Jet Market

In 1998 Alessandro and his friend Fabio decided to start a band. At the beginning Fabio was the guitar player and Alessandro was the singer and bass player. Also Daniele (guitarist) and Danilo (drummer) joined the band. Some months later Fabio quit the band and Roberto took his place as guitar player. We recorded our first "demo" and than Daniele quit the band too. Alessandro started playng guitar and Matteo (aka Gomez) joined the band as bass player.Later we recorded the LP "IL MONDO E' IMPAZZITO", a SKA-PUNK cd. After that period we changed our sound to what we call melodic HardCore, something like Skatecore. In 2002 we produced our second "demo" called "7 SONGS" and sold about 600 copies of it. At the end of 2002 Danilo quit the band so Zed (from 7 Times Suicide, another roman HC band) played drums in our new album "EVERYDAY CASUALTIES".In 2003 Fabio came back to the band as guitar player,so Alessandro plays drums and sings by now. Recently we recorded a new EP called FREEDOM SLAVES.

Hometown Roma, Italy
When Formed June 1998  (20 years 11 months ago)
Influences Satanic Surfers, X-state Ride