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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Grant from Cedar Falls, IA 
Jan 24 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
This Computer Kills -This Computer Kills CD
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This Computer Kills
This Computer Kills CD

I bought this after falling in love with their 7 inch which came out before this (despite it being the later recording). This is a fulfilled promise made on the 7 inch. With the sound of a printer blaring into the few seconds, the drums kick in, and its one amazing record. It bounces and never drilling into you. A very amazing screaming hardcore (?, whatever) record. If you like any of the metalcore or post-punk, or screamo, or anything out these days pick this up.

Grant from Cedar Falls, IA 
Jan 24 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
This Computer Kills -This Life Is Lived 7

This Computer Kills
This Life Is Lived 7"

I don't like screamo, or whatever spock rocker flavor of hardcore is popular. I'm really picky. I love converge, I like dillinger escape plan, and otherwise its hit or miss. I'm not a big metalcore or screamo fan. However, this is just talent. I got this before it persuaded me to buy there one full length (they have sadly broken up after this 7 inch). They are amazingly young (think high school senior age), yet they sound disgustingly mature as musicians. It rocks, it rolls, it thrashes about with energy. The lyrics are vaguely dark, they are actually really good. The screaming is intillegible. And the bass playing. God, the bass playing. The complementing between the basslines and the guitar and the vocals is like no other band I've found. A very distinctive band, I wish they had stuck around.

Grant from Cedar Falls, IA 
Jan 24 2003 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Forty Winks -To The Lonely Hearts CD
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Forty Winks
To The Lonely Hearts CD

Even for a jaded old fart, I kind of like this record. The music is well done for the pop punk pigeonhole this is in, the only downside is the vocals are horribly low in the mix, and sound strange when paired with the overall slick sound. I won't complain about the commercial sound because its that kind of pop-punk, so no suprises there, It works for this type of music, but the vocals just ruin it. Good songs, and the lyrics are decent, but the vocals need to be worked on for them to take the next step.

Grant from Cedar Falls, IA 
Jan 24 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Lucero -Lucero CD
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Lucero CD

If you like the weakerthans, johnny cash, or even leatherface's frankie stubbs this is for you. This is country about sadness, love, and drinking by guys who add a punk rock sense of pacing and energy to twang. They just released a new record called "tennessee" which is a must have if you even remotely like this one. "Wandering Star" is amazing, and there are songs on here that can't be replaced. This is really one of the most under rated bands of all time.

Grant from Cedar Falls, IA 
Jan 26 2002 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Lonely Kings -Crowning Glory CD
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Lonely Kings
Crowning Glory CD

The first Lonely Kings album 'What If' was an album that showed amazing potential and promise, the only thing holding it back was consistency. It had certain songs that hit the mark dead on like 'All Nighter' with its brief spoken word interlude, 'Runaway from Spain' with its bridge, and 'Pacemaker 2000' with its increasingly building and addictive melody and densely packed harmony reaching a great end of song crescendo. With the rest of the album, it was a mixed bag. However, I dont think the inconsistency was a bad thing for the album because even when a song didnt work you could still hear that they were trying something new out creatively and it just didnt pan out. The songs even when they didnt work showed enormous potential if they could just flesh out the details.

So now we have 'Crowning Glory'. This album is an immense improvement in both consistency, and cohesiveness, this sounds like a complete and unified album. There is a nice quantity of songs, and never does it lag so that you wont at least continue to the next song where most likely you wont be disappointed. Unlike 'What if', there is no single stand out song for me like 'All nighter' and the aforementioned songs above. Instead it's a whole album worth seeing as single entity. The Production is much tighter, and the mix lets each instrument stand out when needed.

The Lyrics which were always a little hard to follow still have the same lyrical style as 'what if' but are reined in with a more solid anchor to be able to comprehend what they mean while still leaving room open to interpretation. And the layout of the lyrics in the liner notes were great.

As I said before the only thing they needed to do on 'What if' was take that one last leap. 'Crowning Glory' succeeds in refining and honing there sound exactly as they needed to.

My only qualms are this. One, some of the songs are close to being perfect, classic songs. "To Live and Let Go" has a great verse, great lyrics, and has everything to be a great song. But the verse chorus verse chorus quiet bridge return to chorus formula makes it seem as if the song is left lacking what it rightfully should have. Instead of a payoff to a song that builds and builds, it just repeats the chorus in a cut and paste manner. It truly is an amazing song that I would like to have had a better finish.

