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Customer Written Item Reviews
Displaying all 6 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Robert from Thorndale, PA 
Apr 1 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Reggie and the Full Effect -Songs Not to Get Married to CD
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Reggie and the Full Effect
Songs Not to Get Married to CD

it is a known fact that artists produce their best work in periods of emotional stress. "songs not to get married to" is a case in point. it is the first reggie record that doesn't come off as an inside joke; it comes off as a brutally honest display of ones' feelings. the songs on the first half of the record have a much harder/more serious sound to them. "guess who's back" is a nice segue to the second half of the record which is traditional eighties synth reggie. "the fuck stops here" is an exception as it sounds like it came off of a Ministry album. "playing dead" closes the album with a long slow ballad which nicely ties together the album's theme. i think a lot of teens will have trouble relating to this record, yet a lot of twenty somethings plus will enjoy listening to it with a nice cold beer. don't expect too much fun on this release.

Robert from Thorndale, PA 
Feb 15 2005 Rating: 4/5 Stars
V/A -Policia: A Tribute To The Police CD
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Policia: A Tribute To The Police CD

i am writing this review to give props to No Motiv. I heard the cover of "space age love song" they did on "before you were punk 2" and it was freaking amazing. Now, they do an unbelievable job on "synchronicity II". If No Motiv were to put out a covers album, they would blow Me First and the Gimme Gimmes out of the water!!! ok that's all. Other than that the rest of this disc is ok. Brandston do a good job on "king of pain". A lot of people may hate me for this, but Fall Out Boy is the worst track on here. The music is fine, but man at the end when he repeats "put on the red light" about fifty times, i feel like pulling all my hair out. It's funny, because when Sting sings it I don't feel the same way, yet they both repeat it over and over. Of course Sting is uber-talented. Anyway if you're a fan of the Police get this because it is fun to hear good songs redone.

Robert from Thorndale, PA 
Feb 15 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Plain White T's -All That We Needed CD
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Plain White T's
All That We Needed CD

...and the hooks keep on coming. Though not as catchy as the band's previous effort, "stop", the Plain White T's continue forward with a more aggressive, tighter sound. Some of the songs are so catchy that they are almost cheesy...a fine line the T's walk very often. "Take Me Away" is a great song for anyone who has been dumped and then put in the awkward social situation of seeing them with someone else. "Revenge" will probably be the single if it isn't already. It sounds a little too processed for radio which a lot of people probably won't like (but mainstream probably will). The album ends with a ballad which is great because this is what the album lacks. "Stop" had about four or so ballads, that's why i said they have a more aggressive sound this time around like they are trying to keep the energy up. If you've never heard them, get "stop." If you liked "stop" get this too because it is an excellent follow up and this band may be going to bigger places.

Robert from Phoenixville, PA 
Feb 12 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Drag The River -Live At The Starlight CD
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Drag The River
Live At The Starlight CD

Since no one else has reviewed this album, I will. If you are a fan of Drag the River or Armchair Martian or All, then buy this album. This is by far one of the best live albums I have ever heard by any band. The production and sound is clear and is not muffled or anything like that. Included in this set is the Armchair Martian song "jig" and the Misfits song "hybrid moments" both of which sound great. I personally love Drag the River, but what really made me buy this album was the Misfits cover. They did a great job of giving a classic song a country twist. If you like to sit around, drink, and feel sorry for yourself then this is the album to listen to. I hate country music, but this album along with the other Drag the River albums is making me question my musical preferences. That's how good it is.

Robert from Pottstown, PA 
Apr 7 2002 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Cub Country -High Uinta High CD
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Cub Country
High Uinta High CD

how do i explain this cd? basically if you reverse the order of jets to brazil and let jeremy lead the band you might come up with cub country. jeremy is an immaculate songwriter and his talents shine on this album. his voice is absolutely clear as day and not too many notes are out of his range, which is the problem with a lot of singers these days. blake's use of piano, steel guitar, and organ perfectly fill in all the gaps that usually accompany an acoustic guitar album. don't be fooled by the orange 9mm & helmet credits; you won't be finding any hard riffs on this album. if you like the simple sounds of a man and his guitar with a slight country twist, then pick this up. any fan of jets to brazil, drag the river, mike ness, and maybe even dashboard confessional will enjoy this great album.

Robert from Pottstown, PA 
Apr 7 2002 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Drag The River -Closed CD
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Drag The River
Closed CD

the songwriting on this cd is absolutely incredible and puts a lot of other bands to shame. the new version of "embrace the sound" is better than ever. the songs deal with death, loss, drinking, loneliness, redemption, and hope. regardless of what kind of music you prefer, you will enjoy this cd because of the heartfelt lyrics and jon snodgrass's soothing voice. "life of ruin" is one of the best songs i have heard in a long time. if you enjoyed mike ness's solo albums then you will love this.

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