Mike Murder Bass
Tired Arron Drums
Terror Travis Guitar
Geo The Greatest Lead Vocals, Guitar

Poseur Bill

Punk Planet #56 Review...

Poseur Bill - Chainsaw Dance Party Ep, CDEP Despite the name, this band is pretty ass kickin'. Mix the rawness of garage rock with the chaos of My War-era Black Flag. Impressively enough, this is a three-piece. These guys sound so thick, like the aural equivalent of molasses, with guitar licks almost as tasty! Poseur Bill features plenty of frenzied Greg Ginn-like guitar meandering, rumbling bass and pounding drum beats-and I'm a sucker for that chunky bass sound. The singer howls with a cocky swagger, throwing in some "yeahs" and "uh huhs" like he was making you punch yourself with your own hand. With only six songs, this goes by way too fast. Their insert says that this was recorded in '01, and there's no contact info, but this is worth searching out. I hope these guys are still at it. Judging by the cover art, they might have decapitated each other by now though. (NS)Bum Leg Records, www.bumlegrecords.com

The Washington D.C. based group released their debut album KISS in early 2000 and have been touring the east coast for the last two years. Chainsaw Dance Party EP was released in 2002 on Bumleg records. The band has supported such acts as Murder City Devils, Sharpshooters, Apes, Dead Meadow, Lunachicks, and many many other killer bands. Poseurbill's live show is an explosion of rock hooks and heart attack rhythms reminiscent of Black Flag and James Brown. Poseurbill is Rock N Roll cocked and shot in your face.

Hometown Washington D.C., DC United States
When Formed January 1995  (24 years 3 months ago)
Influences Black Flag, Minutemen, Rocket From The Crypt