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Punk Rock Mix Tape 2006

(Descendents,Strung Out,Over It,Teenage Bottlerocket,Against Me!,Suicide Machines,Darlington)


Released on February 21, 2006

This item is not available for purchase. Sorry!

The CD also contains a special PC and Mac compatible enhanced portion with extensive band profiles including pictures, streaming video, ecards, links to downloadable songs and retail CDs and live tour dates.

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Average Customer Rating: 3.5 with 7 reviews (See Below)
Customer Rating

Song Titles
# Song Name Popularity
1 Descendents -Nothing With You Voted #2  11%
2 Strung Out -Analog Voted #3  8%
3 Marathon -Painting By Numbers  3%
4 Over It -Ignore The Noise  2%
5 7-10 Split -Everyone Dies Alone  4%
6 Big D And The Kids Table -New Nail Bed  5%
7 Methadones -Mess We Made  8%
8 Action Toolbelt -Action Toolbelt  0%
9 Teenage Bottlerocket -So Cool Voted #1  21%
10 A Wilhelm Scream -Me Vs. Morrisey In The Pretentious Contest  4%
11 Aquabats -Fashion Zombies  6%
12 MXPX -Darkest Places  5%
13 Against Me! -Problems  6%
14 Blood For Blood -Hanging On The Corner  4%
15 Suicide Machines -Ghosts On The Sunset Strip  2%
16 Against All Authority -Lied To  2%
17 Belvedere -Subhuman Nature  0%
18 Independents -Vampires From Outer Space  0%
19 Whole Wheat Bread -Broke  5%
20 Darlington -No Dress Code  3%
21 Wheels On The Bus -The Devil's Fabric  0%
22 Junior Achiever -Underrated  2%
23 Tri-Fives -Thick Or Thin  1%
Come back on or after Tuesday, February 21 to vote for your favorite songs

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Customer Reviews

Displaying all 7 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Click to view all reviews by this person
Nathan from Vriginia Beach, VA 
Jun 27 2006 Rating: 3/5 Stars

Has a good variety of styles, but I doubt most can be satisfied with every track. I bought the cd hoping to discover a new artist like Against All Authority, the Suicide Machines, Whole Wheat Bread, or Big D, but as a previous reviewer stated, I already had most of the tracks i prefered on different CDs. The shirt was cool.

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Brandon from San Luis Obispo, CA 
May 29 2006 Rating: 2/5 Stars

I thought this CD was cocky-doody. I already owned the best songs; i.e. Strung Out and Wilhelm Scream. I liked the Junior Achiever song, but I guess no one else did. I got the t-shirt, which makes fun of ipods, and then I bought an ipod. To make this a little more blunt, I think the CD ended up somewhere on the floor in the back of my girlfriend's car. Ya follow?

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Hugh from Norwalk, CT 
Apr 15 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

DAMN this is good! Don't dismiss it as one of those free samplers from magazines, because unlike on those comps, no tracks here are too bad. Descendents, Against All Authority, Over It, The Independents, Aquabats.. there's just so many high points.

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Dustin from Pascoag, RI 
Mar 2 2006 Rating: 4/5 Stars

a pretty good compilaton release. Some good stuff from such bands as The Aquabats, Big D, Whole Wheat Bread, Suicide Machines, A Wilhelm Scream, Against All Authority, Teenage Bottlerocket. The only complaint I have is that there is no new or unreleased or rare stuff on here.

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Danny from Brampton, ON Canada 
Mar 1 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

Since this is a totally bias review (I helped put the compilation out), I will just explain why this comp was truly kick ass and incredibly unique. For 2 weeks we posted a list of 40 of our most voted for bands on and you, the online viewer, got to vote daily and pick the track listing. All we did was pick the song that we thought rocked the hardest. That is why this comp kicks ass. Not to mention some of the coolest bands EVER are on it. Enjoy!

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Christian from Viera, FL 
Feb 28 2006 Rating: 3/5 Stars

Great comp. except nothing but maybe one song is from 2006. You always hope that on a comp. you'll get some unreleased stuff or what not. If you like any of the bands on this CD, then you probably already had their full length two or more years ago. Good comp to get for people just getting into this music that haven't heard of half of the bands.

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Matt from St. Mary's City, MD 
Feb 27 2006 Rating: 3/5 Stars

This will be done the best way i know how to review a compilation, song by song.

1. Descendents - Nothing With You: 7/10 Its the Descendents. It didnt overly wow me like their old stuff, but it was catchy and not a bad opening.

2. Strung Out - Analog: 7/10 I never really got into this band. The opening lead me to thing it was going to be some shitty emo/core song, but it was pretty decent. Nice hardcore song.

3. Marathon - Painting By Numbers: 7/10 Pretty good actually. Somewhat politcally themed, but i wasnt blown away. Vocally, reminded me of Guttermouth. Musically, just kinda boring and similar. Not bad.

4. Over It - Ignore the Noise: 5/10 Boring, emo, and forgettable. Another new band for me, not going to look them up any further.

