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Ebullition 51

Released on July 9, 2002

This item is not available for purchase. Sorry!

The final recordings of Orchid. These nineteen tracks are probably the best songs that Orchid ever recorded. Their sound has been honed and defined, and the recording perfectly captures Orchid's diverse combination of arty sensibilities, heartfelt emotive song writing, Mohinder-esque drumming, frantic precision, controlled mayhem, and chaotic adrenaline. An excellent record that even surpasses their previous releases. Definitely Orchid's opus. Both the CD and LP come packaged in gatefold sleeves. The various Orchid members have gone on to form Bucket Full of Teeth, the Wolves, and the Panthers.

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Average Customer Rating: 4.5 with 22 reviews (See Below)
Customer Rating

Song Titles
# Song Name Popularity
1 Amherst Pandemonium (Part 1) Voted #1  14%
2 Amherst Pandemonium (Part 2)  8%
3 Chaos Ain't Me  6%
4 Loft Party  6%
5 I wanna Fight  3%
6 A Visit Form Dr. Goodsex Voted #2  13%
7 We Love Prison Voted #3  8%
8 Fashion Meets Passion  3%
9 Trail Of The Unknown Body (Instrumental)  3%
10 Class Pictures  1%
11 No We Don't Have Any T-Shirts  5%
12 Dissadents In Love  1%
13 Flip The Tape  3%
14 Anals Nin By Numbers  5%
15 Tigers  8%
16 Let's Commodify Sexuality  1%
17 Discourse Of Desire  2%
18 None More Black  6%
19 Impersonating Martin Rev  4%
Come back on or after Tuesday, July 9 to vote for your favorite songs

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Customer Reviews

Displaying 1 to 10 of 22 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
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Dave from Mattawan, MI 
Sep 3 2008 Rating: 5/5 Stars

This is the best Orchid album ever! Contrary to popular belief! This cd has 19 tracks, the most of any Orchid album. The most varied songs. The best songs the band has ever recorded. A Visit from Dr. Goodsex / and / Amherst Pandemomium 2 / and / Tigers are 3 of the best songs I've ever heard! This cd is less screamy and is kind of a midway point between Orchid and Panthers, but it is absolutely fantastic! Def buy this over the OOP comp Totality because all of these songs are good, as opposed to 4 or 5 (from Totality).

If you like Portaits of Past, In First Person, This Ship Will Sink, The Assistant, Jerome's Dream, Usurp Synapse or Loma Prieta, then trust me you will relish this album!

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Gina from Ames, IA 
Aug 19 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars

First off this isn't gina my name is mark I just got into orchid about a month ago I have this album and chaos is me/dance tonight revolution tommrow. This album defintly appeals to me a lot more, It's been the best album for me to study in a real long time. Gatefold is put together perfectly by accident or on purpose I don't really care. alomst every song is on to par with the last. Real honest sound... kinda depressing screamo didn't go down the path orchid created...

If you dig this album or vicversa check this/these out

1. Fear before the march of flames-odd how people shake 2. These arms are snakes-this is ment to hurt you. 3. Daughters-Canada Songs.

It's a bummer I'm probably gonna get shunned for stating mainstream bands because almost every orchid fan I've ever met is an indie elitist, but hey thats their loss. If you dig this check those albums out I'm betting you'll dig them.

and for all the indie elitist who like orchid's music because it's "underground"... "I love the kids who know adorno and snub their noses at kids who don't"... fuck off.

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Tim from Sellersville, PA 
Jun 24 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars

Considered to be one of the pioneering forces of screamo, Orchid truly delivers on their final release. Non-stop passionate chaotic-ness. This is well worth the money and a must have.

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Chris from Bountiful, UT 
Dec 2 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

It's always hard to review bands like Orchid in this day and age because, yes they are a screamo band, but today screamo means shit like Hawthorne Heights who you cannot even compare them too. They sound nothing like them. If you're fans of Shikari, Hot Cross, Etc. then get this now. If you are a scenester screamo kid that shops at Hot Topic and want to know what real screamo is, then check out Orchid.

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Ryan from Abbotsford, BC Canada 
Nov 7 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

Although it is true that Orchid changed their sound slightly by the time of this release, it is still undeniably Orchid, and I believe it is on par with their other releases. With all of the disappointed customers, I was hesitant about making this perchase, but I'm glad I did. This is an outstanding album, but if you have not purchased Orchid's other records, I would buy those first, since those are what I would say are their "true sound". Then, buy this. Who cares if the packaging isn't the greatest. The kick-ass music is what you're paying for.

Click to view all reviews by this person
Zach from Corona, CA 
Jan 31 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

What can i say ORCHID is ine of my favorite bands they're just so chaotic and passionate if you have any of their cd's or records then you know what im talking about

Click to view all reviews by this person
Nick from Seattle, WA 
Oct 18 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars

Different from Dance Tonight!Revolution Tomorrow!/Chaos Is Me, but still incredible. It's Orchid. This was screamo at its finest.

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Kathleen from Warwick, NY 
Jun 26 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars

I got this cd at the same time as I got "Totality". I really don't see why everybody complains about the gatefold part so much. Anyway, this cd is a bit different than other Orchid stuff. There's more singing and the lyrics are a bit different. I think this cd is just as good as Orchid's other stuff.

Click to view all reviews by this person
Matthew from Bath, PA 
May 12 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars

After reading the other reviews on the page and hearing people whine about it being in a gatefold, I had to laugh. I actually got this cd a while ago and I am used to gatefolds and digipaks, so it was no shocker to me. I first heard Orchid a few years back with the Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow! release on vinyl. I loved that thing with all I have, but after listening to this release I immediately fell in love with this. These dudes were really talented and the politics in their lyrics are amazing.

My favorite songs would have to be "Amherst Pandemonium (Part 1 & 2)," "I Wanna Fight," and "Tigers." Although, I personally think all the tracks on this album are fairly good to outstanding. Orchid may not be a techy band or have the typical style associated with "screamo" or "hardcore," that's what I like about them, very unique and doing it before everyone and their mother caught on to that style. Their lyrics are so powerful and true, a rare thing in these songs about "being different and not caring anymore" and "my girlfriend dumped me so yadda-yadda-yadda".

Here is a lyric from "No, We Don't Have T-Shirts": "It's no fun being the 'postmodern posterchild,' when no one knows what that is. What gives when content takes a holiday and the kids have nothing left to say? Well we're here today, here today, we're here. So buy a record from that band you can't stand, but don't you dare take a stand, don't you dare take a stand." So true, people need to recognize hardcore wasn't made to be all about fashion, it was made to take a stand in the world, do something for the bigger picture, the human race. People need to stop worrying about their "hardcore" clothing and accessories and worry about their fellow man, make a difference in the world.

Click to view all reviews by this person
Greg from Blue Springs, MO 
Oct 11 2004 Rating: 5/5 Stars

This release gets a lot of flack from elite Orchid fans, but I celebrate the band's [almost] entire discography and I still think this is a very well-recorded release. Every band's sound changes with time, Orchid is no exception. With that said, I do agree with another poster in that the packaging for this CD sucks horribly. But the artwork is nice!

Displaying 1 to 10 of 22 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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