No Relax

No Relax

The story started in spring 2003 during the Ska-p italian tour… Bambole di pezza (Rag dolls) were the support act, and during the tour Joxemi and Michela fall in love… well this is not properly a punk rock story, but this is how the story was!

After few months Micky quit Bambole di Pezza because she wasn’t anymore on the same view of the band.

Joxemi and Micky start rehearsing songs that are not “in line” with their original projects and in the march 2004 “Gridalo” was released on Incontrolable Records, the band was born and the name is “NO RELAX”

The songs talk about social, violence on pets, pollution, and some more introspective and emotive theme.

The music style is punk Rock with influences like swing, Reggae a la Clash, OI, Hardcore and some ’50 rock’n’roll.

They start touring in the day offs of the SKAP world tour. In the february 2005 SKAP split off, NO RELAX now are the band of Joxemi and Micky.In September 2005 they start composing songs for the new album, and now MAD BUTCHER give them the chance to release the album in GERMANY!“Virus de rebeliòn” themes are various, the main idea is to be always active.The musici is always punk rock, but there are irish punk and rock’n’roll influences, there is also a jazz punk instrumental song!

Hometown Pillemannhausen, Spain
When Formed March 2004  (15 years 2 months ago)
Influences 77 Punkrock