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Customer Written Item Reviews
Displaying all 9 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Brian from Paramus, NJ 
May 10 2003 Rating: 4/5 Stars
V/A -Sample This, Too CD
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Sample This, Too CD

This comp was $3 and I got it for Christmas. It’s pleasant, it has lots of pretty well known punk bands (NOFX, Anti-Flag, Bouncing souls just to name a few.) Only a few ungood songs are on this 16 song comp, but I found this comp doesn’t have that great of a replay value. Too bad because there are some really good tracks on here. Essential Tracks: Bouncing souls - No Security, Sixer -Hero, Rancid - Vanilla Sex go to, please

Brian from Paramus, NJ 
Mar 2 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Casualties -For the Punx CD
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For the Punx CD

Their first full length, a culmination of their past songs. Probably their best CD. Even Kapoor and Moya like it, and they basically listen to crappy music. This CD basically brought back street punk, and too its roots, since it died for a looong while. Thank god, Causalties 0wN. Get this CD or you'll get a spanking Essential Tracks: Ugly Batsrds, Police Brutality, Punk Rock Love.

Brian from Paramus, NJ 
Mar 2 2003 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Unseen -Lower Class Crucifixion CD
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Lower Class Crucifixion CD

Good stuff. Their first FullLength, has all the old classics. While not in the same ballpark as "So This Is Freedom?," it's still a good one and if you're an unseen fan you should purchase. Thier more polital then most street punk, most street punk just sing about street life and stuff this one is band, espcially this cd, is more politcally effervescent, in the vein of anti-flag. Essential Tracks: Social Security, ADD, Thorn go to, thanks

Brian from Paramus, NJ 
Dec 31 2002 Rating: 4/5 Stars
V/A -Uncontrollable Fatulence Fat Music Vol. VI CD
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Uncontrollable Fatulence Fat Music Vol. VI CD

I can't think of a good openeing sentence so i'll just write shit. Anyone, this one is pretty good. A few losers but all comps have those, except these are REALLY unlistenable (like Rise Against, etc,) There are a bunch of classics, but the no words to the songs in the booklet is points off. Bastards. Instead they have pics of the band, and they all suck and look the same, except the Lagwagon one that one is genious. Oh well, worth the $5 or $6 or whatever. Essential Tracks: NOFX - Matersville, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Nothing Compares 2 U, Strung Out - Your Worst Mistake

Brian from Paramus, NJ 
Dec 31 2002 Rating: 5/5 Stars
NOFX -S&M Airlines CD
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S&M Airlines CD

Oh yes, NOFX's first Epitpah full-lenghted is in my top 2 favorite NOFX releases. Fat Mike can't really sing so his out of keyness always adds to the fun. Everysong is good, dealing with different topics. Since the guitarist is a metaler for their first 2 or 3 releases it gives them a metal edge which I like. *rejoice* Essential Tracks: S&M Airlines, Life O'riley, Drug Free America

Brian from Paramus, NJ 
Dec 31 2002 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Skeptix -Pure Punk Rock CD
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Pure Punk Rock CD

Skeptix, one of the most pivitol bands in the hardcore seen early 80's. This is their complete discography, every song they ever recorded in a nice 70 minute 25 song package. What's neat about this is that there are a few alternate versions of songs, even thnough both born to looses are exactly the same, oh well. All the songs are good, except War Drum. The only bad thing is, like most hardcore bands, all the songs sound and the same and delt with basically the same topic. Crazy punks. This CD is still completely a classic and no punker should be without it. Essential Trcks: Violent Streets, Born to lose, Another Day.

Brian from Paramus, NJ 
Dec 31 2002 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Anti-Flag -Die for the Government CD
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Die for the Government CD

AF's first full length. Strange disk, old bassist Andy Flag (get it? :chuckle:) sings more then Justin Sane. Actually it seems there are at least 4 different singers on this CD. Weirdos. They aren't strictly politcal yet, actually only half the CD is politcal Punk. The other half is about poseurs and shit. That would seem lame, but actually, they are better then some of the political songs. Crazy bastards. More hardcore then their other shit. Also, Justin kinda sucks at singer, so his voice really kills a few songs. Essential tracks: You've got to die for yor government, I'm Being Watched By The CIA, Red White And Brainwashed.

Brian from Paramus, NJ 
Dec 26 2002 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Unseen -So This Is Freedom CD
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So This Is Freedom CD

When I first listened to this CD, at the end, I cummed semen of joy. Yea, it's that good. The Unseen has very redeeming qualities about them. All the people in the band sing, where the casualties lack is songs topic, the unseen has a wide aray of them, and it's not too long, 14 songs, 30 minutes, and it plays very nicely all the way though. All songs are spiffy, nothing wrong with it, and if all that wasn't enough, the last secret song is a cover of Michael Jackons' song Beat it. It kicks the ass of things that never got the ass kicked before. Er yea. Essential Tracks: What Are You Gonna Do?, Greed Is A Disease, So This Is Freedom?

Brian from Paramus, NJ 
Dec 26 2002 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Casualties -Stay Out Of Order CD
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Stay Out Of Order CD

For what it is, this is a juicy street punk CD. But, the bad thing is that their songs don't stray far from "We're the punks, too many poseurs in our scene, authority sucks." The songs individually are good, and the "screct" song "Dead Cities" is classic. But, it kind of sucks listening all the way through to songs about basically the same shit. Then again, you can't understand what Jorge is saying....... but, unlike most other kids, I like to listen to what the guy is saying and not just think "Oh they are fast, they kick ass." Anyway, in sumationage, it's good if you like the casualties. Essential Tracks: Just Another Lie, Aurhority Is Dead, Steet Punk

Displaying all 9 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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