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Customer Written Item Reviews
Displaying 1 to 10 of 38 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Jay from Pownal, VT 
Sep 3 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Senses Fail -Still Searching (Deluxe Edition with DVD) CD/DVD
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Senses Fail
Still Searching (Deluxe Edition with DVD) CD/DVD

Personally I think this is their best work, which is really a large goal for them to come out with a great album after member changes. Some very driving and heavy riffs backed up with some good drum beats. Buddy's scream is still bad ass and he is less winy on this album thankfully, I do like SF but his voice would get to me after a little while. I like the chanty sections they through in as well, they really showed their creative side on this album as shown with songs like Shark Attack and Still Searching, the bit faster Sick Or Sane and of course The Priest And The Matador, the new albums answer to the fan favorite 187. For fans and skeptics, you should buy this album even despite the not quite great radio song Calling All Cars.

Jay from Pownal, VT 
Oct 4 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Silverstein -Discovering The Waterfront CD/DVD
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Discovering The Waterfront CD/DVD

IT is about fucking time Silverstein came out with a fucking sequal. These guys kick ass, they have it all, every part of this band sounds good. They still soudn like the same band thankfully, awesome sing along parts, awesome sound and the singers scream sounds better and sharper now. Also good is that they sound really good live too. Everyone should get this cd, it is sooooo good.

Jay from Pownal, VT 
Oct 4 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Nural -Weight Of The World CD
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Weight Of The World CD

That's right that says Hopeless Records on this Nural cd. For people who know Hopeless and have heard Nural you prolly think "what are these guys doin on here". It's kewl that they are getting a wider range of bands on the label tho. I like this cd, it sounds a lil radio rockish, which im not a big fan of, but this cd is better. some good base lines, some pretty soft songs, the first two tracks are pretty pumped up, some are good sing alongs and some are good dancers. a little bit of solo on guitar, soem good riffs and beats. an all around good cd i think. you prolly need to listen to it more than once to really apreciate it tho. buy it up!

Jay from Pownal, VT 
Oct 4 2005 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Finch -Say Hello To Sunshine CD
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Say Hello To Sunshine CD

Sunshine is a very bright thing, this cd is quite sunshine though. I fucking love Finch. This CD is very good and consitant and has so killer songs on it, like 13. Some of the songs kind of blur though and sound similar to each other, unlike What it is to burn where every song was different and amazing. They did a good job considering member changes. The singer is trying too hard to be hardcore on this album and makes it sound like the common post hardcore angst style, shoulda stuck to his melodies and screamo like style, that is what made Finch. Given screamo has become pretty popular, but their first cd is unmatchable because each song sounds different and no one else sounds like finch. this cd is still a must tho

Jay from Pownal, VT 
Oct 4 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Alexisonfire -Alexisonfire CD
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Alexisonfire CD

good ol Alexisonfire. First cd, it is a good cd, especially if you are a big hardcore fan. This cd has some very good songs on. I still recomend you get Watch Out, though the two cd's are a good amount different. The guitarist doesn't sing much on this cd like he does on the new one, good for some fans and bad for some others. It pumps you up, crazy guitars and drums of course. can't beat Alexis baby.

Jay from Pownal, VT 
Oct 4 2005 Rating: 3/5 Stars
A Day In The Life -Nine Reasons To Say Goodbye CD
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A Day In The Life
Nine Reasons To Say Goodbye CD

This cd is alright. Garage sounding, sounds like Hawthorne gone a lil more punk with less quality in their recording. It's not horrible, a must get for any HH fanatic or collector but it's nothing special.

Jay from Pownal, VT 
Oct 4 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Bleed The Dream -Built By Blood CD/DVD
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Bleed The Dream
Built By Blood CD/DVD

Aaaaaaah finally a full length cd from BTD! I have been waiting a while for this baby. Even better than their EP's. Some good screamo songs on here as well as a couple knock your socks off hard songs. Their songs are so good because they are so meaningful and personal. Depressingly the original drummer has passed away, but it was after they made this cd. The guy had lukemia and still recorded this fucking CD and shot a music video with the band while he was dying of the horrible disease. That diserves a lot of respect. This cd sounds a lot like they do live too, (I strongly recomend seeing them live). Very passionate and deserve to get the success they want.

Jay from Pownal, VT 
Oct 4 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
V/A -A Santa Cause CD
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A Santa Cause CD

This CD is pretty damn cool I must say. Even if you don't celebrate the holidays you should get this cd. I'm not a big fan of Christmas myself, but this cd is musically fun, its got a wide mix of songs on it to satisfy everyone, hardcore, emo, rappish, straight up punkish. Some good twists and some good remakes. Get it or Evil Santa will eat your heart out.

Jay from Pownal, VT 
Oct 4 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Strung Out -Exile In Oblivion CD
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Strung Out
Exile In Oblivion CD

What bad can you say about Strung Out?! These guys are amazing. Fast paced punk rock with melodies, screams, solos. Great guitar solos and riffs and killer drum beats. Not as catchy as American Paradox, so you prolly aren't going to be singing along quite as much. This CD is a little bit more on the heavyish side than their older stuff, but it is still good old strung out. Great lyrics, great sound, great meaning, I strongly recomend Strung Out to anyone.

Jay from Pownal, VT 
Aug 16 2004 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Rise Against -Siren Song Of The Counter Culture CD
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Rise Against
Siren Song Of The Counter Culture CD

WWOOOOOOOHHOOOOOOO! So many bands change there sound so of course I was worried about this cd. But I saw them live at warped and they played state of the union and i was like sweeet it is still good old rise against. This cd is just as good as revoltuions per mintue. some lyrics make you think wicked and make u feel sad some piss you off song songs pump you up and some songs just make u wanna sit and sicg along. With paper wings(a touching confused love song, the way i think of it) and swing life away(a song about living life and enjoying it dont look back). I LOVE THIS CD its like my anthem. everyone should buy this fucking cd. This band is sooooo talented. WOW!

Displaying 1 to 10 of 38 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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