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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Mark from Norwalk, CT 
Apr 10 2016 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Black Dice -Repo LP
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Black Dice
Repo LP

This is still one of my favorite Black Dice albums, with all kinds of weird sounds and samples for a really vibrant, fulfilling listen. My favorite track is "Glazin" - such a cool little glistening ball of trippy sunshine.

Mark from Norwalk, CT 
Apr 10 2016 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Men -Electric 7''
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Electric 7''

People seem to be torn about these guys, with some accusing them of being unoriginal. If you're looking for a single that will reinvent the wheel, you won't find it here. If you're like me and only care about finding something loud, distorted and rocking to unwind to, however, then this will do the trick.

Mark from Norwalk, CT 
Apr 10 2016 Rating: 4/5 Stars
3 Random LPs -Mystery Items LP
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3 Random LPs
Mystery Items LP

I'll share my thoughts on the LPs I got (all black vinyl) in the order I listened to them:

Souvenir's Young America - September Songs

I love it: it's an EP of melancholy, multi-layered instrumental post-rock in the vein of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. They use a variety of instruments (including guitars, synthesizer, drums and harmonica) for a somber, movie score-like sound that's right up my alley. It's a shame that it apparently wasn't that popular: I'd have definitely paid full-price for it if I knew about it.

mOck - mOck

I'd describe this album as indie/alternative rock that incorporates technical elements to keep things interesting: mellow math rock, I guess, with puzzling lyrics to boot. I'm not much into technical stuff anymore, but this was a pretty nice listen.

Strike First - Gospels For The Deceived

A blazing hardcore punk/metal crossover album. It's great if you're into that sort of thing, but I dunno: it doesn't do anything for me personally.

Sonic from Norwalk, CT 
Feb 26 2013 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Assorted Jelly Beans -What's Really Going On!?! CD
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Assorted Jelly Beans
What's Really Going On!?! CD

Hearing "Rebel Yell" in Tony Hawk's Underground was my first exposure to them, so years later I finally got this album. It's really fun, funky ska-punk without horns, and I enjoyed it throughout. Not much else to be said.

Sonic from Norwalk, CT 
Feb 25 2013 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Deride -Deride LP
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Deride LP

I don't know a word that they're saying since I don't speak Japanese, but it doesn't matter. This record rocks: absolutely furious, pummeling, thrashing high-speed hardcore. Not much else to say: awesome punk in a language that I don't know. Lots of fun.

Sonic from Norwalk, CT 
Feb 21 2013 Rating: 5/5 Stars
V/A -Wrecktrospective (Triple Disc) CD
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Wrecktrospective (Triple Disc) CD

I'll admit I'm no longer the total Fat-oholic that I used to be as a teen, but I still had a lot of fun with this great compilation (after all, this is the label responsible for my first punk show back in 2005.) It caters to fans of all of their eras, with the "greatest hits" disc being my favorite. The other two are cool as well, particularly the demo-and-rarity-filled second disc: I had no idea that Bracket had a damned-fine acoustic version of "Everyone Is Telling Me I’ll Never Win..." I'd suggest giving this comp a look, so you can spoil yourself with a Fat treasure-trove for a reasonable price.

Sonic from Norwalk, CT 
Feb 21 2013 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Gang Green -Preschool CD
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Gang Green
Preschool CD

Warning: do NOT listen to this in a situation that demands being confined to a seat and general stillness. That probably qualifies as a form of torture. This compilation demands absolute balls-to-the-wall, totally-adrenaline-rush slam-dancing. They play fast as hell: sloppy but far from amateurish. Exactly the style of punk that made my mouth water when I discovered it as a teen, and still does. Check it out.

Sonic from Norwalk, CT 
Feb 21 2013 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Circle Jerks -Group Sex CD
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Circle Jerks
Group Sex CD

One of the absolute finest punk albums ever. I could play it it while confined in a space shuttle lightyears away from earth, and I'd still feel like I'm spending a summer in SoCal, with nothing to do but skate by day and mosh by night. Awesome.

Sonic from Norwalk, CT 
Sep 27 2012 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Spazz -La Revancha (Reissue) LP
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La Revancha (Reissue) LP

Just like their other albums, this one is an absolute powerviolence classic. I've always loved the fusion of punk and grindcore, and their surprising level of wit certainly doesn't hurt. Not much else needs to be said: it's Spazz. Loud, fast, weird, unique... I've got a particular fondness for that heavy bass.

Sonic from Norwalk, CT 
Dec 26 2011 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Raconteurs -Steady As She Goes Single CD
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Steady As She Goes Single CD

I pretty much just got CD this because it's cheap and almost gone. I still love this song and its hot, fuzzed-out garage rock energy. The B-side is interesting as well, with some slower, more head-bobbing instrumentation. A pretty rad single overall.

Displaying 1 to 10 of 106 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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