Half Price

Half Price

"Half Price emerged on the scene three years ago and immediately stuck out as being one of the few bands that could put together a good song sustaining an impressive stage performance without ever compromising passion. They also became rapidly well known for their crazy antics and outrageous attitude towards life both on and off the stage. In the past these guys would often play a full set in woman's dresses or even totally nude without batting an eyelid, often even boasting about how small their manhood is and I quote "who you gonna please with that small thing?" ................................... "myself". Their music reflected this attitude, dealing with an urge to get drunk at the bar rather than facing up to the responsibilities and disciplines of the strapping young men that they are. " ZANGTAR

Founding members Pete and Markus became friends in early 2001 and after becoming rapidly bored with their mundane lifestyles, they decided to start a punk rock outfit. The main idea behind the band formation besides their love of punk rock and ska music was to create a platform where they could write creative entertaining music expressing their views about whatever issues they wanted to, be it offensive, completely ridiculous or plain light hearted content. At the same time they wanted to portray a 'not so serious' attitude towards life which they felt was sorely lacking in their everyday society and the local band circuit placing a large emphasis on having as much fun as humanly possible, deciding to call the band 'half price'.

After going through 6 different drummers in 18 months they finally teamed up with the mighty metal drummer Kyle and 9 months later added a Namibian 2nd guitar and vocalist who would soon become known as 'BIG Gay Rene'. Each new member provided new ideas and contributed to the growth and development of the punkrock / ska / metal sound that is so uniquely 'half price''.

Their first EP titled BUSH, BIN LADEN AND MY MOM'S NOUGHT, was a perfect summing up of the first two years of their existence. It comprises of fast and furious songs dealing with drinking rather than studying or just being content to survive each day with a smile on their faces and a beer in their hands. What is striking about their music is their humour and their ability to laugh at themselves.

After a well received EP and epic CD launch party the band began to expand their horizons beyond The Cape peninsula area. Three tours followed seeing the band perform in Joburg, Pretoria, PE, Bloemfontein, Durban and even as far as Nelspruit whilst still playing regularly in their home city of Cape Town. As a result 'half price' were signed to Red Ambulance, a Joburg Based record label.

The new full-length album, titled 'taking life seriously" sees a departure from the EP. It shows a more serious side to 'half price' with songs about friends that have died from excesses and having to deal with the issues of growing up in a third world country, the sometimes not so sunny side of South Africa i.e. HIV, Poverty, Drug abuse etc. Having said that, they have still maintained their characteristic sense of humour for which they became known using satire and sarcasm habitually to ridicule serious seeming situations.

The Launch of their New CD is on the 9th October 2004, Cape Town, Joburg on the 16th and Pretoria on the 17th.

Hometown Cape Town, South Africa
When Formed February 2001  (18 years 4 months ago)