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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Justin from Zionsville, PA 
Jan 26 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
V/A -Nail Volume 2 CD
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Nail Volume 2 CD

Even though I own most of the albums on here, there were some I didn't. And unlike most people in the world, I have yet to sign myself up for online downloading of music. So this was a good way to get a comp from bands that i love and really good songs.

First off, and this is my opinion, I think that Jonathan Bunch(vocals) is the best thing to happen to Further Seems Forever. Ok, FSF was already amazing to begin with, but when it comes to vocals (no offense to Mr. Dashboard) Jon is the best thing for this band. I have followed Sense Field (who most of you probably don't know) since the early 90's. That band defined what today's music is. Along with bands like Sunny Day Real Estate. So please, check out both the new FSF and some of Sense Fields music.

Another great artist is Aaron Sprinkle. This was my first listen to his music. And seeing that he produced most of my favorite band's albums; Anberlin, Mae...he was ok in my book. "Really Something" is a great slow-rock melody that is catchy and great to listen to.

Of course, Mae..Underoath...and Anberlin are some great T&N favorites. If you haven't already....check that shit out! This goes in my "all-time albums to get dirty with" collection.

Justin from Zionsville, PA 
Jan 26 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
V/A -Hello, We Are The Militia Group Vol. 1 CD
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Hello, We Are The Militia Group Vol. 1 CD

Now, this is what I call a star line-up! You can't possibly go wrong in getting this album for the price. Not only does it include some of the Milita Group's best, but it also has some really rare and awesome tracks. Some really good tracks include Copeland's "Walking Downtown" from their debut album, and also an acoustic/programmed version of a song from that same album featuring the incredible vocal stylings from Aaron.

Moving along. Even though i am not a huge fan of the Lyndsay Diaries' frontman's voice, I am certain that his guitar style and sound is out of this world. Two good selections from him.

And last but not least, just get the album. You may see your favorite band on there and never heard the song. Or you could see Rufio has an acoustic track that is pretty damn good. Pop-punk reinvented on beautiful!

Justin from Zionsville, PA 
Jan 26 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
V/A -Pick Your Battles CD
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Pick Your Battles CD

A great selection of artists and tunes. Some harder to find music from the Juliana Theory. But fans, don't get your hopes up. "French Kiss-0ff" is much like their newest material from the LOVE album. Not that much like their older, and well missed material. Anberlin also grazes their musical talents on this comp. If you have not yet heard of Anberlin, I suggest you at least start by getting this album. Then, once you've realized how incredible they are, pick up their 2003 debut "Blueprints for the Black Market". THEN, when you completely fall in love with that album, here they come with a brand new full length! So pick them all up.

Oh,and favorable mentions include Denver Harbor. Hell if I knew these were members of Fenix Tx!

And just so you don't think I am a pussy, I suggest you sample some stuff from Underoath! Now, setting aside all religious beliefs, bring yourself to not be a close-minded individual and go get "They're Only Chasing Safety". For screamo fans alike and fans of bands such as Finch, Saosin, and Story of the Year, check Underoath out sucka!

Justin from Zionsville, PA 
Jan 26 2005 Rating: 2/5 Stars
Acceptance -Lost For Words CD
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Lost For Words CD

Well, considering this album was released 5 years ago, the music style has changed a lot in the genre of music that Acceptance once played. Lost For Words is a good arrangment of rock songs, but lacks anything good compared to their newest EP. I suggest getting a copy of that album if you can find it, unfortunately interpunk does not have it on file. Other than that, guess its another album to store in my mass collection.

Don't take my word for it: For fans of anything 5 years ago.

Justin from Zionsville, PA 
Jan 26 2005 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Number One Fan -Compromises CD
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Number One Fan
Compromises CD

I first heard about this band from a music video shoot they had tagged onto the Tooth and Nail "homesick" dvd. I was skeptical at first to get this album, but No.1 fan really shows that new music can be made despite how much stuff is already out there today.

If you are fans of more pop-punk bands like the Starting Line or even along the lines of the older Juliana Theory stuff, you will like this.

If you are fans of the more melodic and heartfelt music like Appleseed Cast, Mae, or Copeland this really signifies that style.

Either direction that you choose to listen to, No.1 fan covers most of the spectrum. Favorite tracks: "Prettiest Sin" and "It's Happening". The album starts off with a good sing-along called "Come On!". Check the album out, definitely a good choice for you independent fans.

Justin from Zionsville, PA 
Jan 19 2004 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Motion City Soundtrack -I Am The Movie CD
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Motion City Soundtrack
I Am The Movie CD

Wow, what can I say about this band? I have heard of them before I bought the album and never got the chance to listen to their stuff. The first real chance I got to hear them was this past month at an awesome show in Philly. These guys played along with other greats The Early November, Hidden in Plain View and of course...The Starting Line. Talk about a jam packed show with killer bands.

