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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Alex from Long Beach, CA 
Jan 9 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Colossal -Brave The Elements CD
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Brave The Elements CD

buy this cd, its absolutely wonderful, for fans of good music, this is a no brainer, great unassuming, not pretentious, melodic smart and catchy indie rock.


Alex from Long Beach, CA 
Oct 4 2006 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Abilene -Two Guns, Twin Arrows CD
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Two Guns, Twin Arrows CD

maybe i dont get abilene, or i cant get into this cd liek i coudl colossal. its just not inticing. very moody and cyrptic. the trumpet just mimics the guitar, which is a major turn off. like colossal but not fun at all. i guess the EP is better.

Alex from Long Beach, CA 
Oct 4 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Falcon -Unicornography CD
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Unicornography CD

YAY! finally! fans of slapstick will be very pleased with this cd, because there is a good mix of ska and hardcorethrashpunk. overall awesome, but fuck, its brendan! what do you expect.definetly worth the money, if you like good music there is no reason not to own this. Very different than the lawrence arms, and very representative of brendans personality. Absolutely AMAZING!

Alex from Long Beach, CA 
Oct 4 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Colossal -Welcome The Problems CD
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Welcome The Problems CD

Fucking. Amazing.
Colossal may b e the best kept secret of the Slapstick blood line. This cd is such a smotth jazz of rock, jazz and indie that it blows my mind.
absolutely worth the money.
something along the lines if chicago punk mixed with jazz.
great CD!!!!
math rock at its finest.

Alex from Long Beach, CA 
Oct 4 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Detachment Kit -Of This Blood CD
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Detachment Kit
Of This Blood CD

sporatic and inconsistent.
which is both good and bad, the cd has ALOT of charm and alot of good tracks, but occasionally the DK's ambition hurts more than helps.
overall this band is good for fans of indie liek at the drive in and crazy stuff like that.
definetly worth checkign out, chances are you will find soemthing you LOVE about this cd

Alex from Long Beach, CA 
Oct 4 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Wunder Years -Function Over Fashion CD
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Wunder Years
Function Over Fashion CD

Damn good! more like the ghost than the first wunder years cd but still really really good. good song writing from a good writer. check out the ghost too

Alex from Long Beach, CA 
Jul 6 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Lawrence Arms -Oh! Calcutta! CD
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Lawrence Arms
Oh! Calcutta! CD

i like those lawrence amrs, and you will if you like them this is one youll like. buy this one if you like it. i like greatest stories. this one is good too.

Alex from Long Beach, CA 
Jan 3 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Wunder Years -Pitstops on the Road Less Traveled CD
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Wunder Years
Pitstops on the Road Less Traveled CD

My..God... Brian Moss has officially clawed his way up to god along with Brendan Kelly. I bought this cd around the same time i got into Hanalei and a while after i was in love with The Ghost, so included in this review I will include reviews for "This Pen is a Weapon" and "We Are All Natural Disasters" First and Foremost...

The Wunder Years: This CD is instantly enthralling. Go Kid Go: The song that made me give this album more and more listens. Real emotion is portrayed, and the chorus is catchy and smart. A bit cliche but the Broadways influence is evident in the end of the song. The Hopeless Romantic: A hard hitting punk song. In my opinion the most easily dismissable song. A good song to latch onto as you grow into this album. Somewhere in the Middle: The song starts with an uncharacteristic grunting, but bursts into familiar guitars. The song progresses into what will be a pillar in the album but not a shining star. The song is punctuated by the unexplained and nearly comical grunting and whining throughout. A good song. Full Circle: The best song i think. The Nautical Mile esque flair along with a softer Jawbreaker feeling helps this powerful song progress. It is much like the feeling one gets from the chorus of "Go Kid Go" but lasts for much longer and has a much more powerful Message. Where the Sidewalk Ends: Perhaps a nod to Shell Silverstein? In any case a song that defines The Wunder Years' style. The lyrics are powerful and accented by a catchy chorus. Vacations/Seperations: Were one to wonder what emo is apparent on this cd it would be this song. The song rarely picks up but has him singing with such brutal emotion, sing along is an almost tear jerking experience.THis song has a girl back up which would have been nice on other songs, but unfortunately is not. Difference: A punk song that, much like "The Hopeless Romantic" gets lost between excellent tracks. The song is well done but the lyrics are somewhat forgettable. Backstab: Another song to hear once and latch onto until your sense of The Wunder Years grows to that you appreciate the more deep songs. The song easily grabs you and pulls you in and out of the chorus. Just What I Needed: A Decent Cover, In my opinion the worst song on the album. Superbowl Sunday: A drawn out almost epic that charters the singers life. A very good if confusing and catchy song. picks up and lets anyone who loved lyrics like "Full Circle's" lyrics down. The Electric Shoes: Almost a ska song, reminiscing perhaps Alien Spy (Brian Moss' Ska Band!) Stars like a slow ska song but bursts into almost Suicide Machines Punk. OVER ALL: Absolutely Fantastic! For Fans Of: The Broadways, The Dillinger Four

