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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Richard from Tigard, OR 
Oct 24 2008 Rating: 5/5 Stars
800 Octane -Requiem CD
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800 Octane
Requiem CD

Where do I start… From the songs to the artwork, this is SOLID! I have been a fan of 800 for many years and have always purchased their records. When comparing this record to their last few CD’s, I must say this one seems much tighter, more aggressive and was very easy to get hooked on. Most the songs are catchy and the hidden track is hilarious (I guess it is a true story about one of the guitar players – A must hear track). The artwork is killer – This album reminded me of why I still buy CD’s and don’t download music off the internet. I recommend picking up this record if you’re a fan of punk, because it has all the bells and whistles. Plus the band is super cool, so they’re worth supporting! I also received a free poster, button, sticker and sampler CD with my order! Those items are also great!!!

Richard from Tigard, OR 
Apr 27 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
No Trigger -Extinction In Stereo CD
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No Trigger
Extinction In Stereo CD

This CD is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the songs are hard, in your face punk. The band has very good song writing skills. The production isn’t as good as their record Canyoneer, but I guess that should be expected considering this is the bands first set of recordings. It also came packaged with a sampler from the record label, which has a lot of good songs on it. BUY IT!

Richard from Tigard, OR 
Jun 25 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars
V/A -Punk Off Vol. 1 CD
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Punk Off Vol. 1 CD

This CD is great. Actually better then I expected for a dollar. Not much more to say about it because the description says it all...... It's just a labels mixtape, but it does have a lot of good songs and the production is superior. And there is also a free sticker inside the jewel case. I suggest getting it.

Richard from Tigard, OR 
Aug 23 2004 Rating: 5/5 Stars
7-10 Split -Kill The Messenger CD
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7-10 Split
Kill The Messenger CD

This CD kicks so much ass! I fell in love with their last record, The Stars Have Fallen and couldn’t wait for this one to be released. After listening to it a bunch of times, I finally got a feel for it and think it is by far their best work to date. You can hear a definite improvement in musicianship compared to The Stars Have Fallen and all the songs are catchy............ I enjoy listening to every single track! I definitely recommend this CD to anyone and everyone who likes newer punk.

Richard from Tigard, OR 
May 7 2004 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Off The Record -Nothing New CD
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Off The Record
Nothing New CD

This CD rocks! After hearing Mulligan, I gave up on these guys because that CD sucked. But I saw an ad for this record and it was cheap, so I figured why not check it out. To my surprise the guys wrote some good music! It’s amazing what a good producer (Ryan Greene) can do for a band. Hopefully their next record will be as good, because 5 songs are just not enough. If you are a fan of Thrice or Strung Out, you will totally dig these guys. Two thumbs up!!!!!!!!

Richard from Tigard, OR 
May 7 2004 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Not Long After -Tomorrow Come Save Us CD
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Not Long After
Tomorrow Come Save Us CD

This CD is great! I have been a fan of most the New School Records bands since I first heard about the label a few years back, but I never really got into their pop-punk stuff. I was more after hard, fast, technical stuff like 7-10 Split and Spare Lead bring. After seeing that they were offering a free guitar, I figured I should support them and buy a copy. To my surprise, this CD is awesome!! I can’t really compare it to a lot of other bands out their, but if I had too, I would say it is a mix of The Ataris, Yellowcard and The Starting Line. If you are not a fan of those bands, please don’t let that throw you off! They are very original and talented! The production is amazing and the artwork is real nice. The CD also has a cool music video on it of their song ‘The Guy Who Lost His Girl’ and a bunch of clips from their tours. All-in-all I recommend this CD to anyone who is a fan of the pop genre.

Richard from Tigard, OR 
Oct 23 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
V/A -Shut The Punk Up! Vol. 3 CD
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Shut The Punk Up! Vol. 3 CD

This is the best 5 bucks I've ever spent! NOFX, Thrice, Spare Lead, Good Riddance........ what more could you ask for? All the songs are good and the whole disc flows. It's been in my CD player for two weeks straight. There is not even one bad song on here, like most comps out there. And we all know there are WAY TO MANY COMPS OUT THERE! I highly recommend this....... and shit man, it's only 5 bucks!

Richard from Tigard, OR 
Oct 23 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Slick Shoes -Far From Nowhere CD
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Slick Shoes
Far From Nowhere CD

I heard these guys off of the "Shut The Punk Up! Volume 3" CD put out by New School Records and I must say, these guys rock! I wasn't really knowing what to think when I heard the song on the comp, but this is intense. Fast, melodic punk with tight guitar riffs and smooth vocals. A must have!! Also check out the "Shut The Punk Up" comp... only $5 and has a bunch of great bands.

Richard from Tigard, OR 
Jul 10 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Nuclear Saturday -Best Time You Never Had CD
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Nuclear Saturday
Best Time You Never Had CD

(I am going to make this short and sweet) This is by far one of the best albums I own! I first heard these guys online at the New School Records website and thought they sounded real good. I was wrong…… they sound great! From the first track to the last, you are drawn in to their creativity and emotion. Great lyrics, high quality recording, and incredible artwork! I highly recommend this album to any fans of good pop-punk (like Midtown, Finch, New Found Glory, Blink 182, Sum41, etc). And look at all the other great reviews. Take it as a sign to buy this record and support these soon-to-be rock stars.

Richard from Tigard, OR 
Jun 27 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Spare Lead -Secluded CD
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Spare Lead
Secluded CD

I saw these guys live a few weeks ago and thought they rocked, so I figured I’d pick up this album. All the songs are good and well written, but the quality isn’t the best. You can tell that it was their first real studio experience and that they were crammed for time. Even though the artwork is kind of basic, and the recording quality is not at a higher level, this still is a real good CD and I recommend it to fans of old AFI, Good Riddance, and Lagwagon. I’m hoping to see some new material from these guys sometime soon, because this CD shows they have a lot of potential and reveals a doorway to success!

Displaying 1 to 10 of 12 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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