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Customer Written Item Reviews
Displaying all 5 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Matt from Groton, CT 
Oct 1 2002 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Matt Skiba/Kevin Seconds -Split CD
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Matt Skiba/Kevin Seconds
Split CD

the first time i listened to matt skibas portion of this split i thought he sounded a little lost without his bandmate from alkaline trio, dan adriano. then i listened again and found that he wasnt lost...he just didnt have the element that dan brings to trio which is what made his half of this record pure fucking magic. skiba showcased in his lyrics why he is the genius he is.

the first time i listened to kevin seconds run on this split i thought he totally sucked. now that i listened to HIS portion again...he totally sucks. shut the fuck up kevin.

Matt from Groton, CT 
Sep 23 2002 Rating: 2/5 Stars
Bouncing Souls -Hopeless Romantic CD
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Bouncing Souls
Hopeless Romantic CD

cmon godammit...fucking cmon. this is bullshit. the formula for success is to start off shitty and get better...not be the best from the beginning and put out this horseshit. ive come to expect excellence from the bouncing souls and this was clearly not what anyone should accept as classic souls music. good fucking good song. you guys had better put some more effort in your next attempt at an album or just stay in new brunswick and shut the fuck up. bouncing souls-hopeless romantic=kickass.

Matt from Groton, CT 
Sep 23 2002 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Bouncing Souls/Anti-Flag -Split Series Vol. 4 CD
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Bouncing Souls/Anti-Flag
Split Series Vol. 4 CD

ya........its a sad day for anti-flag when the souls play mediocre and still out perform them. it sounds like both of these bands threw these songs together in about fifteen minutes. not a fan of you guys anymore and its not because people think youre sellouts or what not. i dont like you because you fucking suck. the reason i hate you is because you are one dimensional ignorant jackasses. your lyrics are non-melodic and ill-composed. why dont you try writing words that fit in the tempo of the music? do you even research the shit you sing about before you write it? jesus, fuck off and die. 3 stars...all to the souls.

Matt from Groton, CT 
Sep 13 2002 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Vandals -Hitler Bad Vandals Good CD
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Hitler Bad Vandals Good CD

classic. the vandals are the shit and i should have bought this cd years ago but im as slow as rodney king after spitting on the captains wife at an lapd policemans ball. the vandals will always be the one of the greaest tongue in cheek bands of all time...right up there with nofx. warren is insane...he should be uthinized.

Matt from Groton, CT 
Sep 13 2002 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Bouncing Souls -The Bad, The Worse, And The Out Of Print CD
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Bouncing Souls
The Bad, The Worse, And The Out Of Print CD

anyone who didnt get a boner waiting for this album to arrive is a fucking brain injured retard and should be eviscerated with the rest of the beef cattle. with all the prefabricated mindless horseshit that seems to be the popular medium nowadays its a breath of fresh air to have a band like the souls to keep it real. i looked on the best selling list and saw rufio was the #1 seller of all time for interpunk. how do people actually find differences in these morose, no brain, crybaby loved her and lost her ballads of depression bands? its like a formula to keep teens listening to shit they think they can identify with but have absolutely no idea about. these kids have no clue that someday theyll wish they were listening to bands like the souls instead of being my bitch as i shove a glass bottle up their ass and smash it with a hammer.

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