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Discovering The Waterfront

Victory 257

Released on August 16, 2005

This item is not available for purchase. Sorry!

With influences ranging from THE GET UP KIDS to THURSDAY and MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, SILVERSTEIN is a melting pot of musical creativity that shines in every moment of Discovering The Waterfront. The powerful melodies and gut wrenching screams of vocalist Shane Told evoke the pain, struggle and emotion of the lyrics, expressing raw heartbreak and frustration. With Discovering The Waterfront, SILVERSTEIN delivers an album that is both musically intense and emotionally honest. Discovering The Waterfront is set to make SILVERSTEIN the heroes and champions of the post-hardcore and emo mainstreams.

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Average Customer Rating: 4 with 14 reviews (See Below)
Customer Rating

Song Titles
# Song Name Popularity
1 My Sword Versus Your Dagger Voted #1  20%
2 Smile In Your Sleep Voted #2  18%
3 Ides Of March  7%
4 First Wrapped In Blood  9%
5 Discovering The Waterfront  8%
6 Defend You  6%
7 My Heroine Voted #3  17%
8 Always And Never  6%
9 Already Dead  3%
10 Three Hours Back  5%
11 Call It Karma  1%
Come back on or after Tuesday, August 16 to vote for your favorite songs

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Customer Reviews

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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
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Drew from San Angelo, TX 
Aug 13 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

Completely brilliant CD, this is an amazing follow-up to "When Broken is Easily Fixed". Clocks in at 39:13.Definately a great mix of slow and fast songs. The fast ones are really aggressive with an equal amount of screaming and singing, (both of which are done by Shane Told). Lyrics are good and some are very heartbroken "Don't cut me down just yet, I'll make things right again.", very emo...but this is a 100% "emo-core" album, so it fits perfectly. Obviously, if you liked their first record, then you should or already have checked this one out. Its amazing. I guess people compare Silverstein to Thursday because they're both "emo-core" bands or whatever but this band and this record is amazing. (maybe more so than Thursday) Please check it out.

Most songs end quickly with the whole band cutting off altogether with a palm muted chord instead of holding out and fading.

A change from the last album is that 2 of the songs have a part at the very beginning where Shane yells "Come on!" on track 4- "Fist Wrapped in Blood", not "First Wrapped in Blood" as interpunk has it labeled right now. The other song that he does that is on track 10, "Three Hours Back" about 20 seconds into the song and Shane screams "Let's Go!". This adds an amazing amount of energy to these songs. Also on "Three Hours Back" there are gang vocals like "Day!" and "Hey!" that fit very well done by the whole band as well as some friends.

Comes with a bonus 2-sided DVD! One side is Silverstein with some live footage of a show where the band plays a couple of songs from "When Broken is Easily Fixed". These songs are "The Weak and the Wounded" and "November". Also, there is a behind the scenes of making the "Smile in Your Sleep" video where they explain everything about the video. They also play 2 music videos of "Smashed Into Pieces" and "Giving Up" , both of which are songs from "When Broken is Easily Fixed" and the band gives commentary on the videos. Its really funny.The way the five of them interact makes me want to be in a band and hang out with them. The dudes seem really laid back. There is also a 'video montage' of Discovering the Waterfront which is video footage of the band eating, chillin, getting smashed in elevator doors, recording in the studio,being on tour in the UK, and some live stuff some of which is from the same show that the 2 live videos were from. The montage also shows Silverstein sitting at a table talking which is from the DVD that came with the re-issue of "When Broken is Easily Fixed". The montage encompasses a lot of time with Silverstein because you can see how Shane has short hair is some shots and long in others. There is also some bonus stuff that includes a practice session where they practice "Always and Never" and "Ides of March". Lastly theres some footage from in the studio with Producer Cameron Webb.

The other side is a thing that Victory Records does where they talk about another band on their label. This one was "Discovering Bayside". Its interviews with Bayside answering questions. Really interesting. Obviously before the band got in the accident.

For all of that, this is a great deal. I think they are re-issuing this CD with even MORE DVD stuff but get this one still!!

