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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Daniel from Indianapolis, IN 
Jul 13 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Danzig -Lost Tracks Of Danzig (Double Disc) CD
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Lost Tracks Of Danzig (Double Disc) CD

Wow I get to write the first review, cool! First off the good, as a long time fan of all of Glenn Danzig's work I can state that the last ten years have not been his best. The guy has never put out a bad release, some were not great some were better than others but none were bad. The tracks on this double realease are a compilation of mostly unrealeased material, I say mostly because the second version of When Death Had no Name was released on the Dirty Black Summer single and a few others have been realeased on other albums just in other forms. However the other 22 songs are pretty much brand new, at least to me anyway. Almost the whole first disk is material recorded by the band in thier golden era and that right there is worth the 25 bucks alone, to hear new songs from Danzig's best lineup. Why some of these songs were never released is totally beyond me, Cold Cold Rain would have fit perfectly on the II album and Crawl Across Your Killing Floor and Bound By Blood would have made the rather mundane 7 album a lot more interesting. Pain is Like an Animal was another track that never found a home but was originally written as a Samhain song but latter scratched by the band after they became Danzig, the song rocks but dosent really fit with any other Danzig or Samhain release. Now the bad. With a few of these songs it's not hard to see why they have been left out, the 3 or so songs written during 4 sessions would have brought down what was one Danzig's best technical albums but they do carry some of the rawness of the first Danzig album. Over all this double is not quite a 5 but better than a 4 more like a 4.25 or a 4.5 at best but this rating system only recognizes whole numbers and my inner child which grew up on Danzig wont let me give a 4 so 5 it is. To the long time Danzig fans this is totally worth the 25 bucks (which is cheaper here than anywhere else.)

Daniel from Indianapolis, IN 
Jul 12 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
In Flames -Come Clarity (Colored Vinyl) LP
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In Flames
Come Clarity (Colored Vinyl) LP

This is the best release ever from the best Swedish Death Metal band ever. Some like to say In Flames have sold out over the last few years with the last three or four albums but really if this or Soundtrack to your Escape is selling out then I wish they would sell out more. The music isnt anymore radio friendly because I still dont hear them on the radio, the music has just gotten more melodic which is what they are, melodic death metal. Its not any less heavy just more technical and smarter. The only complaint I really have kinda goes across the board for all new death and black metal recordings but especially In Flames they have the musical talent but ever play any real guitar leads, not like the long drawn out boring solos like that crap Metallica pulls just a little break here and there to make things more interesting thats all. But anyway this band has always been amazing if all death metal was this good I'd be broke.

Daniel from Indianapolis, IN 
May 5 2006 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Michale Graves -Punk Rock Is Dead CD
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Michale Graves
Punk Rock Is Dead CD

Ok first off all the nay sayers need to get off Graves' ass. Just because he had the odacity to join a reunited Misfits and replace the all mighty Danzig is no reason to despise him. Had he not joined the band someone else would have and everyone would hate that guy. And if Graves would have gone on and started his own horror punk band with material similar to the Psycho/Monsters albums he'd be reveared as the next great voice in the genre. So if you already have your own negative pre-concieved notions of Michale Graves save your money and buy somthing else, I mean really why buy a CD you know your gonna hate just to complain about it. As for his politics, how can anyone claim to be open minded, as many of those on the far left do, if they reject the views and oppinions of someone else. And why is Graves the only one who gets blacklisted for it Bobby Steele and one of the godfathers of punk rock Johnny Ramone also came out in support of the lesser of two evils in the election of 2004 but where is the outcry againts them? Anyway on to the album at hand, we all know the reunited Misfits never even came close to the band we all loved from the early 80's but through all the critisism, and I admit I was just as critical as the next guy, the Graves era Misfits still put out two killer records and after hearing American Psycho I had to shut up, Graves has a far different voice than Danzig he still has a great voice and he knows how to write great punk rock songs. However this album did fall a little short, all the songs were written and recorded in one month and it kinda shows. I was hoping to hear more tracks like I Dont Wanna be a Superhero from the Roadrunner Allstars album but this is a little softer than that. Another complaint is it's way to short, 11 tracks 24 minutes, so just as the CD starts to grow on you to get tired of hearing it and start skipping to the best songs Like Beware, and the last three I don't remember the names. But all in all a pretty decent CD just as long as you don't buy it with any negative pre-concieved animosity. I really think Graves could do much better, especially if he hooked up with kick ass band of bad ass musicians like say Bobby Steele if they ever got together they could take over the frakin world.

