Die Nakse Bananen

Die Nakse Bananen originally hail from Venray, Limburg in the south of Holland. Venray is a shitty little town which at the time was home to only four punk-rockers: just enough for a band. The Venray punkscene started to grow under the influence of Die Bananen and it became almost a tradition to start playing in Die Nakse Bananen when kids became punk-rockers. Die Nakse Bananen were always in need of new musicians due to countless line-up changes. Founder and drummer Deef moved to Rotterdam in 1994 taking the band name with him. In Rotterdam he found new musicians to reform the band, the first was singer Sid who became the undisputed face of the group. It took two demo tapes, eighty gigs and four changes in personnel for Die Nakse Bananen to emerge with a stable line-up: Skoen fu - bass Nak - guitar Sid - throat Deef - drums

"De nieuwe bezetting" (new line-up) was the title of the legendary demo which was truly a new beginning. The band was tighter then ever before, fans started following them everywhere, craving a more real and honest punk-sound then any Epitaph band could offer.

Tocado-records also took notice and asked D.N.B. to participate with the second 'Heel erg punk' festival and compilation album. Shortly after that D.N.B. recorded their first album in the legendary studio called 'Joke's koeien verhuurbedrijf' (the Ex, no means no). Tocado wasted no time and signed Die Nakse Bananen immediately. Bummer '99, D.N.B.'s first album was released on Sept. 9 1999 in a sold out local club called 'De Vlerk'. D.N.B. fans from all around the country made up for a record breaking crowd in de Vlerk. Bummer '99 has received good reviews only ( and a lot of them!)

Hometown Rotterdam, Netherlands
When Formed 1990  (29 years 5 months ago)
Influences GBH, Exploited