Combat 84

Combat 84 is the most discussed band about the British Oi! music scene. All beginning from an idea of John Deptford (than then will play the bass guitar in the band) and Chris "Chubby" Henderson (the voice of the group.). The first line-up of the Combat 84 was Chris "Chubby" Henderson (voice), Jim (guitar), John Deptfort (bass guit) and Brownie on drums. The most part of the songs was written from Chris and John. Their first gig was at "Walmer Castle" that is found to Peckham, where they made support to "The Last Resort". In that period thanks to the interest of Roi Pearce (The Last Resort) they recorded their first one demo with 2 songs, Combat 84 and Soldier. Thanks to the demo and the interest of Gary Hitchcok (manager of "The 4Skins") soon the band come contacted from the Secret Records, the famous label of The 4Skins, The Business, The Exploited, The Infa Riot.. The jump in Mount Olympus!! The contract was already practically made, only to affix one small signature.. Signature that didn't come never on purpose. Why? Also here we are to the limit of the legend. Rumors say that a journalist much influential, perceived to "Secret Records" about "Far Right" ideas of Chris, so the label in order to avoid determined problems didn't put them under contract. The group signed therefore for the Victory Records with which the first EP recorded in one study to Hoxton, "Orders of The Day". Probably the Victory Records, a label created just in that occasion from Dave Long, used them to make some moneies and launch a new group, "The Case" later on. Always in 1982, Combat 84 comes contacts from the BBC in order to make a documentary about the skinheads scene. 25th January of 1982 the BBC filmed they concert that carries out to the "Benny Club" of Harlow - Essex. Unfortunately the gig ends in a riot with 150 boys (the boys of South London against the boys of Harlow) that they are stepped on in front of the television cameras. The recording will be transmitted in autumn of the same year. In the meantime the E.P. received however numerous positive alternative press reviews, even if many were stopped more on the political sympathies of Chris than on 7" work. In fact the book review of "Sounds" (6 February 1982) recites (textual words): "one of the members of the band is famous for having a little appreciable political past." The band determined later on of sostiuire Brownie, the drummer, with John Fisher, that it had played for a short period with "The Business". The band it records new material with the new drummer, closer the recording studio "Alaska" in Waterloo. It always publishes on the Victory Records the second EP "Rapist". And..Welcome to hell!! The text of "Right to Choose" says "When you're on knees with a gun to yr. head, it's better to be dead than a fucking red!!". A short time before the EP came out, the band it was on the point to sign for the White Noise, the record house of the "National Front", but always the song "Right To Choose" precluse the this way. Why? Simple.. In the text the American missiles were boasted: "We Want The Cruise!" and this, for the independent politics of the "National Front" was unacceptable. Therefore no contract. Finally the autumn arrives and the BBC transmits the documentary of the gig plus the interview to Chris. But the voices about a "nazi" contained, of this interview, turned by now from months. The reputation of the band was completely ruined, the fact then that they didn't want to play to "antiracist gigs", they didn't make other that to aggravate the position to the eyes of the "system". The death sentence already was emitted, whichever thing had been transmitted the dead of the group had already been decreed. The funny thing is that when the documentary was transmitted... Well, it was so much "more quite" than how much the medias painted. Chris spoke honestly about his political position even if in rather extremist way. In the interview it also spoke John, that little extremist was

Hometown United States
Influences Sham 69, Last Resort, 4 Skins, Cockney Rejects