Came with a badass T-shirt (pre-orders rule!). YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT THIS BAND LIVE!! THEY ARE AMAZING! TONS OF ENERGY!!

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Edward from Apo, AE 
Feb 18 2006 Rating: 3/5 Stars

Great album as far as scremo goes, much better than first album. Silverstien has developed mucicaly and vocally in there 2nd album.

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Chris from San Angelo, TX 
Jan 12 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

This album is a great follow-up. "When Broken Is Easily Fixed" is a great record - really hard to top. But Silverstien did good. This band is the shit live; I've seen them 2 times and they were equally amazing. "Discovering The Waterfront" has a variety of aggressive songs and melodic stuff, so it stays interesting. If you liked their first album you should dig this one too.

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Kayla from Wapwallopen, PA 
Dec 18 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars

Silverstein's "Discovering The Waterfront" is the greatest cd ever. It was everything I wanted to hear. If you loved "When Broken Is Easily Fixed" you will definitely love "Discovering The Waterfront". When I put the cd in and heard "Your Sword Vs. My Dagger" I realized that the cd was going to be GREAT straight through. I couldn't wait to hear the others. I really love "The Ides Of March", "Discovering The Waterfront", "My Heroine", "Already Dead", and "Call It Karma". I love all the others. I promise you, you will love this cd from the first song to the last song. You will wanna put it on repeat. This cd is a most. This is the only cd I can listen to 50 times straight. The next day listen to it again 50 times straight. Good job Silverstein for making us fans proud of you.

Click to view all reviews by this person
Charley from New York, NY 
Oct 30 2005 Rating: 3/5 Stars

Ok, I bought this KNOWING what I'd get. No, it's not revolutionary or great in any way, but it of you know what you're getting, than you should be able to enjoy this.

But what you are getting is basically another Silverstein record. If you liked what you got before and want more of it, buy it. Otherwise, stay clear. And stop buying Hawthorne Heights records. Those guys suck.

peace and love

charley chaos

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Matt from Arcata, CA 
Oct 16 2005 Rating: 4/5 Stars

Good cd. I liked how the band has changed. Granted they havn't changed much, but you can notice a difference in their lyrics and the sound quality from their last one. Overall a good follow-up to When Broken Is Easily Fixed.

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Jay from Pownal, VT 
Oct 4 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars

IT is about fucking time Silverstein came out with a fucking sequal. These guys kick ass, they have it all, every part of this band sounds good. They still soudn like the same band thankfully, awesome sing along parts, awesome sound and the singers scream sounds better and sharper now. Also good is that they sound really good live too. Everyone should get this cd, it is sooooo good.

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Mike from Los Altos, CA 
Oct 3 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars

awesomeawesomefuckingawesome. who knew that silverstein would be able to make a great album amidst the dillution and inevitable death of "screamo." on their first album, i only liked the first 6 songs. this one, the entire album is unbelievable. it starts out fast with my sword versus your dagger and ends well with call it karma. the best songs are defend you, my heroine, and three hours back. honestly, i was surprised with how much i listen to this album. the lyrics are still honest and great and the music is still fast and powerful.

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Paul from Wellington, New Zealand 
Aug 30 2005 Rating: 1/5 Stars

Victory Records seem to be making an endless plummet into an unending abyss of crap. While they are discovering some great new bands these bands always try to recreate exactly the same sound as they previous 'successful' record. The first Silverstein record was great, but they haven't tryed anything new on this record. I've had about three listens and I can't differentiate between any of the songs on this record either. Its 40 minutes of watered down Screamo that in my opinion isn't worth the money I spent on it. Go buy the J. Page record, It's a helluva lot better.

Click to view all reviews by this person
Ruthe from Los Angeles, CA 
Aug 23 2005 Rating: 4/5 Stars

good cd... i like the screaming parts the most in both cds and i wish they wouldve incorporated that more in this one. i would say this cd is a bit more singsongy than the last. but yeah if you like "when broken is easily fixed", you'll like " discovering the waterfront".

Displaying 1 to 10 of 14 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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