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Customer Written Item Reviews
Displaying all 8 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
John from Huntington Beach, CA 
Sep 7 2008 Rating: 1/5 Stars
Human Abstract -Midheaven CD
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Human Abstract
Midheaven CD

I don't know what the fuck they smoked since they put out Nocturne, but this CD blows ass. It sounds like a totally different band...Nocturne is one of my favorite CDs and i absolutely hate this one. His voice is gay, the lyrics are cheesy as hell, they try to be way to experimental with the music, it just sucks all the way around. Its not even like metal or anything, its just awful. And i know that its good for bands to change and broaden their horizons but fuck man this is brutal. Even if you have an open mind while listening to it you will probably still think its shitty. I'm really sad because after hearing nocturne i know their potential as a band. Hopefully they return with a better album for their third release and go back to their Nocturne days.

John from San Diego, CA 
May 8 2008 Rating: 5/5 Stars
A Wilhelm Scream -Career Suicide CD
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A Wilhelm Scream
Career Suicide CD

Just when i thought they could not get more creative then "Ruiner", they have to come out with "Career Suicide". This CD is faster, heavier, crazier, more metal, and absolutely amazing! And what i love about it is that it flows like one crazy ass technical song with some of the most unique guitar shit ive ever heard!!!! buy IT! the first 3 tracks and the last one are my favorites, sample those if you are looking for some tracks to check out (5 to 9 is an amazing song!)

John from La Jolla, CA 
Sep 2 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Thought Riot -Sketches Of Undying Will CD
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Thought Riot
Sketches Of Undying Will CD

I heard "you're gunna die" on Rock against Bush Vol. 2 and "With Love, The Underground" somewhere else, and i loved both songs so i purchased the disc. All i can say is that if you love those two songs, you are gunna love this CD, hands down. And if you havent heard those two songs, then think of them as a mix of old AFI (before they got gay with sing the sorrow), comeback kid, and The Unseen. Good Disc...

...Best Songs "With Love, the Underground", "Youre Gunna Die", "The Hermit of Sils Maria"

John from La Jolla, CA 
Sep 2 2007 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Autumn Offering -Embrace The Gutter CD
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Autumn Offering
Embrace The Gutter CD

I bought this CD after hearing "Embrace the Gutter" on a victory sampler. I quickly was addicted to that song, so i went ahead and ordered the CD. It is a pretty good CD, but to be honest none of the songs are as good as "embrace the gutter", which is a little disappointing. However, it is still a really good CD and i am glad i purchased it. If you are in the same boat as i was (meaning you only have heard "embrace the gutter"), dont expect to fall in love with any of the other songs too quickly, but be prepared for a really good CD. who knows, maybe the songs will grow on me some more and my opinions will change, but as far as first impressions go thats how i felt and probably how you will feel as well.

"Decay" and "Ghost" are my two favorites aside from "Embrace the Gutter"

John from La Jolla, CA 
Sep 2 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Comeback Kid -Broadcasting... CD
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Comeback Kid
Broadcasting... CD

Umm...all i can really say is these guys are amazing. I bought this CD without listening to anything off of it, i just went off the fact that Wake the Dead is awesome. After having listened to it for a few months, im slowly thinking that it is a better disk than wake the dead. Basically, if you are a comeback kid fan and you do not have this disk, then you probably arent a comeback kid fan. BUY IT!!!

John from La Jolla, CA 
May 9 2007 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Horse The Band -Pizza CD
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Horse The Band
Pizza CD

The EP is not bad, but it isn't a disk that I listen to often. If you are a Horse the Band fan, then it is a must, but its not as good as what they are capable of. Honestly, I am just waiting for another song like "Birdo", "Cutsman", or "Bunnies" (which are there 3 best songs in my opinion) and this EP just doesn't have one of those. "Anti-Pizza" and "Crippled by Pizza" get close, but not close enough for me.

"Anti Pizza" is the best song on this EP for those who want to check out a track from it.

John from La Jolla, CA 
Jan 22 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Protest The Hero -A Calculated Use Of Sound CD
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Protest The Hero
A Calculated Use Of Sound CD

I can honestly say that Protest the Hero is the best band on this planet. I bought Kezia after I saw them at Warped Tour, and have not gone a day without listening to a song from it. With that, I wanted more Protest the Hero, so i bought this CD. Not as good as Kezia (which i would rate a 6 if possible), but it is still absolutely awesome and a must for any fan tha loves Kezia.

John from La Jolla, CA 
Jan 22 2007 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Every Time I Die -Burial Plot Bidding War (Reissue) CD
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Every Time I Die
Burial Plot Bidding War (Reissue) CD

After Hot Damn!, I got really into ETID. After Gutter Phenomenon, they became one of my favorite bands. With that, i felt i had to buy this CD as well. It is not bad, but its not nearly as good as the other two releases. It was cool to check out how much they have evolved as a band, going from this CD up to Gutter Phenomenon.

PS Check out Protest the Hero they are the best band on this planet!

Displaying all 8 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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