Also, the split EP they put out with Jetlag at around the same time as this is flawless. I would have preferred they swapped some of those songs (the amazing 'words like swords' and 'These Wars') with some of these and had a perfect album instead of a perfect EP. The two songs on here 'What you want' and 'Houston, we have a problem' that are re-recorded versions of songs from there previous split with Divit (worth the price alone for the last divit song on there), were songs that I had heard so many times hearing them yet again on the new album dampered my reception of it especcially in light of the Jetlag split EP being so utterly consistent and great. I don't think they needed to be re-recorded, even though the new versions do sound better.

Past my nitpicking and bitching about every minute detail, my complaints are not coming from a bad album. It is purely that this album grew and exploded from there first album in a way that left the first album in comparison weak. I mean 'Crowning Glory' is the album that they wanted to write after 'What if' and it is the best follow up and clear show of sheer drive to put emotion onto record I have seen. It just begs me to ask 'well, now that youve done this and did it right this time, do better'.

My complaints come because while this record is near perfect, they have only go a small baby step farther for me to fully expect and wait for the next record which if it is as much an improvement over this record as this one is over the first, I fully expect it to be a classic record which no one will ever forget fan or otherwise.

So if I ride on this record despite my praises, its because I still think the Lonely Kings have much more in store for us and I want to see the next record do that. This record is just a taste of whats in store. Great fucking disc, it hasnt left my stereo in weeks. Pick up the split with Jetlag, I'm a little sad Fearless didn't put that out because it has 4 of my favorite Lonely Kings songs on it, and theres only 4 Lonely Kings songs on it. Really went past my expectations for it.

Oh, and just like on there first album, the last song which lyrics are not listed for is a long and somewhat experimental song. Unlike the first album, 'Rajas' actually works and makes for a great and inventive end to the album.

Grant from Indianola, IA 
Feb 7 2001 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Waterdown -Draw A Smiling Face CD
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Draw A Smiling Face CD

Bought this in a large buy of local band cd's. Never having heard any of them. Afterwards, this was the only one I still like. Short list of songs, which will make you just repeat the disc over and over and over. Somewhat dark, rocking music. I like.

Grant from Indianola, IA 
Feb 7 2001 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Chamberlain -Go Down Believing CD
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Go Down Believing CD

Not a big fan of spock rockers(damn emo kids), but i enjoy the finer emothings in life. Chamberlain(RIP) is one of them. The song good enough(hired hands version) available on this single is worth the money alone. Far superior than the LP version. Beautiful lyrics, great twangy and bittersweet music. Gravely voice, slide guitar.

Grant from Indianola, IA 
Feb 7 2001 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Scared of Chaka -How to Lose CD
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Scared of Chaka
How to Lose CD

Rock n roll at its finest, chaka bust out more garagey raw and lusciously speedy tracks of melody and bounce. Put some spit in your step, and buy some chaka. Wished it were longer, but what a delicious EP.

Grant from Indianola, IA 
Feb 7 2001 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Propagandhi -Today's Empires, Tomorrows Ashes CD
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Today's Empires, Tomorrows Ashes CD

ahhh, the long long delayed album. As being in sporadic e-communication with sam (AKA fenwich on the enhanced cd section) I can tell you this is the best in frolicky political fun. The 80s speedmetal is alive and well(venom rocks), and the lyrics are sharp(see motor league). From Samsons weakerthan tracks like anchorless on the last prop. cd, todds hardcore influence is a nice shift of the odd songs. Great record, nice guys, too bad their canadian. ha.

Grant from Cedar Falls, IA 
Oct 2 2000 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Refused -New Noise Theology (Extended Play) CD
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New Noise Theology (Extended Play) CD

This was originally out on honey bear records months and months ago but for most epitaph listeners, I suppose if it isn't advertised in a skateboarding mag they dont know it exists.

Alas, despite my ultra punk rock point for having the honey bear release, its a mixed EP. One of the 2 new ones is somewhat weak while the other is just great. The remix was good even for this techno loathing mind.

Refused in a Sam Goody. Irony so thick you could preserve prehistoric creatures in.

Displaying 1 to 10 of 14 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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