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Refused Are F***ing Dead

(International Noise Conspiracy)

Released on April 25, 2006


In 1997 REFUSED wrote and recorded their farewell record, the seminal The Shape of Punk to Come, hailed by many as an undisputed masterpiece of the emerging post-hardcore genre. Now bands from Muse to Sum 41 claim Refused as a major influence, while Revolver magazine lists The Shape of Punk to Come at #14 in their “50 Greatest Punk Albums of All Time.” Though the REFUSED were only a cult band in their lifetime, they have sold over 200,000 albums since their breakup in 1998; and as they used to say of the Velvet Underground, they didn’t sell a lot of records, but everyone who bought one started a band. Now comes Refused Are F@$%ing Dead, a perfect summary of this acclaimed and influential band. With stunning live performances from their final US tour, rare live footage from their early days in Sweden, and interviews with band members mapping the band’s rise and fall, this DVD will be a must for their still-growing legion of fans.

Average Customer Rating: 4 with 11 reviews (See Below)
Customer Rating

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Customer Reviews

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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
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Mathieu from Québec, PQ Canada 
Nov 14 2006 Rating: 2/5 Stars

This is the story of a bunch of guys crying and wishing to be with their mom instead of touring.They try to do a kind of abstract and poetic story,but they fail.Happy for you if you liked it,but it changed my vision of band completly (in a bad way).I even watch it a second time just for a good laugh.This is so pathetic,i saw so many bands busting their ass touring and rocking for noting and seing that band crying cause their away from home disgust me.

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Jeff from Medicine Hat, AB Canada 
Oct 4 2006 Rating: 4/5 Stars

Awesome, interesting, a really good look into the demise of such a influential band. The live footage leaves something to be desired, mainly because they weren't shooting for a dvd, most of it was shot before dvd's even existed. The documentary is very moving, they did a great job of capturing the internal struggles of Refused, it hits the heart!

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Reidar from Løgstør, Denmark 
Jul 2 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

Refused Are Fucking Dead! No way...not when you see their last work! I´ve been waiting 2 years for this great dvd, and I´m not disappointed. Refused takes you behind their last shows and tells about the ups and downs on the US tour. You will see why the band are fucking dead, and what can cause a band to break up! I´m a huge Refused fan, and I cry myself to bed every night, knowing I will never see this band live.

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Lauren from Griffith Nsw, Australia 
Jun 12 2006 Rating: 4/5 Stars

i was kinda let down by this cause i was expecting it to be about the bands entire lifespan but its only really about their final tour. i think it could have more shit on the dvd cause it is a bit short but the live footage is insane especially davids drumming in 'the deadly rythm' and when dennis splits his head open during 'refused are fucking dead'. being a big refused fan it was definatly worth the money but if your new to refused you probally should steer clear of this baby a while.

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Brad from San Diego, CA 
May 23 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

THIS IS A MUST OWN FOR ANY REFUSED FANS. Words cannot describe how amazing this DVD is. Anyone in band out there will appreciate their honesty regarding WHY they actually broke up... it is fascinating.

DRUMMERS BUY THIS NOW, whether you like REFUSED or not... the live footage of their drummer is some of the craziest, most awe-inspiring shit i have ever seen. Their drummer hits harder than anyone you have ever seen... ever.

THANK THE LORD ALMIGHTY FOR THIS DVD... I never got to see Refused.

Fascinating. Stupendous. PUNK AS FUCK.

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Thomas from Orlando, FL 
May 22 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

Well thought, well assembled and well worth the wait. A must for a Refused fan. Audio quality on the live performances is MUCH better than that of the Converge DVD, in case your wondering.

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Haein from Orem, UT 
May 8 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

The DVD is not what i really expected, don't take that as a negative perspective towards the film. It has 9 out of 12 of the songs on Shape Of Punk To Come, some of them sound like its being played through a god damn cell phone but i have to admit i enjoyed it because i spent 16.50 with shipping and that it is Refused. You get used to the shitty sound and just smile because your witnessing Refused doing what they do best. The Film itself is pretty depressing but i think its a good history of Refused and I learned something new from it so i highly enjoy it. Everyone says this and its true... its a must buy for all fans of refused.

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Travis from Kamloops, BC Canada 
May 6 2006 Rating: 4/5 Stars

I guess I was expecting too much from this dvd. It wasnt anything amazing or outstanding. I found it to be overblown; Cristopher Steen tried to make the Refused look like they are the most important thing that ever happend to music... dont get me wrong, I love the Refused, but no one is that great. The dvd also lacked a clear and coherent direction, one minute they would be interviewing the band members, the next they would jump into a full live preformace that had no relation to what they were talking about. And the live preformances have pitiful recording... only one camera angle, usually a shitty one; really bad sound, you cant even hear Dennis half the time. And the last show that they played was a real let down, I was assuming it was a huge show that got broken up by the cops, but it was really just a basment show, with like 100 kids; how lame is that? There were some interesting parts, and I learned alot about the Refused that I never knew. Overall I was somewhat dissapointed with this dvd, I was really looking forward to the live preformances, but unfortunately they were quite boring, negating the surrounding hype of thier live show. Nevertheless, it's still the Refused.

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Chris from Petaluma, CA 
May 2 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

HOLY GODDAMN! Some fucking fatass "punk" was telling me about how he liked "old Refused" before they soldout... yeah, and he buys his fucking patches at Hot Topic. Whatever kiddo. Refused were one of the most incredible bands EVER. This is one of the most moving DVDs I've seen. It's incredible. This is the untold story of most bands. Although most bands will never be what Refused were. But the self destruction is captured perfectly. I actually wish more bands would just die like them. Better than dragging the corpse of your talent out on stage for all the children of your original fans to gawk at. I can't recommend this enough. If you like Refused you might like Henry Fiat's Open Sore. Swedish hardcore rock n roll. But then again, maybe you won't...

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Cindy from Elmhurst, NY 
Apr 28 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

I thought this DVD was fucking awesome! The live performances were amazing, as well as Dennis Lyxzen's dancing skills :p (the crowd was kind of lame though..,) the film based on Refused's biography was great (and sad :/,) and it also features videos for New Noise and Rather Be Dead, so it's pretty fucking awesome. If you pre-ordered it, you got this really cool Refused Are Fucking Dead poster, but if you didn't, I guess it sucks for you :p Anyway, I recommend buying this DVD, it's worth every penny!

And if that didn't convince you or something, in their live performance for "Refused Are Fucking Dead," Dennis hits his head on the other guitar and is still screaming while his head is gushing blood, so that's pretty fucking awesome o_o


Displaying 1 to 10 of 11 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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