The Ghost: This Pen is a Weapon Broken Ears/Poison Hearts: Much like opening a casket the beginning of the song creaks into powerful drums then into distubring guitar. Brian belts out the lyrics like hes being strangled and the song leaves a lasting impression. Further it addreses topics like political corruption with a poetic flair that needs decoding to fully comprehend. Exorcism in the Key of A Minor: The Song starts with a whispered verse and aches along to a well thought out chorus, until the guitars carry you into a hushed heartbeat (by the bass) where the silence is then slit with screams of "This is an exorcism!" and jolts you awake from the near dream like state of the preceding music. Mad Max was an Amateur: This song is reminiscent of the bands difficulties in touring, yet can be read not unlike a memoir for someone who has crossed cast and varied lands and seen adventure. The song has a endearing chorus that leads into a calm yet hurried verse. Banished and Loving it: The straightest 'punk' song in that it comes out of the gate with a relatively catchy verse accompanied by the intricate guitar work. The song pulls you through its verses until forcing you to stare at yourself critcally and consider your situation. ...and Now for My Dissapearing Act: This is the slowest and most melodic song on the album. the song has thousands of layers that bring it into a melancholy anthem that truly reflects desperation and ones own self doubt. The song is accented with a choir like chanting and is carried by strummed guitar throughout. The Skin We Shed Has Stories to Tell: This Song is quite the converse of the former. The song again starts like "Banished..." but then comes into its own with an odd robot esque voice regailing the story of children and a desperate plight. The song ends addresing the world and how one can overcome all with kindness. The finale will stick n your mind. A Letter From God: This song is a quick and hurried song that accuses and breaks one from the begining to end. The song speeds through the verse and chorus's until the bridge that will take you into a world far away from what was baraging you earlier. Modern Restless: A call to arms to reinvent the punk scene and end the commercialization brought about by things like Warped Tour. The song instantly demands attention and carries through to the unforunately short end. We Shall Persist: the iron of this is amazing as the band has since ended but is a dramatic and slow emotional instrumental song that will haunt your thoughts for weeks. OVER ALL: the single most groundbreaking and underappreciated album of all time. For Fans Of: ?????? good music.