5. 7-10 Split - Everyone Dies Alone: 8/10 I really like this song. I bought the cd when it came out and overall, i wasnt totally impressed, but this was one of my favorite songs off it. I dont usually like emo, but i find this song catchy and memorable. Good song.

6. Big D and the Kids Table - New Nail Bed: 6/10 Finally, ska. These guys have been kicking it for a while and they know what they're doing, but this sounds kinda tired. Reminds me a lot of the Bosstones, but not in the best way. It just sounds like a less passionate Bosstones song with different vocals. I love me some ska, just third wave, horn riddled, isnt my piece of pie. Im more into AAA and suicide machines, coming up too.

7. Methadones - Mess We Made: 7/10 The opening chords caught my attention and kept it through most of the song. Its a bit pop-punky for me, but i am enjoying it. Good harmonies. It lost points because its just a bit too long. Its not bad, just not great.

8. Action Toolbelt - Action Toolbelt: 3/10 Not what i like at all. Strange vocals, boring, too poppy, it just doesn't seem like theres any power behind the song. It just sounds like something you write to fulfill obligations. All around blah. Plus it just keeps going

9. Teenage Bottlerocket - So Cool: 4/10 I expected this to be good, but then the vocals came in and i entered 'who cares?' mode. Just another boring contribution to an already watered down pop/punk scene. Skip this one.

10. A Wilhelm Scream - Me Vs. Morrisey In The Pretentious Contest: 5/10 I was hesitant listening to this because i dont really like this band and my expectations were only slightly exceded. The song title is just too long for one, plus the lyrical content is boring emo, (tie me up to the radiator? whatever). Its short and fast the way punk should be, but this is just a boring emo song trying to be punk.

11. Aquabats - Fashion Zombies: 8/10 Never got into this band, but i do like the 'whoas.' A pretty good song, makes me want to hear more. The synth is kind of annoying, but i can look past that. Nice to have a decent song after a lot of crap.

12. MXPX - Darkest Places: 6/10 I listened to this band years ago and it was kinda nice to hear something decent from them. Doesnt really make we want to pick them back up, but the songs not terrible. Faster than i remember them being. As i listen, only the vocals remind me of what they used to sound like.

13. Against Me! - Problems: 8/10 Pretty good song off a pretty good album. They had some better tracks to choose from, but i guess this was the 'single' off that record. This band is strange to like, some of their songs are really good, and others are just kinda good. 'Problems' is one of the pretty good ones.

14. Blood for Blood - Hanging on the Corner: 7/10 Any band with 'Blood' in its name just sets off emo warning sirens in my head. This was definitely not emo, rather hardcore actually. I like this alot. The second vocalist kinda drags them down, but the main singer carries the song pretty well. Nothing amazing, but a pretty good contribution.

15. Suicide Machines - Ghosts On The Sunset Strip: 9/10 One of my absolute favorite bands and i loved this song and this entire record. There were better songs they could have picked, but im not going to complain. Great fast song from one of the few bands that still get what it means to play punk rock.

16. Against All Authority - Lied To: 10/10 You can never go wrong with this band and this is no exception. In the back of my head i wished they could have put a song from their upcoming cd, (5/9/06 fuck yeah!), but this song is fantastic. Fast and hard hitting. One of my favorite songs from 2005.

17. Belvedere - Subhuman Nature: 7/10 Not bad. The vocals work well together. I would prefer that they hit just a little harder, its plenty fast, just the vocals could be better. I would be interested in hearing more from them. Pretty good song.

18. Independents - Vampires from Outer Space: 8/10 Reminds of Tiger Army and the Nekromantix, and that aint bad. Never heard of this band, but i was definitely pleased with my first taste. I would almost call this song Ska-chobilly.

19. Whole Wheat Bread - Broke: 5/10 Was sounding promising, then came the vocals. Emo, blah. Its not a horrible whining about killing yourself song, but vocally and guitar tones are emo and i find myself bored with it.

20. Darlington - No Dress Code: 6/10 Under two minutes and kinda rocking. Those are pluses. Reminds me of the Briefs a bit. Not a standout track, just kinda forgettable. Worth listening to if it comes on. I just see myself not liking it in a month.

21. Wheels on the Bus - The Devil's Fabric: 4/10 *sigh* another boring emo track. blah blah blah.

22. Junior Achiever - Underrated: 1/10 The worst track on the mix. This song is just terrible. It makes my skin crawl trying to listen to it. God awful pop. No traces of punk whatsoever. This band should not be allowed to make music.

23. The Tri-Fives - Thick or Thing: 7/10 Anything had to be better than that last track and this one didnt disappoint. It didnt make me want to throw up and die like the last song. Actually, this song is really good. fast and good breakdowns. Not the best song, but i would like to hear more from these guys.

So here we have yet another mediocre compilation. There are some pretty good songs on here and i found myself discovering a few new bands that werent bad. Unfortunately there is too much crap on this for it to be great. My advice, Limewire. More or less, i was in this for the shirt, which is pretty nifty. There is no shirt giveaway anymore, so if you are thinking about getting this, dont. Without the shirt, its just a comp.

Displaying all 7 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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