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Customer Written Item Reviews
Displaying all 9 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Lisa from Gaithersburg, MD 
Mar 12 2009 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Ergs -Upstairs/Downstairs CD
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Upstairs/Downstairs CD

holy crap, i just got this cd in the mail today, and i must say im in luv! it sux that these guys broke up, cuz now i'm really into them and i might never be able to see them (unless they reunite). but this album has got me jumping around and doing other stuff you do while hyper!

it is completly true, the ergs! have changed my opinion of pop-punk completly. all though i luv the classics like Screeching Weasel and The Queers among other shtuff, the Ergs! have the speed, the cathciness, and the full throtle! this album rawks! the 1st 5 songs have me in that mosh pit mentaity, and make me just wanna jump around. then there are some slow songs like "See Him Again", Stinking of Whiskey Blues" and "Books About Miles davis" (which if not for this song, i wouldnt have been inspired to write this other song for my future band)that have you slowly bobbing along and singing like life has just for once gotten better! not to mention the lyrics have lots of meaning behind them (your able to tell) and they really change things up from the basic 3-chord pop-punk bands out there that dont change things up. and the album ends with "Upstairs/downsatirs" which is like 18 minutes long, but its not like a 2 minute song with 16 mins of silence or voice recordings. its actually 18 mins of music and you kinda get drawn into it, and you begin to feel like your floating over life! in other words it rawks! get this album, because the Ergs! rawk!

Lisa from Gaithersburg, MD 
Mar 11 2009 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Rockvilles -Danger CD
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Danger CD

What else is there to say that The Rockvilles totally fucking rawk! i mean great opener, great songs, and it all just really flows! they play a pretty good live set from the 1st time i saw them, and im pretty theyve only gotten better! if your a fan of most real pop-punk like the Queers or Screeching Weasel (actually MxPx you could relate to a lot more), then you'll like/love it. but theyve got their own zing to their sound i really like, i cant really distinguish it, but soemthing about there music makes it more rawkin' then just going up on stage and playing music, cant wait for some new shtuff!

Lisa from Gaithersburg, MD 
Dec 24 2008 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Guts -Let It Go CD
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Let It Go CD

let me start off by saying, The Guts rawk!!! having waiting for this cd ever since i heard of them which was back in like May or soemthing of this year, i couldnt wait to have 'Heartbreaker" playing in my ears 24/7. but then they released some more songs on their myspace, and over the summer i eventually got "Sometimes You Just Cant Win". very good album, but my only question was, when was "Let It Go" coming out? probably one of my personally most anticipated albums of 2008, and quite possibly my favorite! from the fast and furious catchy opening song "Blackout" to the still fast and catchy song "Down The Drain" these guys can rock! and the Guts and Ben Weasel do a mean good cover of the classic song by The Queers "Love Love Love". "Do What You Do" sounds even more catchier and upbeat than the live version ive got from Insubordination Fest, and someother songs i was dying to get my hands on were "Cigarettes & Valentines", "She's Gone (my friend is obssesed with this song), and "Let It Go". but the rest of the album doesnt dissapoint, and the only thing i have left to do is see these guys live, so hopefully thats soon!

Lisa from Gaithersburg, MD 
Nov 22 2008 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Sheckies -Go On A Diet EP CD
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Go On A Diet EP CD

1st off, The Sheckies are one of those bands that are truly underestimated! yes they are 2 fat guys per-say, that were looking for a bassist for awhile, but found one, but they are 2 of the nicest guys ive ever contacted via myspace and el telephono. and they know how to rock! this cd was one of my best finds ever of '08, let alone one of the coolest bands ive ever gotten into ever! i wish Interpunk had more of there stuff, but its all good. Ramones/Queers/Screeching Weasel influenced punk rock, these guys bring out the catchy rhythms and spirit of those bands, and the vocals are soemthing ive never heard befoe (sounds a tad like Cartman, but still rawks!)

the cd starts off with a very 'in-your face' song, and then goes full out pop-punk for "Sorry So Cyco" (probably the catchiest song on here) "Paranoid Together" is just good tunes, I personally wasnt feeling "Lose My Head" that much, but "Better Than Star Wars" (the 2nd catchiest song on here, and funniest) is just full out awesomesauce! and the last 2 are good but not the best but they still make me wanna move around a little. so go check out The Sheckies because they are the coolest dopes yet!

