rockabilly influence so don't expect a Frantic Flintstones or Demented Are Go sound. It has more of a Gutter Demons, Older Tiger Army and Howlers sound. The lyrics are well written a little too emo at times without sounding too emo but they do associate their heartache with demons and dead stuff so that stays true to psychobilly.

Jonathan from Troy, IL 
Apr 30 2010 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Assorted Jelly Beans -Assorted Jelly Beans CD
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Assorted Jelly Beans
Assorted Jelly Beans CD

Great CD! Kinda like Falling Sickness or Op Ivy only better. Easier to understand than falling sickness and less political bullshit then Operation Ivy and no Tim Armstrong to cause any mainstream punk success. Favorite song Doobage, and of course Assorted Jelly Beans. Love songs like 8th grade nerd and punk rock jock that remind you of the people you always hated. Defiantly one of the best punk/ska bands that doesn't involve horns. I even like them better than most Punk/Ska horn bands too. Just more raw punk feel. Its snotty and reminds me of all the local bands around here. Any ways this is my first intro CD to them and it is pure awesome punk.

Jonathan from Troy, IL 
Apr 23 2010 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Lifetime -Hello Bastards CD
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Hello Bastards CD

I cannot quite get into it. Some songs have solid lyrics but some songs just seem like filler songs. My favorites are "Gym Is Neutral Territory" and "Irony Is For Suckers." Not quite as catch as their next album "Jersey's best Dancers". I like their sound on this CD the best though. It is defiantly the more punk sounding of all their CD's. I view their music as first wave punk-emo.

Jonathan from Troy, IL 
Apr 23 2010 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Distillers -Distillers CD
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Distillers CD

Good raw girl punk. It is pretty great. But not my favorite band. It is catchy but some of songs fall into the whole cliche punk attitude. Which is good for some but for me I need more. But defiantly better than anything Rancid has put out. Rancid=Cliche and not very much depth.

Jonathan from Troy, IL 
Apr 23 2010 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Tricky Dick -Discography CD
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Tricky Dick
Discography CD

This CD pleasantly surprised me. There were a whole bunch of reviews talking about the sound quality being terrible and all the songs sounding the same but I disagree. The sound quality is the exact quality you get from a local CD. It is true punk awesomeness. The song lyrics are very well written. Songs 1-4 remind me of Lifetime or other first wave sounding punk-emo bands and the most lyrically solid. But all the other songs are straight punk and just as great. My favorite songs are: "Left Out", "When I was Twelve", "Stay Away", and "Fairweathered Friend". This was raw Early Lawrence Arms/Broadways/Lifetime style music with crappier recordings but more catchy choruses I would say. The best way to get used to the recordings is to adjust your radio to fit the sound. Songs 1-10 are in the booklet and those are the hardest to understand but just read through it and engulf yourself into what is Tricky Dick and what they are. I bought this CD only hearing the MP3 sample off of Interpunk and I have to say it was the best new CD I have bought lately (I even enjoy it more than "Broadways- Broken Star" which I also received lately). So don't let the recording quality get you down because you will not even notice it after a few listens and a few radio adjustments.

Jonathan from Troy, IL 
Jul 8 2008 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Demented Are Go -Very Best Of Demented Are Go CD
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Demented Are Go
Very Best Of Demented Are Go CD

This CD amazed me! Good classic psychobilly. Some songs are extremely catchy but theres a few that fall short and bored me, most of those after track 20. A good long CD too, 70-75 minutes. This is my only "Demented Are Go" album, I bought on a whim and ended up loving. The lead vox sounds like your psychopathic neighbor, also very graveling sounding. There is a twangy sound in some of the songs adds an entertaining psycho sound. The record quality is not the best but not too bad to care. This is a great starter CD for new "Demented Are Go" fans or psychobilly fans in general. Its a great collection of their stuff. Its hilarious, crazy, sweet(HAHA), and creepy all in one. I love "Busted Hymen' at my first listen then "Surfride To Oblivion", and now the whole album. Remember their an older psycho band so their isound is really different from new psychobilly such as "Rezurex" and "Tiger Army" but this makes them unique and alot better. P.S. MAD SIN DOESN'T HAVE SHIT ON DEMENTED. I like Mad Sin too.

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