Staring Back

Ryan Mendez Guitar, Backup Vocals
Matt Evans Lead Vocals
Victor Breen Bass, Backup Vocals
Gavin Miller Drums
Nick Long Guitar, Backup Vocals

Staring Back

STARING BACK comes from Goleta, California - a place local civic boosters call The Good Land. They went to high school together before they were a band and played in many other bands along the way to STARING BACK. They always have music on their minds.

STARING BACK are about 22 years old. For the players, STARING BACK is a necessity, their need to express burns bright. In concert their power and accuracy rule. STARING BACK songs reflect the way people look at and look back in the modern world.

In the Fall of 1999 STARING BACK had Lobster Records distribute their self recorded and produced EP, “The Mean Streets of Goleta” and in January of 2001, the band released their first full-length CD, “Many Will Play”, engineered and produced by Patrick McDonald (X, Spinal Tap, No Motiv).

STARING BACK went across the US and ended up on the whole Warped Tour of 2002. In the Fall of 2002 their second album, “ON”, produced by Cameron Webb (Lit, Tenacious D, Park, Dynamite Boy) was released. Between this album and the one before it, a new facet of the band is revealed. The songs for “ON” are works of a higher outlook - powerful, complex, transporting.

The band’s music is featured on many compilations, soundtracks, games, college radio stations and web streamcasts, they have placed “ON” in the Top 10 of all national commercial radio specialty charts and STARING BACK is the recipient of a 2003 Amp Energy Drink/MTV2 video grant. This band always looks forward to life on the road, they would like to see you in your town. Visit STARING BACK at for streams and downloads.

Hometown Goleta, CA United States