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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Alex from Centennial, CO 
Jan 2 2006 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Capdown -Pound For The Sound CD
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Pound For The Sound CD

If you like Link 80, you know the drill. Fast, sometimes metallic hardcore peppered with smooth ska interludes. The main differences between Capdown and Link 80 are Capdown's horn section, which consists solely of one saxophone; and also their singer's vocal delivery, which is significantly more deranged and goofy than either Nick Traina's or Ryan Noble's. Not to say that's a bad thing; Capdown may have a bit more of a sense of humor, but still retain a badass sound. If you like this, be absolutely sure to check out Thumper, the most evil and kick-fucking-ass band to ever throw metal/hardcore and ska into the blender. But, as for this Capdown album, I recommend it to anyone whose thing is ska-core.

Alex from Centennial, CO 
Jan 2 2006 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Holier Than Thou -Hating Of The Guts CD
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Holier Than Thou
Hating Of The Guts CD

Beginning with "H.T.T.?", this album starts kicking ass right out of the gate, and doesn't let up on you until the final chord. I was expecting the style of hyper-fast thrashcore that is typical of Six Weeks, but was instead treated to a brain-frying blast of crossover thrash that evokes the best of 1980's D.R.I. and personal favorites of mine Rich Kids on LSD. While they make no attempt to disguise the R.K.L. influence, they still maintain a unique and punishing sound that is perfect for driving really fast, spending more time headbanging than looking at the road. I was fortunate enough to catch their last show ever at SoCal Fest in July, and they tore it up live.

Check this out if you're into Municipal Waste, the Accused, or any of the aforementioned bands. Also, if you like this, check out Annihilation Time, who shared a guitarist with H.T.T.? Both of their albums are different, but killer as well.

Commence thrashing...

Alex from Centennial, CO 
Nov 15 2004 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Real Reggae -Maze Plus THC CD
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Real Reggae
Maze Plus THC CD

The first song I heard by these boys was "Conscious Evolution" on Tomorrow Will be Worse Vol. 2. That song fucking rips, so I had to pick this up. Since it is essentially a discography of the band, it is very spotty, with some parts sounding pretty bad and others that kill. I don't think any song quite equals Conscious Evolution, but it is still a pretty brutal collection of Japanese thrashcore, with a few spots of reggae thrown in. Yeah, that is a pretty odd combination of styles...I had the idea to start a band that was equal parts reggae and grindcore quite a while before I ever heard of Real Reggae; looks like they beat me to it. Anyway, if you like really fucking fast kill-your-face thrashcore, but you are still a closet hippie who smokes copious amounts of weed, this just might be the ticket. Not to mention they're Japanese, and as we all know, Japanese bands somehow always manage to kick ass. thrash on, stoners.

Alex from Centennial, CO 
Nov 15 2004 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Stray Bullets -Slings And Arrows Of Outrageous Fortune... CD
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Stray Bullets
Slings And Arrows Of Outrageous Fortune... CD

In the horribly overdone ska-punk style, a band has to be pretty special to stand out from the legions of mediocre acts out there. Bands like Operation Ivy, Slapstick, Choking Victim, Suicide Machines, Thumper, and Link 80 are some of the ones who have pulled this off. While the first album from the Stray Bullets isn't particularly original (it often sounds very close to Battle Hymns-style Suicide Machines), it is still obvious that they care about what they do, and put time and feeling into these songs. Derivative or not, the quality of music shines through, and the result is a damn solid album that I would reccomend.

Alex from Centennial, CO 
Jul 5 2004 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Stockyard Stoics -Stockyard Stoics CD
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Stockyard Stoics
Stockyard Stoics CD

Really well done street punk, with former members of the fucking Readymen! Comparisons can be made to the Clash and especially Stiff Little Fingers, but the first thing that I was reminded of when I heard it was American Steel's "Rogue's March" album. Though this has a bit more of a straight-ahead punk approach, it still has a very similar sound. Shit, not much more I can say...damn good old school punk rock with a few tinges of 80's hardcore and ska smattered about the record, what's not to like? Extra points for the intelligent lyrics (not a common trait amongst street punk bands) and especially the Elvis reference! Buy it...fuck tha police.

Alex from Centennial, CO 
Sep 8 2003 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Morning Glory -Whole World is Watching CD
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Morning Glory
Whole World is Watching CD

No, this doesn't sound like Choking Victim or Leftover Crack, and with good's Morning Glory. After Ezra recorded the brilliant "This is no time ta sleep" on his 8-track, and after the unfortunate break-up of INDK, he assembled a band to play under the Morning Glory name. When I found out that John John from Nausea was now enlisted, I got excited. Then I got more excited when I discovered that J.P. from the late great Readymen was also in the band, and proceeded to blow my load. This 5-song CD is almost certainly going to be the best thing put out this year, especially since there are precious few bands doing anything worthwhile right now. Starting with the ska-core ass-kicking title track (which has a riff more than a little similar to the opening guitar in the Clash's "i'm so bored with the USA"), and ending with the straight out ska goodness of "Gimme Heroin", the best song on here, all five songs are the perfect soundtrack to a night of drug use and conspiring against the government. Of course, my only qualm is the lack of more songs, but that hardly matters. Considering the state of the world right now, and the state of "music", it really doesn't get any better than this. Buy it unless a store near you carries it, in which case, steal it, but somehow get this fucking CD, or else god will send you to heaven, and I hear they have a shortage of chairs up there.

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