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Coffin Box

Caroline 7529

Released on February 27, 1996

This item is not available for purchase. Sorry!

Over 100 classic tracks on 4 cds. Featuring the complete Misfits recordings from the albums: Collection 1, Collection 2, Legacy of Brutality, Evilive, Earth A.D., Static Age, and Sessions. 30 rare never before released alternate versions and out-takes from the band's legendary recording sessions. Includes the original 'Cough/Cool' single, the famous MSP sessions, a never before heard full-on band version of "Spook City U.S.A." and lots more!

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Average Customer Rating: 5 with 39 reviews (See Below)
Customer Rating

Song Titles
# Song Name Popularity
1 She  3%
2 Hollywood Babylon  1%
3 Horror Business  2%
4 Teenagers From Mars  1%
5 Night Of The Living Dead  1%
6 Where Eagles Dare  5%
7 Vampira  1%
8 I Turned Into A Martian  3%
9 Skulls  3%
10 London Dungeon  2%
11 Ghoul's Night Out  1%
12 Astro Zombies  2%
13 Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight  3%
14 Die, Die My Darling Voted #2  7%
15 Cough/Cool  1%
16 Children In Heat  1%
17 Horror Hotel  1%
18 Halloween Voted #3  5%
19 Halloween II  1%
20 Hate Breeders  1%
21 Braineaters  1%
22 Nike-A-Go-Go  1%
23 Devil's Whorehouse  0%
24 Mephisto Waltz  1%
25 Rat Fink  0%
26 We Bite  1%
27 Static Age  0%
28 T.V. Casualty  2%
29 Hybrid Moments  4%
30 Spinal Remains  0%
31 Come Back  0%
32 Some Kinda Hate  1%
33 Theme For A Jackal  1%
34 Angelfuck  1%
35 Who Killed Marilyn  0%
36 Where Eagles Dare  1%
37 She  1%
38 Halloween  1%
39 American Nightmare  1%
40 20 Eyes  0%
41 Night Of The Living Dead  0%
42 Astro Zombies  1%
43 Horror Business  1%
44 London Dungeon  1%
45 Nike-A-Go-Go  0%
46 Hate Breeders  0%
47 Devil's Whorehouse  1%
48 All Hell Breaks Loose  1%
49 Horror Hotel  0%
50 Ghoul's Night Out  0%
51 We Are 138  2%
52 Queen Wasp  0%
53 Devilock  0%
54 Death Comes Ripping  2%
55 Green Hell  1%
56 Wolfsblood  0%
57 Demonomania  0%
58 Bloodfeast  0%
59 Hellhound  0%
60 Cough Cool  0%
61 She  0%
62 Who Killed Marilyn  0%
63 Where Eagles Dare  0%
64 Horror Business  0%
65 Teenagers From Mars  0%
66 Children In Heat  1%
67 Night Of The Living Dead  0%
68 Where Eagles Dare  1%
69 Vampira  0%
70 Violent World  0%
71 Who Killed Marilyn  0%
72 Spook City USA  0%
73 Horror Business  0%
74 I Turned Into A Martian  0%
75 Skulls  1%
76 Night Of The Living Dead  0%
77 Astro Zombies  1%
78 Where Eagles Dare  0%
79 Violent World  0%
80 Halloween II  0%
81 20 Eyes  0%
82 I Turned Into A Martian  1%
83 Astro Zombies  0%
84 Vampira  0%
85 Devil's Whorehouse  0%
86 Nike-A-Go-Go  0%
87 Hate Breeders  0%
88 20 Eyes  0%
89 Violent World  0%
90 (untitled) - (static)  0%
91 Static Age  0%
92 TV Casualty  1%
93 Some Kinda Hate  1%
94 Last Caress Voted #1  9%
95 Return Of The Fly  2%
96 Hybrid Moments  2%
97 We Are 138  1%
98 Teenagers From Mars  0%
99 Come Back  0%
100 Angelfuck  1%
101 Hollywood Babylon  0%
102 Attitude  2%
103 Bullet  3%
104 Theme For A Jackal  0%
105 (untitled) - (static)  0%
Come back on or after Tuesday, February 27 to vote for your favorite songs

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Customer Reviews

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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Click to view all reviews by this person
Robert from Brunswick, OH 
Feb 22 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars

10 years ago when I was a kid in highschool just getting into punk I really didn't like the Misfits. Now I'm a huge fan, and this set is great for long time fans and kids interested in the original Misfits material. It has all of the essential songs along with demos and alternate versions. The notes give the history of the band up to Danzig leaving, and a few pics from their start. So buy it already, you can't go wrong.