Lisa from Gaithersburg, MD 
Nov 22 2008 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Groovie Ghoulies -Freaks On Parade CD
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Groovie Ghoulies
Freaks On Parade CD

this is actually the 1st Groovie Ghoulies CD ive gotten, and i was not diasapointed one bit! and i know that the other ones have even more awesome songs on them, so hopefully i wont be disapointed. i did get this cd because i had an addicting crave for "Sleeping Beauty", but the whole cd ended up being awesome! so get it quick before theres no more!

Lisa from Gaithersburg, MD 
Sep 13 2008 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Adolescents -Adolescents CD
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Adolescents CD

Whoa!... this cd is gold... even though its blue... but whatever. man this cds tracklisting fits perfectly, its got a good amount of songs, all the songs rock, of course i like some songs better than others, but i mean you can go through this whole cd without skipping any songs. the Adolescents are one of the best bands ive heard in my life, and this cd falls nothing short of that being true. get this cd asap, because afterwards your gonna wish you heard it earlier! plus these songs are just so... i cant really explain, but its like when you hear them you just wish you were watching them live right infront you, and you just wanna rush into that circle pit or whatever, even if your like freaked about 'em... and for a cd to get you into that mentally is very impresive!

Lisa from Gaithersburg, MD 
Mar 10 2008 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Big D And The Kids Table -Strictly Rude CD
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Big D And The Kids Table
Strictly Rude CD

this cd is a piece of gold. it took kinda awhile to get into the whole dub thing but i mean once you get into that this whole album is amazing. at 1st i only liked like half the cd, but now its just about every soong but one, its a good album, and this is just living proof that there are still some bands out there who dont give up, and keep on making music that they've always made. buy this, you will not regret it!

Lisa from Gaithersburg, MD 
Jan 2 2008 Rating: 5/5 Stars
V/A -Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show CD
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Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show CD

OMG this album is AWESOME!!! the movie was awesome and this was the greatest idea in the world. It gives great exposure to some unheard of bands and makes you fall back in love withthe ones you like. I was hooked on Love Equals Death's version of Dammit, Janet for a long time! This is an awesome album, but some of the bands could have been given different songs. like in Hot Pototee theres no Sax, its still a good song, but i like the original better. Just like the Time Warp, The Groovie Ghoulies do a great job as well, but its a tad boring just because the lead singer keeps the same voice and doesnt change it up and make crazier. my opinion though is that the best bands on this comp. are the ones that give the songs a little the song. But you should buy this cd because to recreate something like this is just amazing. they should do this with more musicals!

Lisa from Gaithersburg, MD 
Nov 6 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Operation Ivy -Operation Ivy CD
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Operation Ivy
Operation Ivy CD

Well 1st off, i've been waiting for this cd for a LONG time. When I finally got it i was so happy. this cd comes as no dissapointment at all. Infact there is only like 3 tracks on this cd that dont really grab my attention, and for 27 tracks, thats worth it. This cd is a piece of gold, no its better than that, this cd is better than gold itself. I would recommend this cd to anyone/everyone, you can't go wrong with it. Wether you like to skank, or don't, love to mosh, or don't, this is an uplifting record for everyone. This is the definition of a punk/ska band and this is truly music. Personally i would suggest the songs, "Yellin In my Ear", "Sound System", "Unity", "Knowledge", "Junkies Runnin Dry", "The Crowd", and well i'll let you decide which tracks are the best, but that whole cd is AWSOME!!!!!

Displaying all 9 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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