In 1997, Robert Eggplant (Cope, Hope Bombs, Blatz) went on tour with Astrolloyd and Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits. He would play his strange, catchy songs on just an electric guitar and with his voice all under the name of Harbinger. By the end of the tour, everybody knew the words. John Geek (Astrolloyd/Bobby Joe Ebola/Fleshies) was harmonizing from the audience, often confusing people watching as Robert and John both have the exact same Pinole accent.

In the lazy hazy crazy late days of August, 1998, Aaron Cometbus (Pinhead Gunpowder, CBDS, Crimpshrine, Retard Beaters) John, and Robert took a bike ride around Berkeley at 3am. Aaron stated his admiration for Harbinger, and said he'd like to form a band with Robert. Robert said something to the effect of "Sure, why not?", and John volunteered for bass duties (though he'd never played Bass in his life).

Harbinger has played a bunch of shows, toured around the US a bit, and released on tape, recorded live at Gilman Street by Clayton and out now on S.P.A.M. Records.

Hometown Pinole/Albany/Oakland, CA United States
When Formed August 1998  (20 years 8 months ago)
Influences Wire, Hickey, Radon