Click to view all reviews by this person
Emmanuel from Nashville, TN 
Jan 31 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars

All of the true misfits fans should have this box set. It has 4 cds with all the songs of the danzig era and comes with a pin too.

Click to view all reviews by this person
Elias from Tucson, AZ 
Jan 22 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars

Okay I Have Every Misfits Cd BUt I had to buy this box set because I just found out it had a special "Sessions" Disc(which kicks ass btw). Don't listen to the whiners that are all like "But there is no Walk among us" or "in the doorway(another favorite song of mine)". Guess what most of the Walk among Us Tracks are in the Sessions Disc. But yeah it comes with a Kick ass Booklet that contains Incorrect Lyrics and Incorrect Vynil Pressings and Incorrect Studio Sesssions (Bummer huh?...well not that big of a deal). In the end I would Still Recommend You get Each Cd One by One because the Box set all at once is like a train hitting you and sure its all the music you need for years but Getting everything at the same time IMO would Suck ass. So just get Walk among us and Static Age first and If you like em' Buy the Box Set, Especially here at Interpunk,here is where it cost the best(Other Stores sell it for $80 WTF?). And 1977-1983 Misfits RIP.

Click to view all reviews by this person
Patrick from West Des Moines, IA 
Sep 5 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

I've been a long time fan of the Misfits.The lyrics that Danzig writes are just fuckin' awesome.They're brutal.The music is a landmark for punk and hardcore.I've already got most the albums that make up this box set,but I got this to add to my collection.This is strictly for longtime fans.

Click to view all reviews by this person
Tyler from Bodfish, CA 
Jun 3 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

This is the Best Misfits ever! It has classics like Astro Zombies, as well as rare tracks like Spook City U.S.A! Thanx interpunk! It also has lyrics! My friend Jake and I are starting a band called "FRESH", and we cover misfits songs as well as make our own music. BUY THIS CD COLLECTION!

Click to view all reviews by this person
Kyle from Robinson, TX 
Feb 4 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

I had most of these cds before buying this but it's the fucking MISFITS... it doesnt matter... buy this even if you have every song... it's just worth it. Nothing better than classic MISFITS.

Click to view all reviews by this person
Francis from Aurora, IL 
Dec 28 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars

The best Misfits item you can buy. You really get your money's worth with this one. Every CD is amazing but the best is the third, the different versions will blow you away. So instead of all that "Green Day" garbage treat yourself to some REAL punk rock.

Click to view all reviews by this person
Santiago from Laguna Niguel, CA 
Oct 31 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars

Worth every cent. If u are a true fiend buy this cause it has some sick songs in out of this world versions that you have never heard before. Plus the pics are cool to look at and the fiend club pin

Click to view all reviews by this person
Garion from Darlington, SC 
Aug 28 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars

For anyone who ever liked the Misfits, this is the best 50 some-odd dollars you could spend. Its got practically their entire body of work, including both collection albums, Legacy of Brutality, Evilive, Earth A.D., Static Age, and a collection of recording sessions. The only downside is that for some reason Walk Among Us was not included in the set, but what content that is here is very, very good. In addition, this set includes a biography of the Misfits by Eeeri Von and a Misfits Fiend Club button. The bottom line is that this is 100 of some of the coolest, ghoulest songs in rock n roll history, so stop reading this review, damn you, and buy this set!

Click to view all reviews by this person
RenĂ©e from Joliette, PQ Canada 
Jul 13 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars

This Coffin Box is either an excellent addition to a die-hard Misfits fiend's collection or an excellent choice for a new Misfits listener. There is many versions of the same songs, which is nice I think because the numerous versions are for the very best songs, since only the best from the Misfits is in that Coffin Box, so you get to hear the best ones over again. It is nice also that it covers over 7 albums of the Misfits, the 56$ it costs pays itself quite nicely. One word to sum it up: Headbanging.

Displaying 1 to 10 of 39 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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