Daniel from Indianapolis, IN 
Dec 9 2005 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Rancid -Rancid (2000) LP
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Rancid (2000) LP

Good Album nat as good as "wolves" or "Lets Go" but much better than "Indestructable". "Radio Havanna" rocks. I dont feel like writing anymore

Daniel from Indianapolis, IN 
Mar 16 2005 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Rancid -Rancid (1993) LP
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Rancid (1993) LP

This is a great Rancid Record loud, fast, and hard. I am feeling really lazy right now and don't feel like typing, so here goes: This CD/LP kick lots and lots of ass so go buy it you creeps.

Daniel from Indianapolis, IN 
Mar 16 2005 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Rosemary's Babies -Talking To The Dead CD
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Rosemary's Babies
Talking To The Dead CD

Really Really hardcore stuff here. Fast and loud but not real great. But for those who don't know this is Eerie Von's old band before he was w/ Samhain and Danzig. so if your a big fan of bands like The Misfits, Samhain, The Undead, Mourning Noise or Danzig then this may still dissapoint you a little but it still beats hell out of Simple Plan or any of that gay ass shit.

Daniel from Indianapolis, IN 
Mar 16 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Bad Brains -Bad Brains CD
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Bad Brains
Bad Brains CD

I was really surprised w/ this one afer hearing "I Against I". This CD rocked almost all the way through, w/ the exception of a couple of slowed down rasta tracks, but I guess the hardcore BB fans dig that shit too, so what ever. So anyway buy this CD if you like oldschool hardcore punk, you won't be dissapointed, and stay away from "I Agsinst I"

Daniel from Indianapolis, IN 
Mar 11 2005 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Demons -Come Burst!ng Out! CD
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Come Burst!ng Out! CD

This CD rocks. Great Swedish Punk Rock sort of like the Hellacopters meets The Misfits but more of a Hellacopters sound. All in all a pretty good CD.

Daniel from Indianapolis, IN 
Mar 5 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
V/A -Crush Kerry Conservative Punk Comp Vol.1 CD
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Crush Kerry Conservative Punk Comp Vol.1 CD

This CD freakin rocks. Only 5 measley bucks and you get all this. The 2 Undead songs alone are worth that, so just tell yourself that your buying two Undead songs and getting like 9 others for free. I just don't understand why The Undead aren't way bigger than they are, I mean Bobby Steele is only the second greatest punk guitar player ever, behind Jonny Ramone of course. Oh yea and buy this CD because Bobby Steele is the fucking man, (and The Misfits never should have fired him) and The Undead fucking rock and so do all the other bands on this comp.

Daniel from Indianapolis, IN 
Mar 4 2005 Rating: 2/5 Stars
Sex Pistols -Great Rock & Roll Swindle CD
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Sex Pistols
Great Rock & Roll Swindle CD

A more fitting title dosen't exist. I bought this expecting more in your face "fuck you" punk from the band the same Sex Pistols we've all come to know and love. But what I got is a bunch of weird shit and some of the classics redone by a symphony. A swmphony? Don't we make fun of Metallica for that? But the CD is not with out some good stuff but overall it's probably better they broke up if this is the direction they were going to take. Just get "Nevermind the Bollocks" and be glad we at least have that to celebrate.

Displaying 1 to 10 of 24 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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