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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Damien from Santa Maria, CA 
Mar 2 2011 Rating: 5/5 Stars
V/A -Music To Bleed To Volume 1 CD
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Music To Bleed To Volume 1 CD

Wow. What a great compilation. Not a single crappy band on this. I can't really pick a favorite band at this point which is a good thing as every band is awesome. The bands are from all different parts of the world and although every band has it's own distinctice original sound there are moments that remind me of bands like EXPLOITED, CHOKING VICTIM, AMEBIX, CONFLICT, ILL REPUTE, DR. KNOW, DEAD KENNEDYS, VICE SQUAD, etc. If it wasn't for all the internet website addresses for the label and bands included in the artwork you would probably think it was from straight out of the 80's. Just reminds me of when punk comps meant so much more and weren't a dime a dozen. The packaging is very DIY which can be taken good or bad, but even if you paid the same amount to just download all these songs it would be a steal and well worth the price. Highly recommend this comp for fans of any old school hardcore punk. You know from the days when "hardcore" meant fast, agressive, loud, and angry punk....not dumbed down metal played for and by rich jocks! This will be in my rotation of CDs for a long time!

Damien from Santa Maria, CA 
Dec 4 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Machine's Agenda -Out Of My Loop: The Complete Recordings CD
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Machine's Agenda
Out Of My Loop: The Complete Recordings CD

This is a great collection which captures everything I loved about this band when my bands played shows with them years back. Until now I only had their "Remain In Control" CD which I thought was awesome and is included on this CD, but I was really impressed with the songs they wrote following that album that are also on here. It's a shame they broke up as it appears they were getting better and better over time when comparing the first "Crackhouse Demo", "Remain In Control", and the newer "Can't Fix This Hate" recordings. The recording quility of the live stuff isn't the greatest, but seeing as it's probably the only live recordings they had I'm glad they're also on here. Overall this is definately something to get if you love oldschool hardcore punk along the lines of Black Flag's style, but with female vocals.

Damien from Santa Maria, CA 
Mar 9 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Alligators -You Ruined Everything 7

You Ruined Everything 7"

With members of INSTED and AGNOSTIC FRONT I expected to hear something amazing and that's exactly what this 7" is. If you're a fan of either band you should definately get this as soon as possible if you don't already own it. Everyone else should too for that matter. Great old school hardcore the way it should be played.

Damien from Santa Maria, CA 
Feb 3 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Integrity/Psywarfare -Split (Picture Disc) 7

Split (Picture Disc) 7"

INTEGRITY is amazing as I already knew before buying this. If you've heard them you already know and you're probably not wasting your time reading this, but if you haven't then you're missing out on one of the greatest hardcore bands of all time. Not that new happy dress like girls hardcore...INTEGRITY is dark, evil, heavy, true hardcore.

Damien from Grover Beach, CA 
Feb 3 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Retching Red -Scarlet Whore Of War CD
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Retching Red
Scarlet Whore Of War CD

Equally as good as their "Get Your Red Wings" CD. If you liked that one you won't be disappointed by this one. If you haven't heard either album yet then hurry up and get one of these releases as they're both great oldschool hardcore punk the way it's supposed to sound. At the moment I'd say my favorite song on this release is "Lying Sacks Of Shit". Check it out!

Damien from Grover Beach, CA 
Apr 15 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Retching Red -Get Your Red Wings! CD
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Retching Red
Get Your Red Wings! CD

Were to start? I always liked TILT, but mostly because of CINDER BLOCK's vocals. One of my prior oldschool hardcore punk bands was FOR INSTANCE which I loved but disliked our singer. Why do I say this? Well everyone I've played this for has instantly said that this must be my dream band cause it sounds like what FOR INSTANCE would have been if CINDER sang for us. And yes it's pretty damn close to being perfect. Basically if you were a TILT fan and thought "Collect 'Em All" was there best album but wished they would have taken it a lot further, this is a must have for you. For everyone else who just loves straight up fast angry oldshool hardcore punk and really didn't give a damn about TILT, you'll definately give a damn about RETCHING RED. BUY IT!

Damien from Grover Beach, CA 
Apr 15 2006 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Beyond Description -Chaos Days In 1992 7

Beyond Description
Chaos Days In 1992 7"

Pretty cool. Not the greatest production, kinda sounds like it was recorded on a boombox. But despite that, the music was good and it definately makes me interested in checking out other releases by the band in the future. I will admit I love the fact that this is on clear vinyl and cheap as hell. Not often you see that these days.

Damien from Grover Beach, CA 
Apr 15 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Hey Mercedes -Weekend CD
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Hey Mercedes
Weekend CD

Perfect sampler of what this band sounds like for a new fan. Highly recommend it. Also the hidden cover of "The Promise" is awesome, weird timing since the original version appeared in the movie Napoleon Dynamite shortly after.

Damien from Grover Beach, CA 
Oct 23 2004 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Alkaline Trio/One Man Army -Split Series Vol. 5 CD
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Alkaline Trio/One Man Army
Split Series Vol. 5 CD

Just like every Alkaline Trio release so far it did nothing for me upon the first listen or 2. But also just like every other release it eventually became impossible for me to stop listening to. If I had to pick my top 3 tracks, "Sadie" is by far my favorite track followed by "Fine Without You" and "If You Had A Bad Time". As for One Man Army, I've seen them play live before and was blown away by how great they were(definately recommend seeing them live), but for some reason I find all of their CDs completely boring. Unfortunately these songs are no different. Believe me, thanks to loving the Alkaline Trio songs I've listened to the One Man Army songs more than enough times to give it a chance and still....nothing. That's the only reason I give it 4 stars, but rating it as only a Alkaline trio disc it would get 5..

Damien from Grover Beach, CA 
Oct 21 2003 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Defiant Trespass/Cold Like December -Split 7

Defiant Trespass/Cold Like December
Split 7"

After hearing this, I can still say I haven't heard a Defiant Trespass song I don't like. These are three great new Defiant Trespass songs along with 2 songs by Cold Like December who I had never heard before but definately was not let down by. Although this is a great 7", if you haven't heard Defiant Trespass before I'd recommend starting with there 7", "Where There Is Hope, There Can Always Be Revolution" on Sick Of Talk Records as it's my favorite of the 3 releases so far.

Displaying 1 to 10 of 11 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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