Chipi Lead Vocals, Guitar
Eric Bass
Jaume Drums
Sloth Guitar, Backup Vocals


Hook, everyone relates it to fuckin' Peter Pan, unless for a few freaks that would have kicked Peter Pan's ass till he claims for mercy. Hook starts in february 2005 when Chipi, guitar and vocals, moves from the far north and decides that beer is not the only in heis life, so he starts the band together with Eric black bassplayer from NBA league, and a drumming toy (aka fruity loops drums). Doesn't take much time to realize that they need to go further and they hire (end of june) Pinocchio's fair to transform drummachine in what you can see now, Jaume. A week later and under a promise of a huge harem Saldish (guitar and vocals) joins the band, and they soon record a couple of songs about, alcohol, skate and media manipulation. Everything is ready on september when leavin' aside their enthusiasm fo experimental bengali music, teach the audience a lesson of pelvic dancing on and offstage, yeaah!! After a year of getting covered by underwear (women's mostly, but unluckily, men's also) after every show, Saldish quits the band to go work at Cirque du Soleil as an hipopotamus, sunk in misery we found Norman who left us for a surfboard, so we went to Africa to kidnap Haime, present guitar and vocals. In its short life Hook's already toured Spain and played bands such as Satanic Surfers, Sun Eats Hours, Uncommonmenfrommars, Chixdiggit!, Venerea, Not Available, Much the Same, Captain Everything, All systems Go! and many others.

Hometown Barcelona, Spain
When Formed July 2005  (13 years 7 months ago)
Influences Bad Religion, Nofx, Satanic Surfers, No Use For A Name, Foo Fighters, Helmet
Sounds Like Bad Religion, Nofx, Satanic Surfers, No Use For A Name, Foo Fighters, Helmet