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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
David from Roselle, NJ 
Oct 19 2002 Rating: 5/5 Stars
One Man Army -Last Word Spoken (Limited Cream Marble Vinyl) LP
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One Man Army
Last Word Spoken (Limited Cream Marble Vinyl) LP

I got this for a friend to share the love, but when it originally came out I was literally glued to my mail box waiting every day for it finally arrive. Needless to say it was worth the wait. This album comes off more mellower(due to a girl so I heard) than "Dead End Stories." They bust out the acoustics on various songs, but it doesn't stop them for making a well crafted Punk Rock album. The song writing has largely developed & in general their(or Jack's) creativity is certainly at an all time high. This is coming from someone who has the first 7" & they have certainly come a long way from that. "Another Night" is the single they made a video for & it's certainly the stand out track in my opinion. Along with that, other tracks to look out for are "Last Word Spoken," "No Controlling," & "The Tune of the Leisure Pace." Each song is perfect in it's own way. If you haven't heard OMA, but are interested in getting into them I suggest starting off with this, but if you'd like their rawer material go for "Dead End Stories." You can't go wrong either way.

David from Roselle, NJ 
Oct 19 2002 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Green Day -Waiting (Pink Vinyl) 7

Green Day
Waiting (Pink Vinyl) 7"

"Waiting" is already on "Warning:" & the B-Side "Maria" is on "International Superhits." So if yer not up for their "Best of..." then get this cuz it's cheaper & you don't have to pay extra for songs you may have already on their albums. Other than that I love the tunes on here. "Waiting" was used on some commercials for some Showtime show, I forgot, but if you haven't heard it you may have. But it's definitely one of their better A-sides. "Maria" is a sweet little catchy "goofy" song written for the hell of it. I don't have to tell you to get this.

David from Roselle, NJ 
Oct 18 2002 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Rancid -Roots, Radicals 7

Roots, Radicals 7"

All killer, no filler. 2 of Rancid's best early songs. "And Out Come The Wolves..." was my first legit Punk album & since I bought it when it came out it really hasn't grown old on me. I actually bought the CD version of this single not long after I bought the album at 11 & now I purchased the vinyl for the fun of it. But though the album version is perfect on it's own it was nice to hear a different version of "Roots Radicals" to spice things up a bit. The B-side "I Wanna Riot" is a fun Ska number & certainly helped in breaking any trains of thought I had I was younger that Punk songs "had" to sound Punk. 4 bones ain't bad for this. So if you got the money give this baby a whirl.

Dave from Roselle, NJ 
Jan 28 2001 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Conflict -It's Time To See Who's Who (Import) CD
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It's Time To See Who's Who (Import) CD

This is Conflict's debut album & it's definitely one for any old school punk enthusiasts collection. If you don't know these guys are pretty big fans & friends of Crass & Crass' influence definitely shines through on this album along w/ a various Dead Kennedys & Subhumans feel. So if your into any of those above mentioned bands I would definitely reccomend this album. Definitely an anarcho-punk classic.

Dave from Roselle, NJ 
Jan 28 2001 Rating: 4/5 Stars
4 Skins -Good The Bad and The 4 Skins CD
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4 Skins
Good The Bad and The 4 Skins CD

Hot damn. This is one helluva release. I'm sorry that I ever waited to get this one. This is The 4 Skins debut album & it's definitely an album any fan of Oi! could love. Unlike a lot of the Oi! bands of that day they have a pretty developed sound, but the vocals are kinda lacking. Certain parts could've been done better, but overall it's a pretty good release especially for that era. No doubt. The live section was especially good. The sound is top notch & ya won't have to worry about trying to understand what's being said. I still get surprised hearing actual good quality live sound from shit back in the day. Oh well. It als includes 5 bonus tracks. Very bad azz. Too bad a lot of Oi! bands nowadays can't be as good & sometimes as original as these fellas.

Dave from Roselle, NJ 
Jan 28 2001 Rating: 5/5 Stars
V/A -Dischord 1981: Year In 7in. CD
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Dischord 1981: Year In 7in. CD

Jesus Christ, whatta compilation! This is amazing. As you know this is a collection of the first few 7"s that Dischord put out by the likes of The Tee Idles, State of Alert, Minor Threat, Government Issue, & Youth Brigade(Not the California band). Some of the first punk I heard & loved was early U.S. punk from the east & west coast. This shit will definitely kick the shit out of most old U.K. punk acts of that time. This shit was real. If ya have any spare cash on ya & your looking for something that will leave you craving for the days of old pick this up & you won't be disapointed.

Dave from Roselle, NJ 
Jan 28 2001 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Defiance -Nothing Lasts Forever (Reissue) CD
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Nothing Lasts Forever (Reissue) CD

I heard a lot of people saying this album was a lot better than their first LP, "No Future, No Hope" but sadly in my opinion it doesn't live up to such standards. This release is less melodic & more hard hitting chaos punk sounding, but a lot better. But I wouldn't doubt any of their fans would mind that they beefed up their sound. It also includes a Motorhead cover. Check it out it's well worth it. 10 songs in under 30 minutes. You couldn't go wrong.

Dave from Roselle, NJ 
Jan 28 2001 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Chaos UK -Kanpai CD
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Chaos UK
Kanpai CD

This is the long awaited new E.P. from Chaos U.K. & it does not disapoint. As always they have a new sound w/ each release & the sound on this release is more disorted, crazy, whatever you want to say. It's a touch of the first LP w/ more disorder.

Dave from Roselle, NJ 
Jan 21 2001 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Distillers -Distillers CD
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Distillers CD

I admit it. I was once one of the MANY Distillers disbelievers. I thought they were awful & Brody's vocals were just an immitation of Tim Armstrong & Courtney Love put together, but then I actually heard a few more tunes & I was hooked. Another putdown I see commonly used is that the only reason that they're on Hellcat is because Brody is married to Tim Armstrong well I'll tell ya that is not the case by a long shot! These gals & guy have talent! From first song to last you'll definitely be singing along to the catchy choruses & straight out street punk sounds of The Distillers. Also included in the album are redone versions of their debut self-titled 7" which is also on Hellcat. The songs on the 7" are L.A. Girl, Old Scratch, Colossus U.S.A., & Black Heart. But if you missed out on the 7" you won't be missing much because the songs are basically done in the same way. So you won't have to dish out the $10 to $20+ for a copy unless your a hardcore fan. Overall this is one CLASSIC album. I would definitely reccomend this to all the nonbelievers which I use to be.

Dave from Roselle, NJ 
Jan 21 2001 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Oi Polloi -In Defense of Our Earth CD
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Oi Polloi
In Defense of Our Earth CD

The only words I can use to describe this album is bad azz! Definitely another great release by my favorite anarcho-punk band, Oi Polloi. A lot of the songs have a mixture of spoken word & the music whitch creates some pretty well done songs. Along w/ the LP itself the anti-Gulf War 7" "Omnicide" is included to top this bad azz release off. But a word to the wise this isn't for your typical punk fan. I would only reccomend this to those who are VERY serious about their convictions, to those willing to learn something new, & to those serious about their music. Meat eaters & apathetic anarchists be warned!

Displaying 1 to 10 of 15 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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