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Customer Written Item Reviews
Displaying all 9 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Jon from Onekama, MI 
Oct 9 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Life In Your Way -Ignite And Rebuild CD
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Life In Your Way
Ignite And Rebuild CD

Typically when I buy a CD I will listen to it a bunch for the first couple weeks and then for the most-part forget about it. With "Ignite And Rebuild" this isn't true, I got this disc back in early July and I haven't stopped listening to it since then. I love how this band does such a great job of incorporating lots of styles into their music, do yourself and favor and give them a listen.

Jon from Naperville, IL 
Jun 15 2003 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Dillinger Escape Plan -Under The Running Board CD
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Dillinger Escape Plan
Under The Running Board CD

this cd is great, i love how chaotic dillenger escape plan is. when i first heard this cd it really reminded me of calculating infinity (which dillinger escape plan released later). the only downfall to this cd is its only 3 songs and barely over 7 minutes long, still if you are a fan of dillinger escape plan buy this cd now.

Jon from Naperville, IL 
Jun 15 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Saved By Grace -For What You Have Done CD
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Saved By Grace
For What You Have Done CD

this cd is beautiful, yet brutal. i've been trying to get this cd for a long time now and all the effort was worth it. if you like bands like hopesfall, underoath, poison the well or pretty much any melodic hardcore band you'll like saved by grace. after this cd was released they got a new vocalist who is really good too.

Jon from Naperville, IL 
Feb 25 2003 Rating: 4/5 Stars
From Autumn To Ashes -Too Bad You're Beautiful CD
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From Autumn To Ashes
Too Bad You're Beautiful CD

Alright this cd is really good. A few months ago it would've been one of my favorites, but I've heard so much already like this before. Still this is a really good album and I can say I'm happy I bought it. Lots of hard parts, but soft parts too. A few parts are cheesy, but others parts make up for those. I'd give it a 4.5 if the option was there.

Jon from Naperville, IL 
Feb 11 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Embraced -An Orchestrated Failure CD
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An Orchestrated Failure CD

I first heard some of embraced's songs on mp3. I really liked what I heard so I decided to buy this cd. This cd is worth the cheap amount I paid for it, the cd only has 7 songs, but it is still over a half-hour long. The creativity of this band is great, in one song they have a xylophone playing, which isn't rare for other styles, but since the band could fit into the hardcore genre it shows they aren't afraid of being creative. i really like this band's vocalist, somewhat similar to the vocals of older .hopesfall. i'll be playing this cd for a long time.

Jon from Naperville, IL 
Feb 11 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Hopesfall -Frailty Of Words CD
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Frailty Of Words CD

I've always heard good stuff about .hopesfall., so a while back i got their "no wings to speak of" ep. wow that cd is amazing, even with 4 songs. instantly i wanted to get their older stuff and i can say these guys rock. they can go from extremely melodic to just plain metalcore, an example of this is their first song on the album "shines through," after a few minutes it gets really soft then one singer comes in, then another joins in, eventually the lead vocalist's screams come in, followed by somebody screaming in the background....i keep playing that song over and over and never get bored. this cd is more than worth it. .hopesfall.'s new stuff is really good too, but not quite as good as this cd. the change of vocalists from their "no wings to speak of" to "the satellite years" changes it up a little, but not much. this band is going somewhere.

Jon from Naperville, IL 
Jan 25 2003 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Zao -Where Blood & Fire Bring Rest CD
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Where Blood & Fire Bring Rest CD

I heard that this cd was really good from a friend of mine and since I already liked Zao I decided to get it. This cd is from when Dan first joined the band on vocals, so I don't think his style had totally developed until later albums. I really like this Cd, but I recommend getting Self-Titled or Liberate Te Ex Inferis first, although I do like it much more than Parade of Chaos. For some reason this cd doesn't seem very energetic to me, but maybe i'll get used to it after a while. I really like the piano on "Violet." Can't wait until the re-release comes out.

Jon from Naperville, IL 
Dec 11 2002 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Underoath -Cries Of The Past CD
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Cries Of The Past CD

Wow, this CD screams "awesome," please if you have any respect for yourself get this, even if it is out of stock get it somehow. The shortest song on this CD is 7 1/2 minutes and I have no clue how they could perform these songs live but they have. Wow.

Jon from Naperville, IL 
Nov 20 2002 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Beloved -Running CD
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Running CD

This cd is amazing, I can't begin to tell you how much the musical style varies. At some points it'll be really hard and at other moments it'll be soft. There isn't a song on this cd I don't like and each song is much different that the others. For fans of Underoath, Hopesfall...or any style of music. The only advice I can give you is buy this cd now and buy the full length once it comes out.

Displaying all 9 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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