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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
John from Ocean, NJ 
Nov 30 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
V/A -All For One...One For All: A Benefit For Roger Miret CD
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All For One...One For All: A Benefit For Roger Miret CD

Very fun comp of 80's punk rock/hardcore or whatever your labeling preference may be. Mostly US bands but some choice world bands. It's a good mix of the raw, the powerful and in some cases, the bizarre. Highlights are the tracks from the following The Wrecks,Executioner,Ribzy,Raw Power,Nog Watt,Red Scare,Sado Nation, Adrenaline OD, YDI, White Cross,Detonators,Crucifix. All other bands are of varying goodness but its definitely worth grabbin' if you grove out on this time period's noise. Good for those long car rides!

John from Ocean, NJ 
Jun 14 2005 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Legal Weapon -Your Weapon CD
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Legal Weapon
Your Weapon CD

Great album! Not all straight up punk sounding on all songs but definite attitude there. This band has been criminally overlooked and deserves some more spins along with the first album "Death of Innocence" if you can find it. Very cool Cali sounding stuff with great vocals from Kat Arthur. If you are a true believer in what its all about definitely try this out!

John from Ocean, NJ 
Jun 14 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Bad Posture -G.D.M.F.S.O.B. CD
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Bad Posture

What can I say... raw, loud, obnoxious!!!... oh yes, words to describe Bad Posture. Anyone with "I like clean recordings" issues butt the fuck out! If you REALLY like punk/hardcore, you need to have more bands like this in you collection. Not a 2 disc set worth of songs, but definitely worth the effort. The kind of sound that makes you want to chew on nails... so go get it ya puss!

John from Ocean, NJ 
Feb 7 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Negative Approach -Ready To Fight: Demos, Live And Unreleased Tracks (1981-1983) CD
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Negative Approach
Ready To Fight: Demos, Live And Unreleased Tracks (1981-1983) CD

A 5 on the richter scale! Always quite fond of the the soft, gooey hardcore goodness of NA... I was just giddy to know that they were going to release some demo/live recordings I did not have yet. But the classic worry follows... will the demos sound so shitty you can't listen to them? or ... Will the live tracks sound like they were recorded up someone's butthole?!?!?! But thankfully, this release is not a bad thing. The first demo is a little shakey sounding but still not bad at all and the 2nd is just fine. Almost the same with the live recordings... the first isn't the best but definitely "passable" and the 2nd is all you could want from a hardcore boot. So if you are an NA/80's US Hardcore head... definitely pick this up... definitely better live stuff than on previous (modern) releases!

John from Ocean, NJ 
Jan 21 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
V/A -Hardcore Ljubljana CD
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Hardcore Ljubljana CD

AHHH! Creamy Hardcore Goodness!... This is a reissue of a classic (so we are told by the liner notes) hardcore punk comp from the far away land of Yugoslavia (and possibly other areas due to that area of the world changing boarders at times). But don't get me wrong... this is some fun badass HAWDCOWRE! The first 5 bands are all from 1984 and as a special treat... the label has added some bands from 2004. Boy.. if you like noisey and violent ... this is your bag! Not your watered down "yo boy!" hardcore or God awful Emocore! This is the real stuff. Highlight bands to me... UBR, Odpadki Civilizacije, III Kategorija and out of the new bands... Reflex, TNT and Gradska! If you like foreign hardcore punk... this is a definite crowd pleaser!

John from Ocean, NJ 
Jan 21 2005 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Lurkers -Fulham Fallout CD
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Fulham Fallout CD

I have always enjoyed the early Lurkers. Later incarnations had some good stuff but the first 2 albums and especially the singles are choice. This, the 1st album, offers a healthy dab of what the Lurkers are about. Some songs may be an aquired taste to some due to unusual (yet fascinating to me) chord progressions and beats, but many are of that undeniable goodness in British punkis rockis. If you are down with rocky brit punk along the lines of London or think you would enjoy a sort of British/Ramonesy feel. The Lurkers are definitely worth the dough!! Amazing tunes include "Ain't Got a Clue", "Total War" and "Ooh! Ooh! I Love You!" (which is in the bonus tracks). ENJOY!

John from Ocean, NJ 
Dec 2 2004 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Big Boys -Fat Elvis CD
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Big Boys
Fat Elvis CD

One of the best of the early hardcore bands, the Big Boys were way ahead of their time. Before the Chilli Peppers even formed, the Boys were whipping out their unique albums mixed with powerful anger filled hardcore and very well performed funky beats for you to shake yo ass to! So if you are a "it has to sound like punk for me to like it" jackass... this may not be for you. But if you enjoy it because the spirit and the attitude are there ... grab the Big Boys now!

John from Ocean, NJ 
Dec 2 2004 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Scream -Still Screaming + This Side Up (Remastered) CD
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Still Screaming + This Side Up (Remastered) CD

A generallly unsung hero of early DC hardcore, Scream pound out the beat with intensity just as good if not better than their contemporaries. Noise that will make you pound your fist and make you want to send an I LOVE YOU brick through a cop car... and they can play too! Not a necessity for me and early hardcore... but a plus! So if you need somethin to stomp the pavement to ... GET SCREAM NOW YOU WEENBAG!

John from Ocean, NJ 
Dec 2 2004 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Feederz -Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss? CD
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Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss? CD

No matter how far mainstream music is willing to go in the name of shock for the sake of entertainment, there is always is usually a group that was not mainstream that did it earlier and did it better! ... The Feederz are an example of such a band with one major difference. It was real! This is there first album with such scathing lyrics and specifically anti-social lyrics set to offend one and all! It may not be you're heavy chuga chuga of metal or silly growling of crust but I am hard pressed to find many that equal their anger!... So fuck M. Manson, fuck SlipNOT, fuck BAD Charolette and fuck em all... the Feederz Rule!

John from Ocean, NJ 
Jun 8 2004 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Cropknox -Rock And Rot CD
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Rock And Rot CD

Alright... I will be one of the first to admit that there are a LOT of Casualties/Virus/UK82 clones out there now. And a good chunk of them are exceedingly average and contrived. I can't speak for anyone else, but I think the Cropknox are one of the few standouts (and I mean few!). There seems to be more feel in a number of there songs as opposed to a clone that sounds almost identical to an old or several old '82 bands. While the lyrics aren't always the freshest, they make up for it in sound. They could have fit in well with the old UK bands and I see nothing wrong with living in the US an having UK influences (you hear that you punk nazis!?!?!) So good luck to you Cropknox and I look forward to hearing more to see how you develop! (btw, kudos to the lead singer for wearing the wonder woman bracelet!)

Displaying 1 to 10 of 18 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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