Sloppy Meateaters

Sloppy Meateaters

Bands tend to spring up out of nowhere recording and promoting themselves from the most popular cities to the smallest mud huts along a creek bed. Some of them come and go without anyone noticing. The more tenacious groups move ahead, and some go on to become famous, selling out numerous stadiums across the globe. One particular group from Rome GA started off with a dream of being one of those tenacious groups. There was a bit of a difference however… this small punk-influenced rock group had fans coming out of the woodwork, from chat rooms on the Internet to shows the band had played over a span of 12 tours nationwide all booked in classic DIY fashion. They are known as Sloppy Meateaters.

It all started in 1999, when Sloppy Meateaters, (aka SME) recorded their first full-length album “Shameless Self Promotion.” “We dove into it at 100 mph. We worked at gas stations and Toys-R-Us to save up money to put out our first record.” says Josh of their efforts to put out the CD. Some of their influences at that time were Blink 182, Screeching Weasel, The Queers and NoFX. “We had an enormous amount of energy that we injected into the band. We were the band for the kids who were rejected by the rejects. We still are.”

Shortly after the release of their debut CD, they entered a contest on the Farmclub TV program on the USA Network; where a band would be invited to perform live on the program if they received the most votes by its fans. With over 10,000 responses in less than two weeks time, Sloppy Meateaters went on to perform with Eminem, Mya, and MXPX. Afterward, SME agreed to a distribution deal with Orange Peal records and later signed a contract with the same label that same year.

The band went on to promote themselves on a number of tours across the country including The Vans Warped tour in 2001. “Warped tour was a big deal for us” says Josh. “To play with influential bands such as NoFX and Bad Religion was a small town kid's dream come true.” The following year the band headlined the Slim Jim ReBellie-Ache tour as well as performing with various artists on the Warped Tour in 2002. “The Rebellie-Ache tour was a circus show,” explains Josh. “They spent major money and flew us in and treated us a lot nicer than we deserved. We were lucky enough to play the Rock N Roll hall of fame because of it. The Macho Man Randy Savage introduced us on stage in Atlanta, which was the coolest thing to us.”

As the band zigzagged across the country numerous times they went back into the studio and recorded “Forbidden Meat” in 2001. This CD doubled their fan base and they again toured the nation on various bills. The CD later went on and sold numerous copies in Japan. In early 2003 SME went on hiatus and started a new project called Under The Weather as a four piece. It was a fresh change for the group after drummer Kevin Highfield left the band. Although the band only toured once on this CD, the EP still sold enough copies in the US and overseas in 2003 and 2004 to become noteworthy both in the states and in Japan.

In late 2004 the band regrouped and started recording their new album titled “Conditioned by the Laugh Track.” With plenty of experience coming from the road and daily events having and influence, the group has been able to take it all in and create a punk influenced rock sound that challenges its current fan base lyrically while attracting a new fan base musically. As Josh explains “Everything that touched our ears influenced us for this album, even world politics and the philosophy of time travel”

With two new members, Seth Smith on bass, and Lee Howell on drums, both formerly from the band Punchdrunk, the band has taken on a different face intellectually and musically. “Lee and Seth both are a rhythmatic machine. Josh and John make up the remainder of the band and there is an “opposites-attract scenario. “John is my anti-matter. We are cosmically opposite in our approach to song writing,

Hometown Rome, GA United States
When Formed July 1999  (19 years 8 months ago)
Influences Blink 182, Screeching Weasel, NoFX, Nirvana, Axel Rose, Lagwagon, Metallica, Green Day, GunsNRoses