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Customer Written Item Reviews
Displaying all 3 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Gavin from Napier, New Zealand 
Apr 15 2004 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Mock Orange -Nines & Sixes CD
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Mock Orange
Nines & Sixes CD

I don't know how long Mock Orange have been around, I was given this CD by my brother at least a year and a half ago and it was instantly one of my favourites.

Every member of the band is talented and creative in what they do, and that has resulted in Mock Orange possessing a really, really original style.

There's only ten tracks on this CD, which is getting towards the minimum end of how many songs I would expect a full-length, full-price CD to have, but none disappoint.

Favourites would be 'Does It Show', 'Paper', 'Drinking Song' and 'Goodnight Raddick', but every song is of a good standard.

The album is not outstanding, which is why I give it four stars out of five, but keep in mind that's still a high score, and 'Nines And Sixes' definately deserves one; it's a very good album. Especially if you're into technical music, the creativity of the band really comes together to produce some works of art throughout the album.

However, I have a feeling the album may be somewhat of an acquired taste, as their original style may only find favour among some. But if you're willing to give a try to an original style of emo, this is a good album to get.

Gavin from Napier, New Zealand 
Apr 15 2004 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Get Up Kids -Four Minute Mile (Remastered) CD
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Get Up Kids
Four Minute Mile (Remastered) CD

This is one of the best CDs I have in my collection - and I've got 500+ CDs or so, so it does have a fair bit of competition.

I still can't choose between this and 'Something To Write Home About' (another must-have if you're an emo fan or wanting to try out the genre), although both albums are easily better than 'Eudora', which is easily better than 'On A Wire'. Haven't heard the new album yet so I can't compare.

'Four Minute Mile' is when the Get Up Kids were in their raw, unrefined stage of emo. And it's fucking good too, this is the archetype of raw emo.

Not a single song on the album disappoints; the quality stays high through every song, as does the amount of energy and emotion put into every note and syllable. The lyrics are good, the music is good and the vocals fit the music nicely.. the standard of this album is so high it's almost superfluous as to what one would expect good emo to be.

If you're into sort of emo, or softer punk - or you're into neither but would like to try it - don't pass up this album, it's well worth your money.

Gavin from Napier, New Zealand 
Apr 15 2004 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Yellowcard -Ocean Avenue CD
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Ocean Avenue CD

Yellowcard's "Ocean Avenue" is a well above average album.. there are only two songs on the CD that I don't like that much - 'Life Of A Salesman' and 'Twenty-Three'. They sound poppier than the rest of the album, especially in the lyrics.. very Good Charlotte-esque rhyming going on, it's like they sacrificed good lyrics just to make the song flow, and it just dropped the quality of the song a little.

But the other eleven songs on the album are great. The album is pretty uh, ya know.. it's bordering on poppy punk more than emo, I'd say get this if you want something that's catchy and easy to listen to, and is of a decent standard. Don't get it if you're wanting to hear musical works of art - the vocalist isn't great, the drummer sucks to the degree where you wonder why his friends didn't ditch him for a one-armed midget, and there's nothing outstanding from the others in the band.. oh, the violin is a nice touch though. But despite having said that, the overall package is good, so as I said before, this is a good album if you want some nice music that's easy to listen to and will fit almost any situation.

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