After hearing one song by these guys, I was instantly glued to the stage and couldn't wait to hear more. Their performance reminded me of how a rock show should be- fun, exciting, loud, dynamic, and rocking out with no care in the world. Kenny from the Starting Line wanted a piece of the action and actually got on stage to sing a few lines with the band.

Make no mistake, this band doesn't sound like many other bands out there. They have created a sound that really stands out from everyone else. If you ever have heard of a band called Vroom, Justin from Motion City sounds very similar. If you haven't heard of Vroom...well...just get this album and compare to whoever you want. I can't get over how awesome this whole album says. One lyric says "im on fire, and now im getting ready to bust a move, check it out i'm rockin steady". This line clearly defines the band and this album. With a moog in effect on every song, and lyrics to make you laugh and sing along to every word, "I am the Movie" will blow your mind and in your ear...if you like that kinda stuff. Peace!

Justin from Zionsville, PA 
Jan 19 2004 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Park -It Won't Snow Where You're Going CD
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It Won't Snow Where You're Going CD

There were a few reasons why I got this album. The first was because I simply love the sound that Park creates. The second was because I haven't yet owned an album by the band, and this "new sound" that they supposedly have created for themselves sounded intriguing. And last, my previous band Forget About Tomorrow was featured on a compilation CD with Park on Lollipop Records that also consisted of Garrison, Finch, Hey Mercedes and some other really diverse and awesome bands.

After hearing a song from Park's first album on that compilation, I really started to get into them but never ended up getting their first album. So when I saw they had a new album out that redefined their sound altogether, I figured I'd pick this one up instead.

You definitely won't be disappointed with this album. If you want some lame comparison to another band, you could say that Park resembled slightly a Finch-ish type guitar sound, with completely different vocals. The vocals are quite good, and sound very different from other vocal sounds out in the industry today. Be aware, this album taps into the lead singer's "darker" side and speaks of death and suicide in almost every other song. So if you need a good pick-me-up and to know that your life doesn't suck...get this album. Oh yeah, they do say in the CD layout that you shouldn't take the lyrics to heart, they are merely a period in the singer's life that should not be looked into that much. But they were nice enough to put an endearing bit of suicide information, including websites if you are in need of help.

Help support local and independent music. Buy this album and any other album on Lobster Records if you want to keep independent music as amazing as it is.

Justin from Zionsville, PA 
Jan 19 2004 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Ever We Fall -Endura CD
Click for more info

Ever We Fall
Endura CD

You know, I came across this EP on the main page of Interpunk and merely read the description. After listening to the short MP3 of the band, I knew that there was to be no disappointment if I purchased it.

Although this album only has 6 songs on it, the length of each song creates what is to be more powerful than most of the recent full length albums I have purchased. The singer of this band has such a unique voice as well as varying pitches that would amaze you. He could go from a quiet whisper/singing voice to an agressive and peaceful yell. The guitars go from light and almost tranquil to heavy and harmonizing. The drummer can play any technical beat on top of your average hard-hitting, head-banging effect. Who the hell knows what "emo" is anymore, but however you could define it "Endura" is filled with enough emotion to curb all of your feelings into one album.

For an EP, and the price it is listed for, it is certainly worth the buy. If you are looking for a cliche comparison to other bands, you can forget it. This is the type of band that more aspiring musicians should follow after, creating a unique and unfamiliar sound...but still kicking ass reguardless of who they sound or don't sound like. Buy it!

Justin from Zionsville, PA 
Jun 5 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Celebrity -Love Sick CD
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Love Sick CD

After getting their "sleep" EP, I had to go for the full length of this band. Two of the songs re-appear on this album, but one is reconstructed a bit while the other still remains the same. The best part of this album is that it is all over the board. Although their overall sound is trance-like and as close to Brit-pop as you can get, they still hold their ground as a great up and coming band.

Get the EP first so that you get a taste of what the full package is like. If you like that, then get the full length to further wet your pallet. I definitely recommend this band for anyone who is into the softer side of rock, but not quiet enough to be considered "emo". Which is hard to do in this day and age.

"lovesick" is probably the most catchy tune on this piece, and it sets the standard for the entire album itself. Very well constructed, and well performed.

Justin from Zionsville, PA 
Jun 5 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Anberlin -Blueprints For The Black Market CD
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Blueprints For The Black Market CD

One of the best albums I have picked up for a while! The first song starts this album out with the best introduction to any album I have ever heard. The chorus is so passionate and so full of heartfelt emotion.."we're running...and it feels so good". You are missing out if you don't get this album, literally.

I first heard of this band in a sampler that I had received with a bunch of bands on Tooth and Nail, including Mae(who rocks too)and instantly started liking Anberlin with their debut song, which is #2 on the full length. Watch out for these guys, and if you see them coming to a town near you...check them out live too!

Best debut album of 2003 in my opinion.

Displaying 1 to 10 of 14 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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