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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Russell from Houston, TX 
Mar 10 2005 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Fear Before The March Of Flames -Art Damage CD
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Fear Before The March Of Flames
Art Damage CD

from the moment when the opening screeching guitars and pulsating drums set in you know the album is gonna rip it up harder,faster,and crazier then ever before. fbtmof play a sound that is similar to converge and the blood brothers but with an attitude that is more akin to every time i die. sure they arent exactly orriginal but they do what they do very well. the screamed vocals sound like a mix of jake bannon and dan from zao while the shouted/singing vocals remind me of lower pitched blood brothers. this band also writes some great lyrics even if they are repeated more on art damage then on OHPS. the only complaint that can be said about this band is that there are better bands out there that are doing what they do but that shouldnt keep anyone from listening to this band because they are also very young and have alot of potential. i think within a few years they could release there masterpiece. still this is a great album and a great way to spend 28 min.

Russell from Houston, TX 
Mar 10 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Fugazi -Instrument DVD
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Instrument DVD

fugazi needs no introduction,they are one of the most influential rock bands of all time and this dvd proves that. it has tons of live footage, on the road touring and studio footage, interviews, political stuff, and short films to keep things interesting. if u remotely like fugazi i would i highly reccomend this dvd. you get a great look inside the minds of the band members and you get to see what fugazi is like live if youve never seen them. i love fugazi and i love this dvd.

Russell from Houston, TX 
Nov 12 2004 Rating: 3/5 Stars
V/A -Rock Against Bush Vol. 2 CD/DVD
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Rock Against Bush Vol. 2 CD/DVD

the problem with comps is that you will probably not like every song on the cd, especially when the motiv behind a comp is a cause. well in this case you have a good cause and unfortunetly some bands that many will not find interest in. im thinking of autopilot off, yellowcard, foo fighters, no doubt, sugarcult etc. and while i respect the fact that they have issues with king george until i see some lyrics that give me a sense that they know what there talking about id rather they have had voted for bush. id reccomend the bad religion, op ivy, lawrence arms, hot water music, sleater kinney, dillinger four, jawbreaker, t(i)nc tracks but everything else isnt to great and im not really into fat wreck bands and melodic punk anymore. and whats up with the unseens track? about every song they write is political but on on a political comp they put a song about f.cking slitting there wrists. wtf is up with that? plus im pist because propagandhi arent on these comps. half the bands on this comp arent politcal bands and if u want good political punk rock check out submission hold, anything with jello biafra, and anything on g7 welcoming commitee records. buy kane hodders new cd.

Russell from Houston, TX 
Nov 12 2004 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Planes Mistaken For Stars -Up In Them Guts CD
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Planes Mistaken For Stars
Up In Them Guts CD

ive been a fan of pmfs for quite some time now. and up in them guts has fully lived up to my expectations. sure its a little more produced but they still contain there singnature raw sound. this is in your face pure evil rock and roll. they are not for everyone but if you like bands like leatherface, small brown bike, old hot water music, and lock and key you should add planes mistaken for stars to ur roster. this is one of my favorite cds of the year and i would put up in them guts right up there with with fire!

Russell from Houston, TX 
Sep 12 2004 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Blood Brothers -Burn, Piano Island, Burn CD
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Blood Brothers
Burn, Piano Island, Burn CD

wow. this is my first brothers cd and i must say this is one of my favorite cds of all time. people either love or hat e this band i guess but i love em! the duel vocals really go well together and the music is just awesome. the highlites on this cd are fukings greatest hits, burn piano island burn, ambulance vs ambulance, usa nails and god bless u thirstey zepplins. this cd made them one of my favorite bands and if ur into spazzcor then i highly reccomend this cd.i would also like to comment on ther new cd "crimes" which comes out october 2nd. ive heard the whole thing and it rocks as well though is not nearly as heavy. on crimes i think the high pitched singer sings a little to high and it can get on my nerves some times and overall i wouldnt say it is as good as this one but dont get me wrong its still the freakin brothers! so be sure to be crimes wen it comes out because even though it doesnt top b.p.i.b its still great burn piano island burn-4.5, crimes-4....

