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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Shawn from Lansing, MI 
Jan 21 2012 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Caves -Homeward Bound LP
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Homeward Bound LP

The pop punk album of 2011, hands down. No pro-tools auto-tune bullshit, filled with catchiness and raw emotion. If you liked the underrated Flamingo 50, this shall be your jam. Tads of singer songwriter, emo, rock n roll, and whatever, this jam swings. They also did two exclusive songs this year on the Sundials split 7". backed hard as well. Please come to the US Caves.

Shawn from Lansing, MI 
Dec 19 2010 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Electric Wizard -Witchcult Today (Double Reissue) LP
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Electric Wizard
Witchcult Today (Double Reissue) LP

great album, but I think EW have been on their downswing since "we live". I always get mad when they chock their album full of segues and noise filler, if it is satanic or not. this album is guilty of some of the filler more so than others. dunwich is the best song and makes it worth owning alone. if you snooze on the first press like me you get these amazing 180 gm lp's crammed into a single jacket.

Shawn from Lansing, MI 
Dec 19 2010 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Tiltwheel -The High Hate Us LP
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The High Hate Us LP

it's mid december 2010 and just about all this years pop punk releases are released, I don't know how but Tiltwheel has reached the top pop punk album of the year for me. everything else has sucked, even their sister band Dan Padilla didn't kill it like they did a couple years back with their s/t cd. this album rips, it came out of nowhere because I've always viewed Tiltwheel as an ok band that made a few awesome songs and lots of good songs. they have stepped it up. if you ever even liked them a little or want a great surprise for this year, get this album and bask in it's greatness! -bands that did put out ok albums/ep's this year that Tiltwheel beat: Bad Banana, Bad Religion, Bitter Pills, Caves, Dan Padilla, Defect Defect, Devils Brigade, D.O.A., Dopamines, Iron Chic, Leatherface, Mixtapes, Monikers, New Set Of Bruises, the Measure [sa] (prolly the 2nd place album), the Tank....

Shawn from Lansing, MI 
Dec 19 2010 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Suffering Mind -Suffering Mind LP
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Suffering Mind
Suffering Mind LP

these peeps are from poland and are a gem amongst tons of crappy grind. i got to hear them last year with their album "at war with mankind" which is getting vinyl in 2011 prolly as a 10". 625 on occasion snags an awesome nobody to combat their releasing of way too much generic fastcore crap. this along with last years Parlamentrisk Sodomi totally rip shit up on the grincore front. true grind that doesn't steal too much from the old school and sounds fresh and great in 2010. top five grind albums of 2010 easily.

Shawn from Lansing, MI 
Dec 6 2010 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Superchunk -Majesty Shredding LP
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Majesty Shredding LP

I seem to love all 'chunk stuff no matter if it's rather chill old age indie or the younger rocking stuff, that being said, after a long time off superchunk is back, their use of keyboards is noticable but not in the foreground, and damn did they speed it up. due to the hype of this release (ie- younger fans who weren't around to follow along) I have not spun it enough, that will change, regardless, I'd consider this a very good album.

Shawn from Lansing, MI 
Oct 23 2010 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Autopsy -Awakened By Gore (Double) LP
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Awakened By Gore (Double) LP

this is great, finally! here you get the first two demos that originally made up the 'ridden with disease' cd/lp that seemed kinda bootleggy. then you get a 3rd side that has the two live songs from the ridden with disease coll and some rehearsals and whatnot. the sound quality is as good as it gets for this shit. too bad nwn had to give us a screened side d, i always thought that a waste.

Shawn from Lansing, MI 
Oct 23 2010 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Deicide -Deicide LP
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Deicide LP

classic shit, god hating death metal, perfect. i'm a fan of the first four, most people do the first two then quit. let's keep 'em coming roadrunner.

Shawn from Lansing, MI 
Sep 12 2010 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Brian Peterson -Burning Fight: The Nineties Hardcore Revolution In Ethics, Politics... Book
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Brian Peterson
Burning Fight: The Nineties Hardcore Revolution In Ethics, Politics... Book

not as awesome as I'd hoped it to be. I lived through this shit and saw a lot of the bands that are profiled and was wanting something better. it is cool to find out a few things I may have missed/didn't know and interesting to read about some of the stuff that came near the end like Racetraitor or whatever. the worst part of this book is probably all the intro segments that repeatedly explain almost common knowledge things like what diy is, or the zine culture, or how there was pc backlash in dealing with a large portion of suburban precious kids in the scene etc. if you get this, you're almost better just reading the band chapters. anyway, good book, but not up there with all ages or our band could be your life.

Shawn from Lansing, MI 
Oct 16 2009 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Averkiou -Wasted And High 7

Wasted And High 7"

a wonderful homage to what good old shoegaze used to be. this ep is just a teaser, if you like, grab their album from last year called 'throwing sparks'. this band is comprised of most of what was the Beat Buttons, another great almost shoegaze band from florida which happened to be at some point x- anklebiter and maybe x-argentina. I've seen beat buttons live and it was amazing, can't wait to catch these guys.

Shawn from Lansing, MI 
Sep 9 2009 Rating: 2/5 Stars
Reagan Youth -Vol. 2 LP
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Reagan Youth
Vol. 2 LP

not really essential in the reagan youth world, collection one takes care of you there, but i'm a sucker for the hilarious/obnoxious combo of 'it's a beautiful world' followed by 'jesus was a communist'.

Displaying 1 to 10 of 39 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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