Hanalei: We Are All Natural Disasters Action Drum: The most well thought out and well rhymed song on the album. The song uses repetition of words to bring about its subtle and appropriate tone. The song is truly excellent and incorporates synth well with guitars and drums. Beacon In The Distance: Letters to a love one perhaps? almost parallel to "Mad Max..." this song delicately and depressingly tells the tale of missing a love while being far away. The song has an acoustic folk feel that is interrupted by an appropriate and catchy chorus. Josh and Sarahs Belated Wedding Present: Beutifully mastered (as you can se by the clip) song that mixes the synth and drums excellently. The only song reminscent of "Action Drum" and reads liek beutiful poetry or a man serenading his wife. Perhaps the most acceptable and catchy song throughout the album. Smart Means Sick: A song I honestly did not listen to as much as the others. The song is a memoir of perhaps his childhood crushes and his time on vaation. It also chronicles his perhaps lazy afternoons and drunken nights. Ashby Ashes: A deliate song that brings in smooth instruments and tells a tale of his complete exhasution with much of the world. The song addresses soulfully ones life, much like "A Letter From God..." Hopeful Hands: A very loveable song as it has an endearing chorus and verse and brungs the cd out of the two song slump. The chorus almost bringsin Ghost emotion but does it with smooth finesse. Another acoustic yet beautiful song. Better Days: A song im told is reminiscent of older folk singers as he tells with a happy guitar and maraca of his dreams of living far away and all the peace that accompanies it. This is Going to Be the Best Summer Ever: Perhaps the best song as it mixes both folk and synth music in a song that is easily related to and catchy enough to remeber and sing it for days. Anza Ninety Three: In my opinion the simile was too obvious and could have been better used but still is a decent song. It is melancholy in its ways as it relates heart break but is by far not the strongest song on the album. Derailment at Six Flags: The title only leaves one guessing how his song which is seemingly about loving someone and a beautiful woman and reeling after a relationship relates to the death of over a dozen people. The song is very nice and romantic. John Hughes Ending: John Hughes directed 'Pretty in Pink' and the song almost feels like watching a romance between awkward teens. THe song is very strong and will grasp you and leave you engaged until the end. Eulogy: A bit folky in its guitar but depressing in that it uses old memories to remeber the innocence that once was. The song also tells of longing and desire. Very nostalgic and appropriate to end the album and start it over with the relatively fast "Action Drum". Over All: Depressed laptop folk with alcohol and love. Gives you a nice emotional fix without selling out for DEATH CAB (WHOOOOOOsuck) For Fans of: The Postal Service, Robert Nanna

Three Great Cd's that would be bst enjoyed TWY, to TG to H but can be loved based on your style. Again BRIAN MOSS IS GOD. i would pay to see him vs. BK in a fight. All great genre defying cds.

Alex from Long Beach, CA 
Nov 29 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
V/A -So Much For Letting Go: A Tribute To Jawbreaker Vol. 1 CD
Click for more info

So Much For Letting Go: A Tribute To Jawbreaker Vol. 1 CD

Despite that i feel no one will ever find this cd as its not listed under jawbreaker, nor is it very well advertised, i still feel it is a fun listen for jawbreaker fans, who dont want the commercialized whore saturated covers offered by the likes of fall out boy and nerf herder on the poppy and catchy (although superior) Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault. This cd offers a few songs that arent on said cd, which bring jawbreaker into a new light. The Save Your Generation cover is nice and well composed, whereas the accident prone one takes the beautiful song and rips it to shreds tearing at its sporadic and violent core and exposing it for what it is, which is not a bad thing. all in all though the best song is the cover of Do You Still Hate Me? which brings the lyrics into full perspective and allows you to appreciate the song for what it is. Fireman is a techno cover and hardly does the song justice but is interesting. The other tow i can't compare as i don't own Bivuoac or Etc. but i believe they were decent. all in all i sugest Bad Scene before this, but this is definetly a "that's interesting" type of cover cd, so buy them both. Also, interpunk should sell the other volume(s) as this is volume 1 and i yearn for more.

PS. penispenispenisfuck

Alex from Long Beach, CA 
Aug 10 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Jawbreaker -Dear You (Reissue) CD
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Dear You (Reissue) CD

wow, i didnt get into this cd for aw hile after i bought it because the first few tracks dotn grab you, but when i gave it a few listens through and discovered how good they were, i threw up, and by that i mean started lovign this cd.

This is definetly a vey good cd, and its obvious where they influenced bands like the lawrence arms and the honor system. The best tracks are million (which has great lyrics),accident prone, fireman, and jet black, those are the emoest.

but there are the crazy punk tracks like boxcar and i love you so much...

all in all if you liek punk thats not shit thats in the middle of the spectrum

not bull fucking shit like screamo but not quite punk enough to be called punk then yes, grab this cd.


Screamo is the most stupide bowl of shit that the punk god ever shit out. blech.

Displaying 1 to 10 of 40 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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