Russell from Houston, TX 
Sep 3 2004 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Only Crime -To The Nines CD
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Only Crime
To The Nines CD

i was really looking forward for this cd to come out and honestly im very dissapointed..dont get me wrong this cd is really great and is just about as good as good riddance. o ya thats another thing if u like good riddance ull like this. but anyway my one and only problem with this album is that ther are 11 songs. not that thats a bad thing its just that well if u have 11 tracks then why would u make so many of the songs accesible to the public. i had the feeling that ther was going to be 17 songs according to ther website. but 11? first i heard to the nines, real enemy and virus on ther media section. thats three songs out of 11 making it nine. but wait then i heard tennebrae on fatwrecks site. thats 8. then i heard doomsday breach on rock against bush volume two. thats seven. then i heard the r.j.r mp3 on interpunk. thats 6 and a half songs folks. i payed full lp price for six songs. and while the album as a whole is great i cant get over the fact that ive heard more than half of the album already. thats just not right. i dont know wat they were thinking making so many songs available. did they think that people werent gonna buy the record? haha u got members of black flag. good riddance. descendents. converge. bane... etc . people would have bought the cd for that alone. i dont know but i have to give this a three wen in actualality its a four. if u havent heard half the album like me then i highly reccoment it..but for me.. sorry but i want a discount next time

Russell from Houston, TX 
Sep 3 2004 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Rise Against -Siren Song Of The Counter Culture CD
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Rise Against
Siren Song Of The Counter Culture CD

let me set one thing streight. this is not rpm2 and though many complain about the other one being better u would have also complained if they just put out the same record over and over. no this is not rpm and while yes the other one is better no one seems to be giving in good reasons. well here is my opinion...first off u get 11 tracks of rise against and one of tim acoustic. this cd goes by pretty fast and thats not a good thing. i would d this album if they had put a cover song on it or just plain more tracks. trust me bands dont write just 12 songs and put them on the record, they write about 22 songs and about half of them get on the record. i dont know if they just werent satisfied with the rest of the songs or the label said 12 is enough but either way i wish ther was more songs. id rather have it rancid style with 21 short songs. and another thing ther arent as many changes in the songs as ther used to be and that was one of the best things about rise against all of a sudden they would slow down and tim would start singing and ther message was so apparent. on this they do it a couple of times but i just dont think its as complete of an album as the others. other than i cant think of anything else bad about this album. even though ther message isnt as present as it used to be and they arent as fast as they used to be i still really like this album. i just dont love it and thats the problem. is it better than rpm? no. is it pretty dam close? yes. o ya and buy the new leftover crak cd it rules.

Russell from Houston, TX 
Sep 3 2004 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Piebald -All Ears All Eyes All the Time CD
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All Ears All Eyes All the Time CD

this is my first piebald cd and i must say that i like it alot. the lyrics are from the heart and u can tell that they are not written to coincide with the music like so many other bands do.this cd will easily cure a bad mood. travis has an amazing voice and everything else about this cd is great too. its not exactly punk, not exactly emo, and not exactly hardcor, but somewhere in the middle. side one dummy continues to impress me with ther awesome and diverse line up. i highly reccomend this cd even though i know some wont like it if ther not open minded and screamo is the only thing they listen too. dont lie u no thats the "in" thing.. any way if u want something different and just some great rock music i would highly reccomend all ears, all eyes, all the time.

Russell from Houston, TX 
Aug 10 2004 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Underoath -They're Only Chasing Safety CD
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They're Only Chasing Safety CD

well id like to set one thing strieght. and that is that the singer sounds exactly like the taking back sundays singer when hes not screaming. so basically this is taking back sunday with a little touch of if ur into taking back sunday but want something a little faster and a little more screaming involved then this is for u. i like it but i cant get over the taking back sunday comparrison. but all in all this is a good cd and it would get a four but since ther old stuff is better and they have some wimpy jesus lyrics toward the end im giving it a three and a half (three mark up)a three might seem to harsh cause i really do enjoy this album its just that ther are better bands in this genre of music. so check it out but id reccomend bands like thursday, brothers and alexisonfire if ur into this type of music before this.

Russell from Houston, TX 
Aug 10 2004 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Street Dogs -Savin Hill CD
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Street Dogs
Savin Hill CD

well what did u expect. its mike from dkm new band and they kick rightous ass! this band really gets ur bloood pumping and the positive lyrics are well thought out. best song is fighter. if ur into the dropkick murpheys then u should have no problem falling in love with this album. they signed with side one dummy which is awesome cause i hope these guys get more recogintion. great cd when ur in a bad mood and u need a little pick me up. four stars.

Displaying 1 to 10 of 31 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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