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Society's Victims Box Set


Released on October 26, 2004

This item is not available for purchase. Sorry!

Biography for Discharge
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Average Customer Rating: 5 with 13 reviews (See Below)
Customer Rating

Song Titles
# Song Name Popularity
1 Realities Of War  7%
2 They Declare it  0%
3 But After The Gig  0%
4 Society's Victims  0%
5 Fight Back Voted #1  17%
6 War's No Fairytale  5%
7 Always Restrictions  0%
8 You Take Part In Creating The System  0%
9 Religion Instigates  0%
10 Decontrol Voted #2  15%
11 It's No T.V. Sketch  0%
12 Tomorrow Belongs To Us  0%
13 Visions Of War  0%
14 Does This System Work?  5%
15 A Look At Tomorrow  5%
16 Why?  3%
17 Maimed And Slaughtered  0%
18 Mania For Conquest  0%
19 Ain't No Feeble Bastard  5%
20 Is This To Be?  0%
21 Massacre Of Innocence (Air Attack)  0%
22 Never Again Voted #3  10%
23 Death Dealers  0%
24 Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles  0%
25 State Violence State Control  8%
26 Doomsday  0%
27 Warning  0%
28 Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way  0%
29 In Defence Of Our Future  0%
30 The Price Of Silence  2%
31 The More I See  3%
32 Ignorance  0%
33 Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing  0%
34 The Nightmare Continues  2%
35 The Final Blood Bath  0%
36 Protest And Survive  7%
37 I Won't Subscribe  0%
38 Drunk With Power  0%
39 Meanwhile  0%
40 A Hell On Earth  2%
41 Cries Of Help  0%
42 The Possibility Of Life's destruction  0%
43 The Blood Runs Red  0%
44 Free Speech For The Dumb  2%
45 Grave New World  0%
46 City Of Fear  0%
47 Lost Tribe Rising  0%
48 Shootin' Up The World  0%
49 Leaders Deceivers  0%
50 You Deserve Me  0%
51 Almost Alive  0%
52 Corpse Of Decadence  0%
53 Trust 'Em  0%
54 M.A.D.  0%
55 Hype Overload  0%
56 You  0%
57 What Do I Get?  0%
58 Hell Is War  0%
59 War Is Hell (2004 Version)  0%
60 The More I See (2004 Version)  0%
61 State Violence State Control (2004 Version)  0%
62 Never Again (2004 Version)  0%
63 You Take Part In Creating The System (2004 Version)  0%
64 The Nightmare Continues (Live, 2004)  0%
65 A Hell On Earth (Live, 2004)  0%
66 Realities Of War (Live, 2004)  0%
67 The Possibility Of Life's Destruction (Live, 1983)  0%
68 The Final Blood Bath (Live, 1983)  0%
69 Doomsday (Live, 1983)  0%
70 Drunk With Power (Live, 1983)  0%
71 Why? (Live, 1983)  0%
72 Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles (Live, 1983)  0%
73 Decontrol (Live, 1983)  0%
74 Warning (Live, New Jersey)  0%
75 Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (Live, New Jersey)  0%
76 Protest And Survive (Live, New Jersey)  0%
77 In Defence Of Our Future (Live, New Jersey)  0%
78 State Violence State Control (Live, New Jersey)  3%
79 The Price Of Silence (Live, New Jersey)  0%
80 The Blood Runs Red (Live, New Jersey)  0%
Come back on or after Tuesday, October 26 to vote for your favorite songs

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Customer Reviews

Displaying 1 to 10 of 13 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Click to view all reviews by this person
Glen from Columbia, MO 
Jun 12 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars

what can i say, Discharge is amazing, they play a fast, hard as hell , in your face, circle the pit style hardcore tracks like never again, drunk with power, are amazing,but some of this cd is discharges lame attempt at metal which sucks.

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Adam from Bellbrook, OH 
Dec 27 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

Get this while its still around. Although there is nothing special about the packaging, you can't beat that price on that many great Discharge songs. Third disc has some awesome versions with Rat from the Varukers singing and the first 2 discs are solid through especially if you are a fan of the Exploited. The packaging is a small cardboard case with 3 cardboard cd sleeves and a short booklet on their history. No lyrics which was somewhat disappointing, but that is the only downside to this boxset.

Click to view all reviews by this person
Mahana from Houston, TX 
Sep 13 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

Well now here is $22.25 well spent. Can't emphasize enough what a great deal this is - even if you're just getting into Discharge buy it - you get 3 CDs for about the price of 1.5! Not like most boxsets where it's so expensive you wouldn't buy it unless it was your all time favorite band.

The downside is the packaging - it's a cardboard box with the 3 CDs in cardboard sleeves inside and a small booklet (which doesn't include the lyrics). If you're really into elaborate packaging, you'll be dissappointed. If you just want the songs for cheap, you've found the boxset of your dreams (or perhaps, mine).

Discharge is a great band & this has 80 songs on 3 CDs! For those of you that don't know anything about Discharge, it's oldschool english hardcore punk; somewhat comparable to crust. Although I think we all had a good laugh at their attempt at 80s hair metal/cock rock which still has hardcore undertones. After I finished laughing, I just thought "that was funny - but seriously, just get to playing the hardcore, thank you very much." (Which they do, for most of the boxset)

Click to view all reviews by this person
Lewis from Dundee, United Kingdom 
Sep 6 2006 Rating: 4/5 Stars

This CD box set features 3 cds of some of Discharges best punk tunes! Never Again! Fight Back! Decontrol! Just try and ignore their attempt at 80's cheese metal! Just censor that stuff!

Click to view all reviews by this person
Tino from Dover, NH 
Jun 8 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

AMAZING!!!! Worth every fucking dollar! This has every song by Discharge up to right now! The only disgrace is the "Grave New World" CD. They take on this classic rock/hair metal style and its quite shocking to hear great d-beat punk go to that! However, Discharge has revived from that conforming sound. On disc #3 you will hear the current Discharge lineup which is awesome! They sound just like the old Discharge. Get this!!!!

Click to view all reviews by this person
Teven from Austin, TX 
Nov 15 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars

SOOO fuckin worth it such a good price for this shit id buy it right the fuck away especially for the live stuff and the new versions really really good.

Click to view all reviews by this person
Rob from Ventnor, NJ 
Oct 16 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars

Def worth the 20 bucks. 3 Cds, 80 soungs or so. A great pick up for any fan of Discharge.

Click to view all reviews by this person
William from Santa Rosa, CA 
Oct 16 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars

All the fucking Disachrge that you can ask for. Get it if you have the money and are gettinn into Discharge cause it's hella cheap for all of the songs that you are getting!!

Click to view all reviews by this person
Tom from Glen Gardner, NJ 
Sep 29 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars

holy crap......

the only words that can describe how awesome this thing is and cheap.

wow. i loce discharge, and this just extends that love, seee even a 13 year old can have good taste.

Click to view all reviews by this person
Stephen from Kenosha, WI 
May 21 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars

There is something that I would really like to comment before actually reviewing this box set. I find to be very odd that a British punk band can be almost Anarchist Punk to change into 80% Hair metal band to almost punk revival band. Anyway, this is good overall, it takes time to fully adjust to this box set, because what I typed up in the beginning of this review is not false information, this is very true. I was listening to the song "Grave New World" and I was rather surprised and was questioning myself on why or how that could of happened. Get this if you just want one Discharge album. For 3 Discs for $20, it's not a bad deal.

Displaying 1 to 10 of 13 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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