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Punk Vs. Emo

(Queers,Casualties,Apers,Travoltas,5¢ Deposit ,Rufio,Further Seems Forever,Unsung Zeros,Over It)

Fastmusic 1001

Released on May 20, 2003

This item is not available for purchase. Sorry!

47 SONG DOUBLE ENHANCED CD! Aside from sporting some of the largest names in EMO, as well as some of most influential names in recent PUNK history, the interactive aspect of the Punk Vs. Emo compilation sets the CD aside from all others. Punk Vs. Emo has a live voting system built in to the CDROM. By putting the CD in their computers, users will be able to register and vote for their favorite bands on the compilation through the internet.

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Average Customer Rating: 3 with 7 reviews (See Below)
Customer Rating

Song Titles
# Song Name Popularity
1 Don’t Look Down -Bender  5%
2 Queers -I Wanna Be Happy Voted #2  8%
3 Down By Law -Convoluted  1%
4 Anti-Anti -Good Old Days  5%
5 5 Cent Deposit -Kickin’ It Under  0%
6 Forgotten -Retrofitted  1%
7 Born To Lose -Broke Down  1%
8 Madcap -These Old Feelings  1%
9 Huntingtons -Potty Mouth  2%
10 Casualties -Get Off My Back Voted #3  6%
11 Near Miss -Let Go  2%
12 Straight Outta Junior High -Divas Are Skanks  1%
13 Independents -Bloody Night  4%
14 Snuff -Chocs Away  0%
15 Pulley -Empty  3%
16 Travoltas -Liv Tyler  1%
17 Armstrong -Average  0%
18 Belvedere -Brandywine  2%
19 Darlington -Dorkin' Around  2%
20 Bedrockers -Breakdown  4%
21 Goin’ Places -Never Forget The Ramones  3%
22 Gamits -Like White Noise  0%
23 Punchline -Learn Your Lessonu  2%
24 A.T.M. -Does Your Face Hurt?  0%
25 Divit -No Regrets  1%
26 Mae -This Time Is The Last Time  6%
27 Rufio -Set It Off Voted #1  11%
28 Onelinedrawing -Smile  1%
29 Action Toolbelt -At My Expense  0%
30 Bayside -Loveless Wristss  3%
31 Fallout Boy -Last Good Part Of Town  4%
32 5o4plan -Or Else  1%
33 Early November -Come Back  3%
34 Fairmont -Artemis  0%
35 Eiffel Rev -Real You  1%
36 Counterfit -Better Late Then Never  1%
37 Goodwill -Let It Go  2%
38 Sonny -Really A Wonderful Night  1%
39 Over It -Serial Kisser  3%
40 Stereotyperider -Ones For You  0%
41 Project Bluebook -Railroad  0%
42 Somehow Hollow -Walking Clothed Foot  1%
43 Keepsake -A Radiance Narrative  1%
44 Further Seems Forever -Insincerity  5%
45 Adventures Of Jet -Drag  0%
46 Arson Investigation -Broken Mirrors  0%
47 Bottom Line -Can We Forget  1%
Come back on or after Tuesday, May 20 to vote for your favorite songs

Customer Reviews

Displaying all 7 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Click to view all reviews by this person
Daniel from Salinas, CA 
May 7 2006 Rating: 1/5 Stars

FUCK THIS SHIT don't get this crap get something from COPELAND THE GREATEST BAND EVER!!!even the rufio song sucked and rufio kicks ass.dont waste any money just because it has a lot of songs.have you ever of the phrase 'its quality not quantity'yeah well this shit has no quality.

Click to view all reviews by this person
Danny from Brampton, ON Canada 
Oct 3 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars

Punk Vs. Emo is not only an amazing idea but both CD’s clash like no other. How can you pass up such an amazing CD with so many amazing bands lined up one after the next. This is a must have comp.

Click to view all reviews by this person
Jonty from Oxfordshire, United Kingdom 
Nov 9 2003 Rating: 3/5 Stars

Hmmm... Interesting CD. Not as good as I was expecting. I tihnk there are a lot better comps here on Interpunk for you guys to spend your money on. This CD is very good for the money as you're getting a double CD offering 47 tracks in total for what? $8.75? Pretty cheap. The actual content of the CDs is a bit of a let down though. I'm gonna have to agree with the others when saying that most of the bands perform a variety of genre's so all this isn't paticularly precise. Of course, there are a few standout songs on here but I'm not entirely sure if that makes it better. Still, if you have $8.75 to spare and don't fancy any of the other million comps there are here then go ahead and buy it!! P.S I don't think Rufio should be on the emo side with 'set it off' :S

Click to view all reviews by this person
Betty from Kinzers, PA 
Jun 18 2003 Rating: 4/5 Stars

This comp. is pretty decent. Not much into the emo, but if you like that genre, it will be worth a listen. A couple punk mainstays like the Casualties, and the Queers, and a couple quality newcombers as well. A good reference if you are debating on whether or not to go see a live show. I have seen a couple of the bands live, but haven't had a chance to get any music, The Bedrockers definate live band from Philly, saw them open up for the Eyeliners... good show. Goin Places, also another good live band... this CD is definately a good sampler of the bands out there right now....

Click to view all reviews by this person
Laura from Euclid, OH 
Jun 17 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars

Oh please you people wouldn't know EMO if I walked up and smacked you in the face with it. Obiviously you don't know jack seeing as Onelinedrawing EMO, along with Early Novembet, Sonny, The Bottomline, and FSF see some bands can do any genre. This cd is kickass and one of the best comiplations I've ever bought...and believe me I'm usually to lazy to buy jack. I love this cd both sides! it kickass and rocks! Punk is punk and Emo is emo man! ps. Anti anti roxs!

Click to view all reviews by this person
Kevin from South Euclid, OH 
Jun 16 2003 Rating: 1/5 Stars

Worst comp ever. The Emo is crap Pure CRAp. its not even emo its shit. As for the punk side you should lable that the emo side. its horrible don't buy it make your own you'll do a better job

Click to view all reviews by this person
David from Secaucus, NJ 
Jun 11 2003 Rating: 1/5 Stars

Holy shit this cd fucking sucks. I was hoping to discover some new bands but that unfortunately didn't happen. I can honestly say there is not one song that I would rip from this cd and put on my own mix. Its that bad. The "emo" cd...if thats what you want to call unlistenable. The only two good tracks are The Early November and Onelinedrawing....too bad I already have both these songs so not much of a surprise. In any case I would stay clear from this one. It doesnt even deserve a full one star. Fucking aweful.

Displaying all 7 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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