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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
John from Elizabethtown, PA 
Dec 17 2002 Rating: 1/5 Stars
GG Allin -Hated DVD
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GG Allin
Hated DVD

Oh my...if you like watching some guy finger another guys ass on camera (bonus footage but nonetheless disgusting) then this is for you. GG shits and does all kinds of other horrible things on this DVD. During a birthday party for GG, one of his female friends urinates in his mouth. There is also a picture of GG recieving oral sex from another male. If you want to see GG rub feces all over his chest then this is for you. But for most everyone else in this world, steer clear...this is awful and disturbing. This is done documentary style so its well done, but its definetly the most disturbing thing I think I've ever seen. My friends all got together and watched this, thinking it would be a good laugh, but in the end, no one wanted to keep the DVD in their posession. This is for serious GG fans only. (are there any?)

John from Manheim, PA 
Aug 4 2002 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Tijuana Crime Scene -Change Of Venue (Re-Issue) CD
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Tijuana Crime Scene
Change Of Venue (Re-Issue) CD

Very solid, more mellow CD. I had never heard these guys before, but being a huge get up kids fan, i had to give it a shot. You can def. hear a get up kids influence, but its for the most part more laid back. The keyboards are excellent and the guitars are softer and melodic. The vocals arent amazing, but they are easily tolerable. I think the average indie rock/get up kids fan will thoroughly enjoy this, so if that includes you, give it a shot.

John from Manheim, PA 
May 3 2002 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Amazing Transparent Man -Measure Of All Things CD
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Amazing Transparent Man
Measure Of All Things CD

Hey, do you like Blink 182? If so then you will like this. The singer sounds almost identical to Tom from Blink and upon first listen you might not be able to tell the difference. The songs are just as catchy as Blink and way better than anything NFG has ever done. So get it and love it.

John from Manheim, PA 
Apr 18 2002 Rating: 2/5 Stars
5¢ Deposit -Your Mother Likes Us When We're Drunk (old) CD
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5¢ Deposit
Your Mother Likes Us When We're Drunk (old) CD

There are maybe 3 good original songs on here, and one excellent cover. I bought this solely for the cover, and it is by far the best track on the album. Too rough and poppy. They need to go :x:screams:x: HHHAAARRRDDDCCCOOORRREEE!!!

I like your mom ;)

John from Manheim, PA 
Mar 11 2002 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Sloppy Meateaters -Shameless Self-Promotion CD
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Sloppy Meateaters
Shameless Self-Promotion CD

With all the hype that the sloppy meateaters recieved for their sophomore release, forbidden meat, this cd would seem to be crap, but i think this one is superior to forbidden meat. My god, the first song on this cd is seriously one of my favorite songs ever. Its so cool. The whole cd is pretty freakin fun and nice to rock out to while driving in ur automobile. Check em out if you're a fan of the pop punk with a little bit of edge. I also like the rougher sounding recording. Builds charachter.

John from Manheim, PA 
Feb 4 2002 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Mad Caddies -Duck And Cover CD
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Mad Caddies
Duck And Cover CD

Ah yes, i do so love this CD. Great blending of Ska/Punk and I guess Ragtime or some sort of jazzy type music. But dont get me wrong, this CD is fast and hard when it needs to be and very skank-able at other times. If you are a fan of LTJ, Catch 22, or even just some good ol' punk rock, then get this shit and go see them tear shit up live. You will listen to this cd for a long time and then pull it out for fun every now and then. Best ska cd i've gotten in a long time. Get it

John from Manheim, PA 
Feb 4 2002 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Strung Out -The Element Of Sonic Defiance CD
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Strung Out
The Element Of Sonic Defiance CD

Strung Out's worst if you ask me. Its so non-melodic and non-fun and cool like their old stuff. The song Jackie-O is great. I love it, but most of the other tracks are just so dark and noisey. Good attempt, but old style is better. Get Twisted By Design and love it b/c its one of the best punk rock records u can own.

John from Manheim, PA 
Jan 26 2002 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Bigwig -Invitation To Tragedy CD
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Invitation To Tragedy CD

Bigwig's "Stay Asleep" was basically the CD of last summer for me. I was totally into Bigwig then and thought that was the best punk CD i had heard in a long time so when I found out Bigwig was putting out a new CD I preordered immediatly. When i did recieve ITT I was somewhat dissapointed. Sure, it was Bigwig, but it wasnt. They were angrier now, and werent near as fun as they used to be. I enjoyed the more "hardcore" songs on "Stay Asleep," but I did not want an entire CD like that. The best Songs on here are "Moosh" (arguably their best song), Sink Or Swim, and Waste. Another thing about this CD that bugged me were the obvious references against religion. I almost felt bad listening to certain tracks, being that I was brought up completely differently. The songs are much more complex and typically more hardcore. Not Bigwig's best, but if you must have it then know you've been warned.

John from Manheim, PA 
Jan 25 2002 Rating: 4/5 Stars
New Found Glory -From The Screen To Your Stereo CD
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New Found Glory
From The Screen To Your Stereo CD

NFG has gotten stale in recent months, however this is a nice Addition to their releases. Its more fun than most toys and you can sing along to songs from your favorite movies. Woo! If you like Glory, you wont be dissapointed, if you dont, you will enjoy covers of solid movie songs anyways so dont be a gay, and check it out.

John from Manheim, PA 
Jan 25 2002 Rating: 5/5 Stars
From Autumn To Ashes -Too Bad You're Beautiful CD
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From Autumn To Ashes
Too Bad You're Beautiful CD

Hardcore? Yuck! I'm typically emo/pop punk only but for some reason From Autumn To Ashes totally clicked with me. The vocals are hardcore yes, but they're totally tolerable and well done for a hardcore band. FATA is def what i would refer to as "screamo." And what is more emotional than screaming? This cd is amazing. FATA blends together Hardcore, Punk, and lots of emo like none other. Ever hear an acoustic guitar with hardcore vocals? Well you will and you'll be blown away with the inovation of this band. The songs are all pretty long, most over 4 minutes, and this helps to make this CD epic. From start to finish you wont want to stop listening. The final song, with the girl singing is amazing. Only thing i didnt like about this cd was the "death metal" type vocals that appear breifly on Eulogy For An Angel. Other than that, this cd is nearly perfect. If you're a fan of hardcore you'll love this. If you like emo/pop punk like myself, do yourself a favor and look into this. Its time to expand your horizons!

Displaying 1 to 10 of 19 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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